Lovefraud reader exposes Andrew Harper, Australian con man

Police in the Australian state of Victoria are looking for Andrew Harper, who claimed to be a billionaire but took off with one woman’s $60,000.

Read Police search for smooth talker Andrew Harper on

A group of women that he scammed, including a Lovefraud reader, fought back by creating the following websites:

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TOWANDA! (That movie is one of my favourites, by the way).

This guy, like all spaths, left a trail of destruction a mile wide. Yet, it took a few brave women to stand up and stop it. Where the heck were the people who are PAID to protect the citizens? How can so many turn a blind eye to these destructive forces?

I woke up this morning and for some reason, the words, “Typhoid Mary” popped into my head before I even opened my eyes.

My brain has been ruminating on how to categories or classify my p-parents. Typhoid Mary is what has congealed in my mind. When I look around at the trail of destruction in my and my siblings lives, and then look at my parents who are the only common denominator, I realize they were typhoid Mary’s. They continue their blissfull lives, completely unaware that they are the cause of our warped personalities. They see how messed up we are and just think it was THEIR bad luck (because it’s all about them) to have messed up kids.

With my prompting, they have seen the evidence, they have realized and admitted that they are the cause, but they still can’t fathom what went wrong. Like typhoid mary who went back to being a professional cook after promising not to, they still don’t understand how they are causing harm.


Keep in mind though that now that you know how you got infected and what with, which wasn’t your fault, it is still up to you to do what it takes NOW to GET HEALTHY NOW—-and that is to find the correct medicine and take it, even if it “tastes bad.”

I realize that I was pre-primed for being dysfunctional by an enabling and emotionally distant egg donor and an abusive sperm donor, but now that I know what a healthy way to live is, it is up to me to EXERCISE those healthy choices for myself and not just blame my problems NOW on what was done to me back when I was an innocent child.

Neither my egg or sperm donors are going to change and there’s no way to go back and undo the past, all I can do now is to MAKE BETTER CHOICES TODAY—do things differently than I have in the past and live my life in such a way that I am making more healthy choices than I have in the past.

It’s work just like changing my eating habits is work and effort, but it is paying off in improved health and so will the work on making better choices. In both cases, I’ll FEEL BETTER.

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