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Lovefraud reader exposes Andrew Harper, Australian con man

Police in the Australian state of Victoria are looking for Andrew Harper, who claimed to be a billionaire but took off with one woman’s $60,000.

Read Police search for smooth talker Andrew Harper on

A group of women that he scammed, including a Lovefraud reader, fought back by creating the following websites:

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Dani S

Looks like my ex husband has some competition on has own back door step. Don’t they just make you so mad!!!! grrrrr!

super chic

The websites are so thorough!!!
I should study… I still feel like a target!!!


SC are you in Australia?

super chic

I WISH!!! I am on the west coast in USA.
It’s interesting to read how he hooked people in.
Knowledge is power!!


There are a couple of TV news items on this Harper guy just posted on YouTube:

News reports

I’m astonished that the Aussie police haven’t caught up with this guy when they’ve been looking for him for at least five years, if not longer. Who’s in charge of the investigation, Inspector Clouseau? They need to get off their duffs and get after this conman.


Hey – I wish it were that simple. He is also wanted for fraud in the US and Sweden and was allowed to leave the country during that time. He has also been changing his name – so harder to net.

Sadly when we have gone to the police it has been a case of “buyer beware”, but now 10 years on and more and more brazen and audacious cons will ultimately see him caught – of course we are ever hopeful that another man, woman, child, business or corporation will be NOT harmed by this man.

Yes, the police have not taken us seriously before, but we can be thankful that through the excellent policing of ONE detective, in his own time – at home – was able to link the pieces and now he has gone from “wanted for questioning” to a high priority “wanted on charges”

All this because of the website and some very brave women prepared to suffer the embarrassment and humiliation to bring his antics to an end


feel free to do a google search on

“andrew harper conman” – he was in the US in 2007 and we are also in touch with his brave victims stateside.

Lots of articles too


PS: thanks for the post here – I have told all victims to come to this site for information and healing advice… also recommend:
Take from it that which empowers you, disregard the rest.

Ox Drover

Dear Victim1,

Glad to know that at least SOMETIMES the word does get out and sometimes they are at least on the “wanted” list—I am glad that at least ONE policeman took you seriously.

The fact that too many times the law just overlooks their cons allows them to continue on until they eventually kill someone and THEN the law takes it seriously AFTER the big damage is done and someone’s life is lost.

It doesn’t seem to be a “big deal” that ONLY people’s financial and personal lives are ruined, just if they are actually murdered. DUH!

I wish you healing and peace and I hope that he is eventually captured and prosecuted before he does end up destroying and/or killing another person. These guys are NOT Robin Hood but it seems that like the “barefoot bandit” kid that stole the planes and boats and vandalized the homes, that he had a FAN CLUB cheering him on.


Thanks Drover…

here is an update. Our perpetrator has gone from being “wanted for questioning in relation to xxx” to being “wanted on charges of xxx”

A warrant for his arrest has now been drawn up and he is now a wanted man.

Ox Drover

Dear V-1,

Well, that is an IMPROVEMENT at least. I hope that warrant hounds him to the grave at the very least.

BTW you are the first person since I came here on LoveFraud who realized that DROVER is the operative word in “Ox Drover” LOL My “nic” has become “Ox or Oxy” but that’s okay, it also fits! I’ve been the patient, gently serving ox bearing the burdens for others for wayyyyy too long, and now I am the drover! I’m the one in charge of ME!


I wish this sight was available when my bloodsucker was victimizing me. It’s comforting to know that I am not the only one out there, but it’s very sad at the same time to see how many of us there are. Strength in numbers, I guess. I can”t wait to get acquainted and share my stories. I want to help stop my vampire and others like AJH! Let’s get em !!

Ox Drover

dear Vampireslayer,

Welcome to lovefraud!!!!

Glad you are here! There is strength in numbers and always room for one more!

Welcome, and God bless.

