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To our loyal Lovefraud readers – sorry about the missing posts last night. Lovefraud is in the process of upgrading – you’ll see new features soon. The end result will be improved stability, but there may be a few hiccups on the way.

If you see any problems, please feel free to send an email to [email protected]

Thanks from Donna and our intrepid webmaster.

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Donna, just wanted to tell you THANKS for all the work and time you put into this blog! I am beyond being a “Computer dummy” and am more along the LINE OF COMPUTER IDIOT so I am not sure how much stuff you have to do, but I know it must be a LOT, and I am IMPRESSED! Thank you again for ALL you do for LF!!!!!

So it wasn’t a time machine?
Darn…I had a whole new, spathless life planned out.

But but Skylar,
If you started with dif parents/family, wouldn’t that mean WE’d never have you? 🙁

I laughed til I choked at the “time machine” blog last night! I’m with Skylar, I wish we could turn back the clock, and still KNOW WHAT WE KNOW NOW! Doesn’t work that way though! (sigh!)

Hey Katydid
Seriously, I dream of a time machine, I even have one designed in my mind, it would be airconditioned of course and room for the wiener’s, we would travel waaaaay back in time and meet the dinosaurs.
What is that movie? ” The Time Travelers Wife ” he would travel into the past or the future and was always naked when he got to where he was going…
I am not much for wanting to see the future, to scary for me…
As far as the x spath bf goes..yeah I could go back to that night I picked him up out of that ditch – I would of just gave him the finger and kept on driving – I guess that is if I knew what I know now….
What is that Kenny Chesney song? ” Alot of things Different ” somebody could post a link to that song for me if’n they would…

kenny chesney – a lot of things different


Thank you Nancie – May I have this dance?

forget the shoe’s – we will dance barefoot and howl at the moon…:)


I am miffed. You visited a LF member but didn’t invite the rest of us to the party? Uh huh. Prolly didn’t even pay yer respects to hewie dewlie and lewie. Well. i never. Ya’ll just prove the axiom, all the good men are married… or gay…. sigh…deeper sigh.

when yer in the time machine, don’t forget a swimming pool. don’t think the swimming holes back then were too safe. think of the size of their gaters!

have telescope. will travel. am a great moon dancer -in the dark – to protect the modesty of the neighbors on other planets.

Katy , but you all where there up in the cloud’s eating rainbow cake made out of hugs and smiles……..:)

Katy, I did a naked rain dance once we were so desperate for rain and all I got was a bunch of lightening strikes from the UFOs! LOL That’s why I always keep my clothes on when I rain dance now or even moon dance! Don’t want lightening to strike! LOL ROTFLMAO

Now you sound like you were in SFO…. flowers in their hair. la la la la la.

I heard the UFO’s moved to Kansas City. Proof that Tin foil hats work.

SFO? Nope on top of Pikes Peak up in the clouds. I tried to call you but couldnt get any reception on my cell phone..

Is there a guru in a hermit cave dispensing words of wisdom at the top of Pikes Peak? Did you have a telescope? I heard Oxy was out tempting Zeus. Bet you coulda seen her from there?

Time to join the remote viewers. Peace and moonbeams to ya’ll.

This seem’s to be an appropiate thread to tell about my new grandson that arrived at 10:11 pm today – 8lbs. 6 ounces – 20.5 inches tall, happy, alert and beautiful…:)

Whooo hooooo!!!!!
A new baby Hens!
Congrats Grampa Hens!

I want to hear all about this new bundle of joy as he grows.
We need good news here.

Hopefully he will be the start of a new spath-free generation.
Tell him his Godmother Sky wishes that for him.
(((baby Hens)))

hey Sky his name is Brody, he smiled and winked at me – he’s a keeper ~!

Hens…..Congratulations darlen!!!! New life, new love. I know you’ll enjoy him Grandaddy!

Thanx EB – I will send ya some pics soon ~!

Hi Pops (Hens)
BIG Congrats to you. I am so happy for you. Grandkids make Christmas cool again. xo’s to Baby Brody. and you!

TY Katy – this is number four, 3 boy’s and 1 girl – I think this is the last so I am gonna hold him ever chance I get…

since ya gotta a couple of spare, can i have one? my daughter swears she will never have kids and that’s a good thing b/c she’s not the maternal type. i’d promise to be a good ol broad. 🙂

No can do but I will send ya a hug..

Hens-congratulations on the new grandchild-you are going to have so much fun with him! YAY!

Hens ~ How blessed you are. Grandchildren are a thing of beauty and a joy forever, and they smell great too.

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