Lovefraud authors to present at Battered Mothers Conference, January 9-11, 2009

Donna Andersen and Dr. Liane Leedom will present workshops at the 6th Annual Battered Mothers Custody Conference, January 9-11 in Albany, New York.

Donna will present a workshop entitled Love Fraud and how to avoid it. She’ll talk about sociopathy and the warning signs that someone may have the personality disorder. Dr. Leedom’s workshop is Addressing the needs of genetically at-risk children.

Lovefraud is also a sponsor of the conference. Here’s an article about last year’s event:
Worst-case scenarios at the Battered Women conference.


This conference may be helpful for those of you who are battling a sociopath for custody of your children. Presentations include:

  • Angela Shelton, actress and author
    Reclaiming the sword: Transitioning from pain and suffering into joy and happiness
  • Wendy Murphy, Esq.
    And justice for some
  • Lundy Bancroft
    On organizing and activism
  • Jennifer Collins
    An American family goes underground in the Netherlands, and returns to tell their story
  • Toby Kleinman, Esq.
    So you believe your child may be abused”¦What do you do now?
  • Barry Goldstein, Esq. with Judge Marjorie Fields (Retired), Joan Zorza, Nancy Erickson, Garland Waller, and Mo Hannah
    Panel on the upcoming book, “Domestic violence, child custody, and abuse: Legal and policy issues”
  • Garland Waller, producer
    Why the mainstream media have failed to cover a national scandal
  • Ben Atherton-Zeman, actor and activist
    Voices of men
  • The Courageous Kids speak out


Concurrent workshops will take place on Saturday, January 10. They include:

  • Tovah Kasdin, Esq., Jewish Women International
    Making the case: How to use the criminal justice system to positively impact child custody decisions
  • Rita Smith
  • Massachusetts Protective Mothers for Custodial Justice
    Case control: Understanding your power
  • Liane Leedom, M.D.
    Addressing the needs of genetically at-risk children
  • Danica Delgado, MSW and Leslie Sanborn
    Journeying together: Developing support and community for mothers impacted by domestic violence
  • Ursula Williams, Turning Point Domestic Violence Services
    Community advocacy
  • Dara Carlin, M.A.
    Walking the gauntlet: Coping, healing and dealing after leaving
  • Anne Grant, journalist
    Writing truth to power
  • Marcia Pappas, President, NOW NYS
    Making a difference, one person at a time
  • Barry Goldstein and Ben Atherton-Zeman
  • Patti Jo Newell, New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Christina M Dalpiaz, author
    Breaking free, starting over for your children
  • Eileen King
  • Karen Henninger
    Media education lesson: The inheritance from the forefathers—knowledge production, power, within women’s history and women’s mental health
  • Irene Weiser
  • Donna Andersen
    Love Fraud and how to avoid it
  • Renee Beeker and Paul Holdorf
    National Family Court Watch Project: Working for solutions to the child custody crisis
  • Susan Omilion
    My avenging angel: Women who thrive after abuse
  • Karen Huffer and Robin Yeaman, Esq.
    Legal Abuse Syndrome
  • Joan Peterson
    The real alienation: combating abuser’s manipulation of children post separation

Registration information

Registration is $145 per person, which includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday. Some scholarships are available.

The conference takes place at the Holiday Inn Turf in Albany, New York. It is located at 205 Wolf Road, Albany, New York, which is near the Albany airport. The hotel offers a free shuttle to and from the airport. Rooms for the conference are available at the special rate of $99 per night, which includes breakfast.

For more information, visit

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Do you think that it is because of their inate ability to CON smooth over and LIE as easy as Breathing! The Same negative quallities that are attractive about them at the start , The Child-like Freedom , Charm , The words they know but have no clue of there meaning? LOVE JJ


Dr. Leedom,
I am always very affected by your powerful words. It’s scares me that so many P’s outsmart the courts. I’m about to give a deposition to an army investigator regarding my ex’s lies. I have little hope of him being convicted because he’s such a smooth operator. He could sell a telescope to a blind man.

This December 10th is the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ratified by the United Nations. It is only 1700 words long but it is a very thoughtful document that, to me, every group/organization should read and follow. Sadly not a lot of people have ever even heard about this document let alone read it. Here is a link to it for those who wish to read it:

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