Dani S

Victim 1 it is always nice to know some out there are on the wanted list! so many get away with it when it comes to the law. They usually get better at conning with age and experience and it sounds like this one is got a little too big and lets hope he gets what he deserves!

Oxy you are such a Drover! lol…

Vampireslayer! welcome! there is strength in numbers. Education is everything, I too wished I came here whist not after the spath! but lucky we got here! 🙂


Thanks Drover ! Thanks Dani ! I appreciate the warm welcome. I just love this website. So much support and info.


Here comes some fabulous news from today’s newspaper!

Alleged serial love rat conman Andrew John Harper charged

* From: Herald Sun
* November 17, 2010 7:33PM

Andrew Harper

Alleged serial conman Andrew Harper has been charged by police. Source: Supplied

AN alleged serial love rat conman has been charged by police thanks to a tip-off from a Sunday Herald Sun reader.

Officers arrested Andrew John Harper at 10.30am today in Glenroy after a reader recognised him from a picture published in our paper.

The 39-year-old has been charged with fraud and deception and is expected to appear at Frankston Magistrates Court tomorrow morning.

Andrew Harper, who also allegedly used the name Dr Ryan Reece DuPont and Andrew Karlsson, is accused of fleecing hundreds of thousands of dollars from women all over Australia and abroad.



Hey Victim 1

Question: did you guys wait until you knew he had a police record before exposing him on the sites/blogs?

I’m asking because I want to expose mine in a similar way, but to my knowledge the only convictions are the ones I’ve managed to get against him.

Just not sure how it all stands legally. I am aware of the truth being the ultimate defence for a charge of slander/libel and believe me, there is absolutely no need for me to embellish or fabricate anything. I just don’t want/need to get into trouble from anyone legally….

Ox Drover

GREAT!!!!! One more bites the dust!!!!

Aussie girl, I’m not sure what the slander/liable laws are in your country, I would imagine that because yours and ours are based on British law they would be similar but maybe not identical.

Here we can publish or put up PUBLIC INFORMATION–like criminal records of CONVICTIONS or arrests where charges are pending.

I would say as long as you stick to the TRUTH that you can PROVE you would be “safe” from legal prosecution, but it is possible like here that they can SUE you for alleged damages which causes YOU to have to defend yourself, pay an attorney and all that jazz.

I say use caution with some psychopaths, especially if they are financially able to defend themselves and “mainstream”–sometimes it is wiser to let sleeping CROCODILES ALONE. Sometimes exposing them ends up “costing” you more than you might have wanted to pay. Not just in terms of money but in terms of their DESIRE FOR REVENGE. Been there, done that, got the tee shirt! And literally had to run for my life…so a word to the wise…CAUTION.


Ox Drover

I hear you. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

The thing is that he is relentlessly pursuing me any way he can right now. Lots of what he has tried has failed. Some of it is yet destined to fail. His previous ex and I feel as though if we throw the book at him now, have him done for whatever we can have him done for, then perhaps he’ll change tack or pick easier targets. Also, rattling his cage could fly some red flags for the lady he is presently conning (just as a bonus – I know we need to see to US first and that she is not our responsibility, but I can’t help feeling sad for her). We know he will never let go – she split with him 10 years ago and I haven’t been with him in 3. We are not being unrealistic about this, but our NOT hooking in or reacting has not worked to get rid of him so we wonder whether our actively hunting him down might make a difference. It’s a tough one alright….

Ox Drover

Dear Aussiegirl,

Darling that is a hard one to decide. I tried everything with my P son after I figured out what was going on, and he sent someone to kill me. It was a LONG CON, not a short one, it was well planned out in advance and it almost worked! If his partner in crime hadn’t gotten greedy and had been able to wait before he started taking money from my egg donor I wouldn’t have gotten on to there being something “Up”—the rest of it was pure GOOD LUCK and eventually listening to my gut to RUN!

