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Man abuses child, and records it all on his cell phone

In a shocking story from the UK, Darren Newton was convicted of murder and child cruelty in the death of 15-month-old Charlie Hunt. Newton abused the child, his girlfriend’s son, over six months, recording his actions with his cell phone and giving the video clips titles like, “Happy Slap.” A jury took 40 minutes to convict him.

Read Slapped to death on And, be sure to read the sidebar story, I wasn’t great as a mum. The girlfriend, apparently, had already lost custody of two older children.

In Newton’s testimony during the trial, he claimed that he “didn’t enjoy” beating the child. Yeah, right.

Read Boyfriend accused of ‘happy slap’ killing of partner’s baby says ‘I beat him repeatedly but I didn’t enjoy it,’ on

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that is horrific.
at least one more evil will be removed from contact with normal people.

Ox Drover

Sky, in England he may do 10-15 years in prison….their “justice” system is worse than ours about keeping people like this locked up! Don’t get me started!


Yes, Oxy but the judge determined that the videos should be kept on file and referred to each time he’s up for parole. LOL.
I’d be surprised if he gets out even after the 24 years!
The idiot nailed his own coffin shut. That’s quite a trick.
So much for thinking that P’s are smart.

Ox Drover

My P-son has the IQ tests to prove he is “smart” but he is the DUMBEST criminal I have EVER heard of including the guy who wrote the bank robbery note on the back of his personalized check with his name and address on it! LOL

My P son told his victims friends he INTENDED TO KILL HER, he took her with him when he left, then came BACK to her friends’ gave them her jewelry, purse, etc. and TOLD THEM HE HAD KILLED HER, and here was her stuff, but he didn’t bring her leather coat back because it had too much blood on it.


He told some guy where the body was on a recorded phone conversation AFTER HIS ARREST (cops listened in) and after they found the body he TOLD SOMEONE ELSE on a RECORDED phone conversation where the GUN was (under his bed) DUH!!!

So this is about as DUMB as it gets…the cops didn’t even OFFER HIM A DEAL….they went to trial with it, and I think they must have been wanting the death penalty. Son P lied to me about WHEN the trial was so I could not go (I’m glad now he did lie about it) because he did not want me to know the TRUTH about how much EVIDENCE they had on him. (so he could go on denying he did it to me!) LOL

If there had been anything such as a video phone I’m sure that my P son would have taken video of it and shown it to her friends! There are some of them like this guy and my P son who really JUST DON’T GET IT about how other people feel about the kind of things they do.



I guess they OVERESTIMATE how much influence they have over others. That’s always going to be a mistake a P makes because needing to manipulate is at the root of their disorder. So of course he needs to feel confident in that ability in order to feel safe – like a baby is safe as long as it can manipulate mommy.

Ox Drover

The first time he went to prison he got some juvies to rob a place, like a home invasion at this business. The kids tied the people up, at gun point, took the computers (P son always loved computers so he stole them I think more for himself than to sell) but one of the kids was stupid enough to leave a motorcycle helmet at the crime scene with HIS NAME AND ADDRESS IN IT…DUH! So the next morning P son takes this kid on his MC and goes back to the crime scene to get the MC helmet but the people are LOOSE and no longer tied up so they start SHOOTING OUT THE DOOR when they see the criminals coming back. DUH!

A bullet goes through the sleeve of P son’s jacket as he and the kid are fleeing on the MC–well, you know how long it took the cops to catch him and HOW LONG (NOT!) before the kids rolled over and said “HE DID IT!!!” So P son goes to prison with a 5-yr sentence, he does 2 and gets out—starts right back into crime and is only out 5 months before the MURDER!

Yet, he STILL BELIEVES, and I really do believe that he thinks this, that he is SUPERIOR TO EVERYONE IN THE WORLD. That people look up to him, that others think he is so bright—that he can manipulate anyone and that the rest of the world are IDIOTS compared to him. HE ACTUALLY SEES HIMSELF AS A SUCCESS.

