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Louie McGowin swindles more than $200,000 from Florida widow : Lovefraud.com – sociopaths, psychopaths, antisocials, con artists, bigamists

Louie McGowin swindles more than $200,000 from Florida widow

When  a 71-year-old Florida widow donated her husband’s clothes to the Ocala Ritz Veterans Village, a residence for homeless military veterans, she met 55-year-old Louie Malone McGowin. The two began to date and McGowin began to defraud her.

According to Florida Detective T.J. Watts, McGowin had swindled more than $200,000 in cash and vehicles from the widow. McGowin told the woman $60,000 was  for compensation he would have earned at a job her son blocked McGowin from getting. McGowin also claimed he needed money for a daughter he didn’t have.

Local officials said McGowin has more than a dozen felony convictions in Florida and Georgia many for fraud.

Man accused of defrauding Ocala woman arrested, from Ocala.com

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