I threatened my P son and that only made him more dangerous so right now things are in a holding pattern. He is in prison for murder already but has conned my egg donor (enabler delux) into willing him substantial sums of money when she dies (she is in her 80s) and keeping him fixed at least for commissary money while he waits for her to die…but he comes up for parole in January 2011, and I am FIGHTING that along with the family of his victim and chances are he will NOT get out this time….but if he does I won’t be safe. He would walk in here to try to kill me even if he knew I had a nest of machine guns here. He has NO FEAR and he has RAGE that will push him into trying revenge even if it gets him killed, as long as I died also he would think he was the winner.

I don’t know your guy, but he sounds to me like if he is still harassing his other X after 10 years and you after 3 that he has plenty of RAGE.

Read the book by Gavin Debecker “The Gift of Fear”—he is an expert on psychopaths (having grown up with a P mother) and does security for a living…there is a lot of great information in there. Also google stalking and there is a lot of good information available on stalkers. I have a shelf full of books written about stalkers (including De Beckers) and by people who have been stalked. One woman was stalked by her X husband for 40 years! He almost killed her several times. I take stalking very seriously. My P son’s Buddy that he sent to kill me is a coward and I am not afraid of him since he is out of prison because first off he is a COWARD but secondly he doesn’t have the RAGE that my P son has against me and nothing to gain if he did knock me off. He will only attack someone who is unarmed, but P son is FEARLESS and would attack even if he knew he would die in the process. So assess the RISK factor on your particular psychopath. In fact, I did an article here on Love fraud about assessing the risk factor, can’t remember the exact title but you might be able to find it.

Sometimes if the problems they continually cause are not too bad it might actually be better to continue to ignore, but only YOU can decide!~ Good luck and God bless.


Kudo’s to YOU! NICE JOB…….at the backspath!
Keep it up and take another load of trash to the curb!

They are very slippery……like teflon, they have ways of slipping away from the law……and will turn it back on the law in a moment.

I hope this guy takes it up the ass, legally ofcourse! 🙂



Hi folks,

It has been a while since I visited and I was pleased to read the feedback

I will start with some good news. As a result of our initial website and blog and the coming together of several of the victims both stateside and in Australia, AJH has now been charged for 60 offences relating to deception, fraud and identity offences. He is appearing in Frankston Magistrates Court next week – December 10th. Some of the Aussie victims will be travelling from interstate to be at the hearing. These include the female victims, but also several representatives of the businesses he duped.

These charges relate to one state only and there are 4 other states that are working on charges for offences committed in those jurisdictions

ok – now to the website and blog. I was the author of the website and the character assessments such as liar, etc can be substantiated – outside of that the content was objective and confined to his methodology to groom a victim, the claims he makes of his life, career and lifestyle and the support from various others that these are in fact lies. There was never a personal attack or character assassination, simply an outlining of facts and a teasing out of his lies.

The foundation of the blog was actually a series of newspaper articles written by an astute and tenacious journalist using his nous to also unravel AJH’s lies. Any personal comments were mostly left by anonymous contributors but it was successful in encouraging more victims to come forward.

The premise on which the listing were made was to warn others to steer clear of him. It worked in the long run – twice positively extricating him from the lives of prospective victims. He then started to change is name, but the MO stayed the same.

He did become more audacious in his claims and lifestyle and it was only the good work of a conscientious detective that linked the pseudonym to the website.

ALL of the female victims have been to the police and not been taken seriously – NOW – FINALLY – a good man took notice and arrested him to hold him to accounts where he will have to face up to his wrong-doings. His is not a victimless crime.

To the best of my knowledge he has only worked legitimately for 5 weeks in the last 10 years. Everything else has been provided by his victims.

The blogs and websites were removed immediately on his arrest to ensure that NO evidence or witness testimony could be tainted.

AJH did threaten legal proceedings for libel, but at this stage our public forums are not available for viewing or have been deleted….

