Learn everything you need to know to spot and escape sociopaths

The bad news: Your happiness, your way of life, your financial stability, even your physical safety, can all be swept away by a disordered romantic partner. I call this love fraud.

The good news: Love fraud is totally avoidable if you know about sociopaths. Learning to spot them is the best way to protect yourself from romantic relationships that could cost you everything.

No, sociopaths are not all deranged serial killers. But they are social predators people who engage in romantic relationships not for love, but for exploitation. They have no heart, no conscience and no remorse.

I’m Donna Andersen, author of Lovefraud.com, and I learned all this the hard way, after my sociopathic ex-husband wiped me out. Now, I teach you to spot these seriously problem partners in this important 1-hour webinar, The Basics: Love Fraud and How to Avoid It.


Protect your heart, your health, your money and your life. This webinar teaches you to spot and escape emotional predators before they wreak havoc in your life.

What others say about the webinars:

“Presentation was clear and to the point. Liked the photos of how sociopaths look like us!!! Powerpoint presentation reinforces the verbal presentation ”¦ making it easier to understand.” – 5 stars. 

“Thorough, informative and presented in a non-shameful way, reliable sources, much needed information.” – 5 stars. 

Save your life and save money!

I wish I were exaggerating when I urge you to save your life but I’m not. Many sociopaths engage in domestic violence when you see reports of murder/suicides involving intimate partners, often the perpetrator is disordered.

But even if there is no physical violence, Lovefraud’s research shows that 99% of partners of sociopaths endure emotional abuse and 96% suffer psychological abuse.

Knowledge is power, and I want you to educate yourself. Therefore, I’m offering you my webinar, The Basics: Love Fraud and How to Avoid It, at 25% off!

Plus, with the purchase any Lovefraud CE course, claim one of my ebooks, valued up to $9.99 — absolutely FREE! (One ebook per customer.) Choose from:

You’ll keep yourself safe and save 54%!

Millions of exploiters live among us. Please learn the warning signs and keep these human predators out of your life.

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