Lovefraud Romantic Partner Survey results

This time last year, Lovefraud was in the midst of conducting an Internet survey about the experiences of Lovefraud readers who were romantically involved with sociopaths.

A total of 1,352 people responded, and the information that you shared was extraordinary. In fact, I believe that the Lovefraud Romantic Partner Survey probably resulted in the best and most comprehensive data about romantic relationships with sociopaths ever collected. Following are some nuggets of information:

Top three ways that survey respondents met the sociopath:

  • Internet 23%
  • Social situations, like a bar, restaurant, club, party 20%
  • Doing business or working together 17%

Top three characteristics exhibited by the sociopath:

  • Charisma and charm 91%
  • Blamed others for any problems he/she had 82%
  • Sexual magnetism 78%

Top three characteristics of the beginning of the relationship:

  • Individual seemed to share my values 83%
  • Individual seemed to have so much in common with me —79%
  • Individual called me frequently 75%

Harm as a result of the relationship:

  • You became anxious or depressed 92%
  • The stress of the relationship made you ill 77%
  • You lost money 76%

The survey also contained 12 narrative questions, in which you could write whatever you wanted. And you did write! There had to be more than 10,000 answers in which you described your experience.

This was actually the second Lovefraud survey. We also conducted one in 2010 in response to the American Psychiatric Association’s request for comments on the first draft of the DSM-5—the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Read Lovefraud’s comment about sociopaths for the DSM-5

Anyway, the data from both of these surveys, along with the stories you have told me about your experiences, form the foundation of my new book, Red Flags of Love Fraud—10 signs you’re dating a sociopath. This book tells you exactly how sociopaths hook you, how to escape and how to protect yourself in the future.

The official publication date is June 11, 2012, and that’s when the media campaign begins, so I won’t be saying a lot about the book until then. But Lovefraud readers can pre-order the book. In fact, to give you taste of what it’s all about, I’ve posted the Introduction on the Lovefraud Blog.

Read Red Flags of Love Fraud Introduction

Of course, if you’re a Lovefraud blog reader, you’ve probably already had a close encounter with a sociopath. I believe that understanding how he or she conned you can help you recover. And it can certainly help you avoid allowing another one into your life.

For more information, visit the Lovefraud Store.


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Ox Drover,

My brother and I met with the lawyer yesterday. I am wiped out, needing something to refresh my mind. The lawyer was surprised that spath man is out of jail, “but anything can happen”. He said that he will contact spath man’s lawyer, telling her to inform spath man not to contact me and the kids. Hope that works. Regarding my hand, THAT was a surprise. I like your suggestion, wanting to see someone ASAP because my hand is still experiencing pain, stiffness, weakness, and swelling. It’s gotten somewhat better, but not enough. I have an appointment to see a hand specialist next week (Tuesday a.m.), but I can look into seeing a rheumatologist instead.

Dear Blue Jay,

Get inn to see who ever you can see FIRST, even if it is the hand guy, a rheumatologist is also a good bet too….but I think you need to see someone FAST. Bless your heart!@ The rheumatologist can do blood work to see if it is RA as well..well, technically any of the docs can do the blood work, but long termm I would go with the rheumatologist.

I’m glad you sent work to him through is lawyer to leave you alone. I hope it helps, but you may have to get a restraining order, but if so I would do so.

Cut out as many of the “stressful” things in your life as you can, and stressful people! LOL If you aren’t in some therapy you might see about getting some to help you cope with it all. Cut down on caffine, nicotine, booze (if any of those things) and try to get some better sleep and REST. Leave the dishes if it means you get more sleep…take care of YOU. (((hugs)))


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