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Lovefraud reader’s case on Dr. Phil Monday

Sheri Brown, from British Columbia, Canada, learned that her husband, Timothy Szabolci, aka Andrew Szalolc, wasn’t s former Canadian Air Force pilot or a retired psychiatrist, as he claimed. The man was a con artist.

The case will be on the Dr. Phil Show Monday, Nov. 24. The con artist actually makes an appearance, and tries to “explain.”

Watch Did she marry an impostor? on Dr.


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I watched clips from this show today. I can’t believe he showed up on national TV! He’s so angry that Sheri went to the media and yet here he was, lying on television. He must believe he’s a convincing liar. He had an answer for everything, and a new (utterly unbelievable) answer every time Dr. Phil contradicted him.

Dr Phil did make him sweat!

Sweating, squirming, his face pinched like he was struggling to maintain his anger. It was a sight to behold! I have to wonder if this fool was so deluded by his own sense of superiority that he never considered Dr. Phil would be armed by his staff with real information. It was just stunning to see his lies being torn apart one by one.

I saw this episode as well and boy did it hit home!! The end when he starting projecting and said “well what about her past” like who cares buddy! My exspath did the same thing. It brought up some painful memories that’s for sure. Even with concrete evidence right in front of his face he still had excuses and denied!! When I exposed my ex with concrete evidence all he could resort to was violence out of frustration from being caught. Oddly after being in recovery for the past 8 months or so and being educated he just made me laugh it was so ridiculous! I was watching with a friend and he was just shocked that a human being could do this…I shook my head and laughed because he was so predictable. When you’re over the shock, and learn about these people, they’re so EASY to pinpoint!

I could definitely relate to that too!

My ex used that ‘what about what YOU did!” BS without fail to try to shut me down in the middle of an argument about stuff he was doing. It was always, always something he just made up out of thin air, and I’d be trapped trying to defend myself from something I didn’t even do. The two times I refused to be derailed he got physically violent.

Exactly!! Were we dating the same person lol?? Isn’t it great to know it wasn’t us…..

The classic deflecting the attention from them onto the other.

I remember asking him to stop ogling other women when we were together. He asked me to stop looking at him ogling other women, and that that would solve the problem.

Never did, never will take responsibility.

Now this makes me laugh. At the time I just could hardly comprehend that he had said what he did. It was so stupid I couldn’t believe it was what he meant to say.

I watched all the video clips I could find on that show. Very telling. Does a heart good to see someone actually stand up and call him out on his fraud and lies. Because this happens so rarely the odds are heavily in the favor of these types that they will yet again do what they want to whoever they choose with no effectual consequences.
Nothing affects them inside the way it would us. Unless these people are marked in some way, unless a bright light is shining on them telling people ‘ look out ‘ for this person, they are dangerous, they just shake off whatever horrors they have inflicted on your life and move on to fresh meat. Most of us aren’t as bullet proof as Dr Phil so when we call them out on their vile behaviors they simply kick their evil into a higher gear and usually destroy us through devaluing, isolation, slander, gaslighting, ect. So much evil to perpetrate, so little time. Lol. Interesting that psychpathic types are often found working as some type of psychology/therapist situation. They understand these principles very well and often times with no formal training or qualifications. How deep is this pit ? Pretty much bottomless.

I saw it too and was just yelling at the TV he’s a PSYCHOPATH!!! I felt so sorry for Sheri, in the end he got what he deserved. Karma’s a B*tch!!!

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