(head shaking here, puzzled look on face)

My P-sperm donor felt that way, but at least he was free to walk the streets and he did eventually get rich—even his money though didn’t make people like him or look up to him, though it did make a few people toady to him….but P-son doesn’t have ANYTHING to make him even appeal to anyone as “superior” to the lowest slimebag perverted gang-banger in the lock up. NOTHING. NADA. ZIP. ZERO. ZILCH. (head shaking here again!) LOL

Bob Hare was right, they may know the words but they can’t sing the tune, that’s for sure! But any time he out smarts some guard he thinks of that as a WIN, and even if he loses, he still somehow thinks of it as a win. Just doesn’t make sense to me, but they don’t think like we do….their elevator goes SIDE WAYS!


Yes ,, they are beyond belief!My ex husband didnt do anything illegal that I know of, but he was an expert at “shooting himself in the foot!” He scored a top job in Sydney,
{as he had a plum job to come to in Sydney, when we emigrated here in 1973 from Scotland. His boss, Yorn, from Denmark, was head of a big new company who wer e re -designing the Engineering facilities in the new Sydney Opera House.It had been designed by a Dane,Jorn Utsen.
As a design, on the outside it looked spectacular, but inside it was a disaster, accoustically and in every way. My ex was a top engineer,{when he wasnt drinking,} What a waste he went back to drinking in 1980.He was put to work redesigning the engineering inside the building from scratch.
Anyway, Yorn was very good to him an all of us a s a family, ie, he rented a duplex for us when we arrived in Sydney,{th egirls were 7 and 9 then,} had the landlady make up the beds, fill the fridge with food, etc, he met us off the ship, and took us to our new home. He and his wife had a lovely welcome dinner for us.Well, My ex had been with the company for over ayear, and there was some unrest in the ofice, as Yorn kept putting younger men in charge of older ones. My ex, always having to be so “popular” ,” one of the boys,” etc, elected to contact old Mr Varming{ex CEO of the same company.}, in Denmark, pull him out of retirement,Mr V cam e hot foot out to Australia, Yorn was recalled back to Denmark in disgrace,, the position of MD {which may have gone to my ex} was given to the guy BELOW my ex, my ex RESIGNED in PRINCIPLE, then had to look for another job,LOL! A few years later, the guy who had been under my ex asked him to come back in a more junior position, and my ex accepted!Can anyone see the stupidity in all this???And doing this to Yorn who had been so KIND to us???
My daughter has the same stoopid socoipath gene.
She had a top job, working for a company like the Geographic Mag., gorgeous , spacious office surrounded by bushland, her own secretary, a job you would die for. She was the editor of the Mag, and also co- running a kids Mag . as well. What a fool, she embezzled over $60,000 from the kids Mag co., put the money thru the boks of the Geog. co., thence into he r own account. The Geo.mag was bought over by another company, they immediately did an audit,found out that $65,800 had passed thru the co.unnoticed.She was caught out, and fired the same day. She went back to work, and couldnt understand how she couldnt log into her computer, DUH!! Shed been locked out! So, what does she do in revenge,? Steals the lap top with all the important info in it.Now , she CANT UNDERSTAND why noone wants to employ her full time!!DUH!! Again!!
She inherited the STOOPID GENE BIG TIME!! And she still thinks shes superior being! Here she is, shes lost her husband, her kids, her home, good jobs, her Mum now, at 46 having been in top jobs, she is renting one room in a shared flat, sees her kids weekends, has no money, no savings, up to her eyes in credit card debt, and she still thinks she s a winner!She had top gradesa t school before fallin g in with the Punks.She hasnt got SINGLE paper qualification to he r name, no assetts, no proper job, no decent car,she HAD IT ALL and threw it all away!! DUMB or what??
I give up!! Love, Mama gemXX

Ox Drover

Dear Gem, Yep, doesn’t matter what their IQ is, some of them are STOOPID about how people think and they don’t get the idea that people remember how they treated them.