Hope that shed some light on things – not really sure on the total legal standing of the website warning, but I am hopeful that this gives you an insight.

Just a quick note also, the work done to track AJH’s victims back over the past 10 years was done with my co-survivor and we have worked diligently and cohesively together over the last 18 months to finally catch this man, often seeing him slip through our fingers just as we are about to stop him – this has been an exercise in patience and tenacity, but if it means that there are NO MORE victims than I feel entirely satisfied and victorious.

This was aired 5 days before he was captured and arrested. The good news is that the TV station lawyers were all over it and it got the ok. PS: I am the blonde, my co-survivor and colleague in ending his reign of destruction is sitting next to me.

Finally, ten of his survivors, across two continents, are now in regular contact and we have a lifelong bond, sisterhood and support system for each other. My only goal in all of this was to prevent anyone else getting hurt by this BAD MAN


Fantastic news! I feel strengthened by your success and determined to pursue my own fraudster now (emotional fraud, love fraud, Workers’ Compensation insurance fraud, social security fraud, superannuation policy fraud, child support fraud and perjury in one court which can be proven by the transcript copy I have of his sworn statements in another court).

It’s all in the timing and I have some other things to take care of first, but I will sit back and enjoy watching his assets disappear and his butt land in jail once the fun begins. TOWANDA!!


To all the followers of this story, it is with the greatest of pleasure that I can report that yesterday 10 December 2010, our villain, Andrei John Harper, has agreed to plead guilty to the charges and will remain in gaol until 2nd February 2011.

We (the co-victims who attended the court hearing – all of us travelled over 2000km to be there) were delighted with this result. We expect that he will be released on 2nd February with his sentence being time served (16 Nov – 2 Feb). It is likely to be a soft sentence as this is his first time fronting the judiciary.

What we can take from this though is that he now has a criminal conviction and a record. His ability to travel internationally is severely curtailed and as a result of the intense media support we have received he is now recognised by people generally.

While it is not years in prison, it is still a good result. Warrants for his arrest have been raised in 4 other states in Australia (we only have 6 states) so he has fewer and fewer options available to him.

Another plus from this is that we have made lasting friendships with our co-survivors and have developed a survivor support system to assist each other in our healing and recovery.

Thanks to all who have followed this story…..


oops also~~~~~

Each of us had our reasons for being in court yesterday – mine had many facets, but a primary one was that he either had to acknowledge publicly that what he has been doing is not only immoral and unethical, but also ILLEGAL.

During one of our internet exchanges – before my co-survivior and I really knew of each other and joined forces to stop him – he wrote this to me

“I am absolutely free of guilt”

and yesterday – he accepted that he will be pleading guilty to the charges – now that is satisfying and that what he has been doing for the last 10 years is WRONG!

The blog regarding Andrew John Harper has been updated:


Wow!! I had not realised how much of this had happened right in my own little back yard…very sobering stuff indeed.

Ox Drover

His photo looks like such a “nice guy” such an “open face” on one of the photos. LOL Just goes to show you that SOME OF THEM can pull a mask up over that evil.



I wrote a response to your response a week or so again (regarding recent BPD boyfriend). But unfortunately while in the process of previewing it, it disappeared.

I am feeling very PTSD and stressed today. I question my judgment in first being involved first with a S (3 years) and then a BPD person. I am wondering if I need counseling. I am having difficulty focusing and am ruminating and obsessing. Need to get back to a healthy space.

I am presently reading “I Hate You, Don’t Leave Me”. I am friends with Aloha and have communicated with her both via email and via the phone.
You seem to have a really good knowledge of both S’s and BPD’s.

Thanks much,

Ox Drover

Peggy, I would be glad to correspond with you but please edit out your e mail address off the board as trolls do come by here.

I have been “involved” with dysfunctional relationships “serially” I think because i did not have proper boundaries and proper boundaries will weed out most personality disordered people (I say MOST) even if they are still in the “love bombing” stage some how proper boundaries raises the hackles on the back of our necks.

