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Love fraud is everywhere – scams quadruple in Malaysia



Career women who are proficient in English are falling victim to love scams because they are lonely, said a police commissioner in Malaysia.

Financial losses in these cases nearly quadrupled last year, from RM52.3 million ($13 million) to RM195 million ($48 million.)

Much of the scamming is being perpetrated by crime syndicates from Nigeria. Police raided a budget hotel in Malaysia and arrested two Nigerian men and a Malaysian woman, according to the deputy director of the Federal Commercial Crime Investigation Department.

“We seized 11 mobile phones, three laptops and a diary containing names and numbers,” he said, adding that the diary was believed to contain the names of the victims.

A kindergarten teacher lost RM62,000 ($15,225). The case led to the arrest of six Nigerian men who had all entered Malaysia using student visas.

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Nigeria again! The fons et origo of corruption!

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