Lovefraud webinar preview – Surviving Court when you’re traumatized

Are you facing an upcoming court battle with a sociopath? You’ll need to get mentally and emotionally ready for it — and this two-part course can help.

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About this course

You’ve been traumatized, and now you must face the person who traumatized you in court. Whether the case is divorce, child custody or some other litigation, you know that your opponent’s objective isn’t just to win the case. Your opponent will attempt to use legal procedures and the courts to crush you.

The irrationality of it all fries your brain. So on top of the original abuse that you endured, your opponent’s actions may cause you to suffer from Legal Abuse Syndrome — a form of post-traumatic stress disorder.

How can you protect yourself?

In Part 1 of this course, Dr. Karin Huffer explains steps you can and should take to protect yourself before you even enter the courtroom — like shutting off your cell phone when you’re not using it. And she’ll explain how to deflect your opponent’s attacks in court, and how to stay mentally touch during the litigation.

In Part 2, Dr. Huffer explains how the federal Americans with Disabilities Act can support you in court. She tells you exactly how to request accommodations, how to avoid unreasonable court-forced mediation, and how to control the perceptions that you create in the courtroom.


  • How lies, defamation and slander affect you in court
  • How Legal Abuse Syndrome complicates your ability to fight for your rights
  • How invisible injuries — like anxiety and PTSD — qualify you for ADA accommodations
  • Accommodations you can request from the court that don’t cost anything
  • How an advocate can become your legal game-changer

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I have never had to do this but it sounds like a great help.

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