If someone becomes OVERLY AND TOO FRIENDLY TOO SOON, Red flag. It is a good way to spot BPDs and PPDs, if you are not already involved with them. However, if you already have a relationship with them they are past that love bombing stage so you need to recognize other RED FLAGS, like lies, not responsible, don’t hold a job, don’t keep their commitments, etc.

Talks down to others, inappropriate anger outbursts etc.

BPDs seem to have this “Oh, Hi, my name is Sue, nice to meet you today, we are now best friends and I don’t want you to have any other freinds, and btw, you are now responsible for all my wants and needs or I will kill you.”

Another thing that they will pull is a horrible anger outburst name calling etc. and 5 minutes later they are back to wanting to be “best friends” and you are still reeling from the outburst and going WTF?

Counseling might indeed help you to focus on learning to recognize boundary crossings and to set some for yourself. Counseling can HELP because it gives us an outside view point, but in the end we have to DO it for ourselves. I have had counseling and it didn’t do any good, not because the counseling lacked anything, it was I was just not ready to PUT IT INTO PRACTICE. Recently though, I have actually put some of that counseling that I got 30+ years ago into PRACTICE here and now. So it isn’t “wasted” at all, we just get a tool, but we don’t use it. Like you can’t drive a nail if you don’t have a hammer, but owning a hammer doesn’t drive the nail, you still have to pick it up and hit the nail with it—the best hammer in the world isn’t going to drive the nail if you don’t pick it up and use it.

I’ve also READ a lot of different professional and social and “self help” books and gotten some good points out of each one, and some I think are just trash and didn’t get much good out of. It is sort of like picking and choosing from different foods available. Some you try and don’t like, some you try and like and some you can’t even be made to taste as the looks or smell is totally off-putting.

I think that “growing up” has been a long hard road for me, and I’m only starting now to get to the spot I “wish” I had been at 20-25 (so 40 years too late) but BETTER LATE THAN NEVER! I’m starting to get comfortable in my own skin, and that’s a process too, it isn’t like a “light switch” either off or on, it is more like a reostat and has degrees of light or brighter or duller.

I learn every day, I read every day something that is of interest in a growth area for me, whether it is brain science, philosophy, religion, self help, or just here on LF in one of the many areas addressed here. I also take time to ponder (not really meditate but just to “think”) about things I read or topics that are brought up here. Also blogging here actually makes me think about the topics.

Doing good for myself and to myself and taking care of myself has been a long time coming, and I’ve made progress in small areas, one at a time, as the stress quieted down, I’ve been able to focus more on things that will improve my life. Stopping the bad things (like smoking) and DOING the good things (eating better and losing weight).

I think of myself like an old house that is a “Mr. Fix’it’s Dream” and it needs all kinds of work done on it from the roof to the basement, the windows to the walls, and if you fix one thing, it makes something else go haywire, but after years of careful fixing up and loving care, it has a quality about it that no new house can match. I lived in such an old house once and I restored it one room, one wall, one thing at a time. I loved that old house and it seemed to have a soul like a new house couldn’t get for a long time, from the sound of children’s laughter and the peace and warmth of wood fires…and there’s no rush to finish the job, just take it one day at a time, one problem at a time and in the meantime, enjoy life! (((hugs)))


Hey Oxy:

Thanks so much for responding. I figured out how to delete the email address.



Australia’s biggest selling women’s magazine:


So – AJH V1

How come they are not using his real name for this? I will buy the issue and read it but don’t understand that if he has been charged and found guilty already, why he isn’t named? (Please explain this for your ignorant Western Australian fellow cyber blogger)

The magazine went to print before the last hearing, and they were concerned there would be a supression order, so to be on the safe side they used an alias.

And he has not been found guilty yet, he is expected to answer the charges at the next hearing.

