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Here’s how to navigate Lovefraud to take advantage of all the features. All the words in red are direct links.

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To search Lovefraud, type any search term in the box located under the gray menu bar.

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Blog/2017 Blog posts

Lovefraud publishes a new article almost every day. These buttons takes you to the 10 most recent Lovefraud Blog articles.


Here you’ll find all the categories of Lovefraud Blog articles. Click the red arrows to see subcategories.


Lovefraud has been publishing blog articles since 2006. If you want to dig deep into the archives, here’s where you’ll find all Lovefraud’s posts, organized by month and year.

Beware the sociopath

This link takes you to the cover page for Lovefraud’s basic information about sociopaths. You’ll see more details on this section below.


Here’s where you can start your own conversation, and respond to questions and stories posted by others.

Store/Shop for books

Shop for books to help you understand and recover from sociopaths, including the three books by Donna Andersen, author of

Lovefraud CE courses

Explore Lovefraud’s continuing education program for survivors, therapists and everyone who wants to keep sociopaths out of their lives.

Personal consultations

If you need advice about your situation, talk to Donna. She is not a therapist, but after collecting more than 5,000 cases of people involved with sociopaths, she understands what goes on and can offer you practical suggestions.


Donna Andersen’s videos will help you understand sociopaths and how they manipulate you.

Resources Guide

When you need assistance, the Lovefraud Professional Resources Guide is a directory of therapists, lawyers and other service providers who understand sociopaths.

Professionals enable the people who need you to find you join the Resources Guide.

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Here are contact details for

Personal consultations

If you need advice about your situation, talk to Donna. She is not a therapist, but after collecting more than 5,000 cases of people involved with sociopaths, she understands what goes on and can offer you practical suggestions.

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Lovefraud Education Home

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Here you’ll find Lovefraud CE courses organized into categories.


Mental health and education professionals — you can earn continuing education credits when you take Lovefraud CE courses. Here are the details.

Education FAQ

Answers to your questions about the Lovefraud CE program.

For Students

Information on Lovefraud CE presentations for high school and college students.


Information about Lovefraud Education and Recovery, a New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation. Please donate to support our work.

Buy courses

Here’s where you can purchase Lovefraud CE online courses. Self Study On Demand courses are available immediately.

My Account

Here’s all the information about any Lovefraud CE courses that you purchase. home

  • Is your partner a sociopath? Get your exclusive free checklist.
  • Information on Lovefraud Continuing Education webinars
  • Link to begin learning about sociopaths
  • Links to the Lovefraud Blog and Forum, with recent blog posts, blog comments and forum replies.
  • If you’ve encountered an exploiter, here’s how to move forward
  • Donna Andersen, author of

What you need to know about sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissists and other exploiters

These pages explain the definition of a sociopath, the key symptoms, how to spot con artists, and what can happen when you encounter these predators.

You can read the pages in sequence — a link at the bottom of each page takes you to the next topic. Or, you can see links to all the pages at once on the site map.

Key symptoms of a sociopath/psychopath

Here are the basic traits learn to recognize them.

Lovefraud Risk Calculator

Experts estimate that 1% to 4% of the population are sociopaths. Enter your zip code to estimate how many live in your community. (Valid for U.S. zip codes only.)

Beware the female sociopaths

Link to the Lovefraud Blog category of articles about female sociopaths.

Quiz: Are you a target?

Answer these 12 yes-or-no questions. Your score will tell you how vulnerable you are.

True Lovefraud Stories

  • Romance scams — stories of fraud and deception
  • Lovefraud Media Survey — Here’s where you can share your story. Lovefraud posts many of these stories as “Spath Tales” (without any information to identify you). Plus, if reporters are looking for a story like yours, we can put them in touch with you.

Donna Andersen, author of

  • Donna Andersen’s books
  • Donna Andersen’s speaking engagements and videos
  • Personal consultations

Inside the blog — widget column on the left

  • Recent replies in the Lovefraud Forum
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Below the blog posts

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Inside Lovefraud

About Lovefraud

  • Donna Andersen, Author
  • Lovefraud Blog — the objectives.
  • How to comment — Step-by-step instructions on how to register for Lovefraud so you can post comments. Note: The email list and blog registration are two different databases, so you need to sign up for them separately. You’ll also find Guidelines for comments, along with Lovefraud’s statement on Spiritual recovery.
  • Write for Lovefraud If you’d like to share your experience, observations or insights about sociopaths, please feel free to write an article for Lovefraud!
  • Link to Lovefraud — Lovefraud’s content is copyrighted, so you may not republish it without written permission. However, you are welcome to link to any page or post. There’s even a button you can download.
  • Media coverage — Donna Andersen has made multiple television and radio appearances, and has been quoted in many articles. Go back to the old interviews they’re full of great information.
  • Press releases — Lovefraud’s press kit and past press releases, including tip sheets and images.
  • Subscribe to Lovefraud — Another link that enables you to join the Lovefraud email list.

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