It is almost like Cleckley said “moral insanity,” they just do not get morality, or to do right because it is right thing to do.

My son is filled with RAGE at everything and everyone it seems. My P-sperm donor was also filled with rage at “stupid” people and he was very prejudiced against any ethnic or racial group….even his own!

It is odd that I have always thought Nixon exhibited a lot of highly sociopathic narcissistic traits and the tapes that were made public in the last couple of days with him ranting on and on (knowing he was being taped yet!) about the Jews and blacks and other groups that he thought were beneath him self….how narcissistic he was.

So many people in high places though, not just him, I think become to believe that they are superior to others. There have been some studies done about “normal” (what is that!!!!???) people when given a lot of power start to exhibit N and P traits.

“Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Even when some of the psychopathic people have little or no real power their imaginary power is unlimited. My P convict son
is a perfect example of “imaginary” power. He is the RULER of his cell block! The smartest convict on his row! BIGGGGGG DEAL!!!! So who is impressed? Not me.


Well now ain’t THAT a coincidence?!?

My ex-spath was vitriolic in his hatred against our indigenous peoples here (and spoke scathingly of other races also).

I hadn’t noticed it before we lived together – it was one of the first masks to drop. I am the LEAST racist person on the planet and cannot abide racism, sexism – or many other “isms”. It makes me sick to my stomach to think of treating another human being as lesser or unworthy just because of where they are from.

It was the start of the arguing between us, as I recall. That, and how he would blame his co-workers (when he was still working) for every single thing that went wrong at work. It was never his fault. He would always tell me how he was such a “people person”….yeah, right….


My s-sister is dumber than nails. you should have seen ur last night trying to convince 4 people that she remember things correctly we were all wrong. I remember when she was a little girl my mother would agree with her even when she was clearly lying. supposedly she agreed with her just to calm her down. whatever reason really work the end result is that she thinks she could lie and people will believe her no matter how audacious her lies. The worst part is that, in a subtle way, they are still encouraging her to lie by not backhanding her across the mouth until she Only speaks the truth. By civily disagreeing with her they are encouraging her to think this is a valid strategy. I’m a firm believer in pain punishment for spaths.

Ox Drover

I think the “racist” or “sexist” attitudes are just examples of the fact that NO ONE is on an equal level with the N or P, because of COURSE they are soooooo superior! EVERYONE is beneath them. Their entitlement is extreme.

It is also a part of the scapegoating that we were talking about the other night. That making others the “bad guys” for all the world’s ills, or my ills, or our family’s ills, etc. If you can, like Hitler did, make a group the focus of the “ills” for a country or a group, push and project the blame off on them, then you detract from your own failures. Politicians and kings are great at doing that! It unifies the population behind you as you blame another group for the famine, the war, the recession, the depression, and increases your power. It has worked for tens of thousands of years and I guess I will continue to work for 10 thousand more. If you don’t learn from history, you are doomed to REPEAT IT! Whether it is on a national level or a personal level.

Actually, I am VERY prejudiced, against people who abuse others. And proud of it! DOWN WITH ABUSERS!!!! Down with psychopaths! TOWANDA!!!


my spath – in sweet boy guise was very liberal/ open minded, etc.

but and in the other stories she has told to con others she is overtly racist.

and i don’t know what her IQ is, but she is one hell of a multi- tasker! in fact i could use her mad skills at work right now!

i have often wondered, what she could do for mankind, with all that ability, if she were not such an evil lying c***.


just wanted to post this image delineating the process of mind control/manipulation ( its a graphic on the process of NLP ) :