Ox Drover


I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! That is great!!! I read several of your articles and they resonated with me! Your writing skills and understanding of what abuse is and what the victim feels is amazing. I hope your blog reaches many many people. It is a healing salve! Thank you for posting here and linking to your blog. I can’t wait to read more!!!!

You have a lot of expressive talent girl!!! The one about the PRIVATE BEACH was GREAT! I’ve been to that same beach and I think many of the bloggers here have also been there.! THANKS AGAIN!


GREAT WORK roozieoz! My accolades to all of you for what you have done in solidarity.

@Drover Thank you very much, i find writing very healing and if I can vocalise something that someone else is feeling, then even better.

@One_step I owe an enormous amount to the other girls, without them I would still be wondering what his name is.


rozzieoz – I SO hear you on that one!

My spath conned me online and on phone; created a fake extended family and friends network with interconnected photos and lives; and then dramatically killed off three of the characters, including the one I was closest to.

If not for one of my spath’s other dupes having an online presence, I would never have known the spath’s name; that she is a woman; and a con artist who has been at this sort of scam for decades. I also wouldn’t have had the pieces of the puzzle to identify the people whose photos she stole, which i was able to do.

I really admire what you have done. I like how positive, up front and public your blog is. I still hide (in response to having been threatened by the spath), and seeing your blog is a breath of fresh air for me. I think you gave me a very BIG Christmas present!

@One_step I SO wish I could give you a hug right now.

I think the hardest thing is trying to make sense of something that makes absolutely no sense at all. I think that is why I started the blog originally.


rozzieoz – thank you for the hug. my heart is sore and sorely in need of hugs.

lf helped me. i found my ‘sense’ here. I knew ‘he’ was a spath after I realized that the deaths were probably faked. No one else would do what ‘he’ did.

i write, but i couldn’t write about what happened. i can write here, in this community, albeit somewhat guardedly.

the spath is known to go after those who publicly expose her, and I am not yet strong enough (and without a collective) to do that. I contribute to other online forums about her, but again, guardedly.

what you have done is so very important.

“Go after” in what way? If you would like to communicate more privately, you can contact me through my blog.


rozzieoz – thank you, but i am still offline everywhere except here. I believe my email accounts were hacked.

go after: harass, ridicule publicly, contact friends and family and start a smear campaign, which she seems to have no end of appetite for.

in my case she threatened to work to get me fired from my position (well, and to hurt me physically, but i didn’t take that seriously – she’s far away from where I am and has no history of physical violence. she doesn’t need it; she is extremely manipulative.)

You poor thing, I really feel for you.


one_step_at_a_time –

Big HUGS from me too sweetie. xxxx
(AND – even better – they are REAL hugs!!! and genuinely meant)



what a nice thing to hear before going to sleep!

I’ll be back tomorrow – well, later in your day aussie and rozzie.


The best way to impede the progress of frauds is to expose them to the public arena.

Today Google is our friend and since the broad media attention we have received from the incarceration of our conman we have been swamped by requests from Australian survivors and victims who have suffered at the hands of unconscionable people seeking help.

Donna has been a wonderful guide and great role model in the area and we have directed many a victim to this site, however, if you are seeking something a little closer to home you can connect with us on:

Love and hugs

There has been rather a lot of feedback on our story in the Woman’s Weekly, some of it not so nice. I thought some of you might like to read and comment 😉

Ox Drover

Rozzie, the comments made on the ninemsn article are very interesting. I read them all. I’ve read and been watching several articles about various things and the COMMENTS are very telling about people in general and it doesn’t seem to matter much what the subject of an article is, there seems to always be some jerk faces who have to vent their spleen in a comments section. LOL

Doesn’t reinforce my opinion of the human race, BTW! LOL

I am glad that you guys got some justice even if it isn’t enough. At least you got SOME….for yourselves and for the others who may never raise their heads. TOWANDA!!!!

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