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‘Lord and Lady’ Chisholm lived in luxury while claiming public assistance and food stamps

Colin and Andrea Chisholm from Deephaven, Minnesota are under arrest for wrongfully collecting $165,000 through welfare fraud, while Colin was president and CEO of TCN network, a satellite TV company serving the Caribbean. The couple  had a $1.5 million yacht, a six-bedroom lakeside home, a beach property in Florida and a $30,000 Lexus. They also had $3 million in bank accounts that they failed to declare while claiming government assistance.

Chisholm’s ex-wife Virginia revealed how, while married to Chisholm, he allegedly took her $70,000 401 K savings, ran up $40,000 on his daughter’s credit card, failed to pay a single dollar in alimony and forced her to file for bankruptcy. She saw her dream home go into foreclosure after he failed to pay the mortgage.

Oh, and she says her ex  completely made up his title of “Lord Chisholm.”

The couple fled the country, but were brought back to Florida and are awaiting possible extradition  to Minnesota where prosecutors have vowed to seek long prison sentences.

“These rich folks ripped off the system,” said Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, according to MailOnline. “I can assure you that this office will do every darn thing we can do to make sure these people do hard time.”

EXCLUSIVE: Fake Scottish aristocrat ‘who lived life of luxury while claiming $165,000 welfare’ swiped his ex-wife’s $70,000 savings and left his own daughter penniless., from MailOnline.

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Breaks my heart for the first wife and daughter simply because I can empathize!!!! Don’t have to reach very far to empathize…..I actually downloaded the Walter Mitty book and recognized my ex in so many ways!!! Oh Tracy thank you for this reality check. Sadly my ex continues to dupe and exploit. Not me anymore….and I’m grateful for that, but wanted to scream to his new family that they need to run for the hills!!!! After reading this though I am quite sure that his new wife ( ex- mistress ) is quite aware of his fraudulent ways and is a very compatible partner in crime!!!!


So my step kid decided to manipulate her way on to disability for a free check. I am not sure what the problem is here because these people were no more fraudulent than the next person trying to scam the system. The government seems to allow these people to scam off them,so tax payers take care of the deal. I am going to be honest with people about a sociopath and that people allow them to get away with this bad erotic behavior for so long that they actually turn them in to a fraudelent individual. This is what makes your sociopath!!!!!!!!!!!


I wish, Tmoore, that what you said was an exaggeration, but it is not. Bad behavior hits an erotic button, hooking us non-sociopaths into accepting and believing bad behavior isn’t “really that BAD! But, it is if it is against the law. Everyone does it, the common excuse for “bad” behavior is no excuse at all. Self deception begins slowly but then you start to slide down this steep hill we call, “conscience”. We become not just co-Dependents but “co-conspirators”.
You cannot be involved deeply with a sociopath and escape “faultless”. I know, I have been there and the thought of how pervasive his hold on me was, repulses me to no end! I lost my soul to the emptiness of a life of greed, jealousy, and criminal behavior.
Today I walk the straightest of straight and narrow paths. I have re-built my life on “higher” ground, so to speak. There are no men in my life that I consider romantic partners. I gladly sacrifice that bondage for clarity of thought and refinement of sensibility! Kalina

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