The graphic illustrates the process of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)
kind of like what psychopaths do in order to manipulate you ( Ie : Mind control ) … it incorporates a lot of how ‘mirroring’ works as well… building the illusion, creating an ideal environment so you could begin to let your walls down with the individual. Anyway, I thought it would be helpful to see the process broken down kinda sorta in a visual format. From ( source )


dancingnancies –

a big word in the chart is ‘imagination’. how one step got suckered…I like the world of imagination. i am practical, but i am an artist and take things from concept to reality all the time.

i love to play with words and concepts, and i have rarely found anyone who I can play with – but the two who did may have just been mirroring me- the spath and the n ex. how effing depressing. i get a charge out of this sort of play – all sorts of happy chemicals get released in my brain.

i understand the chemical/ hormone release dynamic a bit from being here – sometimes when we get riffing late night i get the feeling. but i see that, because of the spath trauma and because we are talking about spaths it jazzes me in a way that is not so positive sometimes, so i just step back.

my imagination is corralled, locked away, because it’s one of the things deemed ‘not safe’; and one of the things i need to reclaim. these ‘corrals’ are full, the livestock of my mind pushing against the fence, straining to get out. it’s one of the reasons i am so frustrated and mad all the time. i have locked myself up in self defense. but the spath is gone now, and i can start working on it.

Ox Drover

Dear One,

I saw a cartoon once about how the inmate population was growing and where the “free world” (i.e. people not in prison) were INSIDE A FORT-like structure with the guard towers etc but the “guards” guns were pointed outward from the towers not inside the structure, and everyone on the outside of that fort-like building was “in prison.”

I think that maybe sometimes we LOCK OURSELVES INSIDE A FORT in an effort to keep ourselves safe and we end up putting ourselves in solitary confinement.

Well, we did get hurt by the bad guys, but you know the thing is that life isn’t “100% safe” and that’s okay too….no one gets out alive. LOL But I don’t want to sacrifice EVERYTHING GOOD in order to be totally SAFE inside my solitary cell. ”

There’s got to be a REASONABLE trade off between safety and solitary. That’s where the boundaries come in….with individuals and with groups.

Someone is interesting, funny, smart, talented and I enjoy conversations with them—-how much cheet am I going to take before the positive is out weighed by the negative?

How about if I have to watch to be sure they don’t steal the silverware out of the drawer when they come to my house for dinner? Or how about if I have to watch the liquor cabinet? Is the pleasure I get from their company in conversation outweighed by having to replace the liquor or the silverware?

I have finally realized at what point the pleasure of someone’s company is too “expensive” in terms of emotional or financial Coin. If something (anything) is too “expensive” I just don’t purchase it any more and I either do without it or find a substitute.

It just in the end boils down to what I am willing to “pay” for something, or if I even want that something in my life at all.

I remember the conversation you had here about the ADHD friend of yours that you had trouble deciding to associate with her or not due to her changes of schedules and not being able to make an agreement with her on plans because she would change her mind at the last second and it was becoming very irritating to you and you were wondering if her “friendship” was worth it any more.

Sometimes in our lives someone IS worth some hassle, but later the hassle becomes too much and the friendship dies of its own accord or we set it aside. THAT IS OKAY, it is just like I decided after my husband died to turn off the cable TV because it was NO LONGER WORTH IT TO ME. It HAD been worth it when he was alive because he liked to record his favorite show (about the only one he watched) and watch it when he had time and it was convenient. Since I don’t watch much TV and my time is now more flexible, I no longer think it is worth it to pay that much per month for cable. So the “worth/value” has changed for the same thing.


This is one of the saddest (and sickest) things I have seen. Such an adorable little boy. How tragic.


A classic psychopath… took the videos and drove the kid to death for his sick and twisted pleasure. Its a good illustration of why the conduct disorder is incurable. How can you instill a conscience in someone who lacks one? Normal people feel revulsion and their gut twists in knots on hearing this kind of story. The cost to innocent people is a very high one. We don’t like to face evil in its absolute form and there’s something horrifying, fascinating and repulsive about people who do things no decent person would ever do.

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