Major Lovefraud upgrade this weekend

To all readers: Lovefraud will undergo a major upgrade over the weekend, and will be unavailable. We’ll shut down approximately 9 a.m. tomorrow (Saturday), and will be back up Monday, better than ever.

If you like, please feel free to visit the Lovefraud Facebook page.

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Delighted to hear the good news about the lovefraud upgrade… That’s brilliant for you donna… Lovefraud is a light in the dark for so many..

Blessings to you.

Lou, have a peaceful w-e, catch you Monday. Looking forward to seeing the new LF!

Oh mel!,
I am so sorry to read of your pain!One sociopath devastated me and nearly destroyed me~for you to be coping with 6 is hard for me to comprehend!

Please keep posting and reading here.You will receive so much support and validation.YOU ARE NOT CRAZY!You probably noticed that this website will be down for the weekend.

As for getting someone to listen,have you tried a domestic violence hotline in your area?You may also be able to get counseling from them,or atleast be referred to someone by them.

Tea Light:

See you Monday, dear. Can’t wait to see the changes…I am sure they will be for the good! x

Mel I’m so sorry to hear ur situation.. You are in the right place here on lovefraud to get support and help… Some amazing people here. Stay strong … I pray life will get better for u.

Believe in yourself … Read, learn about sociopaths and that knowledge will give u the wisdom to see what has been happening in your life and the freedom to fight for life to get better.

Know u are supported and listened to here and everyone here understands.

Blessings to you.

I was just reading some other things on this site…..and came across where Donna out smarts her sociopath by being one….I have spent 15 years with a bunch of them….I am quite surprised at just how much I do know…and in fact have been working on “pay back” for well over a year (this payback has been unintentional) he duped me because I fell ill…..I am almost ready and its only up to life I guess before it all comes together….:) Ill soon have everything his miniature heart desires (the fact that I am not with him gives me the ability to have sooo much more)….. eg: I just bought a car that just happens to be his favourite make and model….:) sad but true!

Forewarning: Vengeance is a hollow victory and never worth it. I know from personal experience.

Living well is the BEST revenge…at the end of the day they become just another looser!!!!

Why do it for them or because of them at all? Forget them. Do it for you.

Regardless of the flavor of revenge, it’s still trivial.

Hi I think I should adopt a kind of paranoia and not say to much…I have deleted a lot of my comments…funny cause as I type this I get flashes of how he always “knows” EVERYTHING! creepy! I just watch a u-tube presentation (Donna) speaking, another slap in the face for me…..I was 19 when we got together and I know he had the sociopathic traits then (in-hind sight) but I know somehow right NOW he is much much worse maybe even sick in a way….I am 36 now…..and because I have had such a long time with him it is so much worse, and we have 3 children…. I know that this crap “IS NEVER GOING TO END” funny how sometimes in life we have NO control over our lives and it is like life/fate/destiny is well an truly in the way……I am at my wits end of what I am suppose to do! I have one LAST attempt in the pipes now and fingers crossed that “this” is what I need to do! Basically I am out of here!


I have been on this journey for years. I met my spath in 08 and figured out he is a spath in 09. I am still working on it.

Can I say something? It is SUPER HARD to see the spathy traits when they are in your face very day. They get lost in the mundane facts of life. But if you step back – WHOA – it becomes even more clear. You can see it more clearly in OTHER relationships than you can in your own.

I don’t believe anybody with “spathy traits” would be lead to this site. He is probably a full blown spath, and you’re still in denial, or, maybe you’re just too close to see it clearly.


I left 1 and half yrs ago…..we have 3 kids he has 2 of them and now will not let me see them one is 15 the other 7….never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever be separated from my kids…he knows this is my weak point we used to talk about how we would deal with things if we split ๐Ÿ™‚ mumma bear is well an truly out…. but ill stop myself there! I agree totally with not seeing things until you step away….my problem is “he has my babies and how and when so you stop fighting for THEM????????????

What he has done especially since I left is incomprehensible and at this point he has everyone thinking I am “crazy” even my own damn mother who I live with….

I have a mountain as massive as Everest, I am dealing with him, his mother, brother and 3 of his sisters…..all sociopaths! I have NO hope right? Well I think I do and I know, I just know I WILL WIN! However I am petrified that the worse is YET to come…..

I am on the hunt for a therapist whom A. I can record my sessions with B. WHO LISTENS and “gets it” and C. Help me write a book
This spans for me 17 yrs for them and the mother a life time…..and to my knowledge consists of all but murder!

I thought things were bad for me until I read your ‘former’ plight. Six sociopaths? I guess you could say my whole family consists of them. My mother also was a very disordered and unhappy woman. I am in therapy with a social worker but not sure she is right for me. She expects me to “put it behind me” or “do something every time one of ‘them’ gets into my head.” I believe you have to confront, not ignore or try to forget the evil that was done to you.
She is a cognitive behavioral therapist so I question if this is the right path for me to be on. I told her that my parents did not bother me in my 30’s and that they were included in many of my social events, which were few. It is hitting me now…full force…at age 61 what happened to me and how it dominates my life.
Anyone? Would like an opinion on the right therapist…do you think she is on the right track?


I was married to the “P” for 31 years, left in August after he tried to kill me. fled with the clothes on my back to another state. Thank G*d that I did not have minor children, mine are adults now. You are in the right place- your story will be reflected in so many other’s here. Some of them married the “P”, others just lovers/friends. Whatever way they were impacted- we have all been left feeling abused and tramatized.

Welcome and ((HUGS))

I will be eternally grateful to LF and it’s support when I needed it.
farewell to old gang, I will always remember you..
…… hens, henry, moondancer, and the wiener’s send cyber hugz to all……
“‘if it aint broke dont fix it ”

Oh Hens–please stop by sometimes? I feel so sad you’re going…you will be truly missed. I’ve been here since 2008 but rarely post…LF won’t be the same without your gentle voice and laugh out loud wit. Peace to you.


I’m sad. A lot of good ones have gone…it’s something to mourn about. I miss you, too.

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