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Man accused of killing his wife for money

Desmond Campbell, a former British policeman living in Australia, is accused of taking his new wife camping, and then pushing her off a cliff. On the day of the woman’s funeral, he attended a singles networking function.

Read British policeman ‘pushed wealthy Australian wife to her death’ on

Also, read Alleged wife-killer was greedy: court on

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Ox Drover

WOW! How very “P-ish” of this guy! Missed the wife’s funeral so he could renew his singles-membership! The guy sounds more arrogant than Scot Petersen! (head shaking here) SO TYPICAL Psychopath! I hope they convicted him!


I’ve gotten to the point where nothing surprises me, anymore. Yes, I still get sickened when I hear about such things as this, but this is becoming more and more frequent.

When will the justice system get a clue, I wonder? Put them all on an island and let them eke out their existence in a punitive setting. NO guards, NO supplies, NO cameras – just an island full of spaths to fight it out between themselves.


I don’t believe it! A husband would NEVER do this to his ‘pig ugly’ , fat blah blah new wife!!!

Good thing my spath didn’t like camping…..cuz I was pig ugly and fat too……just not rich.

This is just so senseless!

I say……there is a cliff waiting for him too……JUST DO IT!!!! WHY WAIT!


LOL, EB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


An evil man.


Now I know I’m an animal lover, and I’m weaning myself off chicken and on to tofu because I feel for the souls of animals, and I have come to the conclusion their life is very important and I value them so much.

I feel that I could put this man to death for his crimes. The death penalty is perhaps the only solution for sickos that kill. I am so disgusted and I feel so much empathy for that beautiful woman who was pushed off a cliff by a psychopath. It terrifies me that they can kill if they need to to get what they want….but for the grace of god..there go I….I’m sickened really. this story resonates with the experience I had more than any other. I was not wealthy but he perceived me as having enough to be worth scamming.

I then think is it fair to dispatch a psychopath into the great hereafter as “they” will have to deal with them there. Maybe we need to spend money on researching ways to work with sociopaths so that they “RE-CONNECT” to their human-ness BEFORE they are dispatched to the great hereafter… question is…how to RE-CONNECT the psycho/sociopath to their feelings, conscience, soul….?? or do they have any???
NO i suspect, then get them off the planet before we are taken over by them!!!!!


There but for the grace of God go we.

The illusions were grand, but the bone chilling reality of what it means to be in a relationship with a psycopath should humble everyone – here or anywhere.

I am stricken by the realization that the call Jen 1011 described, the baby which was lost and even the story of this poor woman could be any of us who fell for whatever reasons into their sphere.

Not something to take lightly.


And these are ONLY the cases we ‘hear’ about…….

Dani S

Thanks Donna for posting this…. Oxy no conviction yet, it is still going to trial, will let you know the outcome but can imagine he will get along time in Jail.

Sometimes I wish there was a death penalty in this country, I wonder if it would deter them at all? I doubt it!
That poor poor women, and what a lot of us have in common with her, including myself, is she was so in love with her man.

Thank god my ex husband S was able to abtain every cent I had without pushing me of a cliff!

Once again another poor women sleeping with the enemy, if only we all had crystal balls at the time!

I hope he rots in hell with the rest of them….. I wouldn’t pee on any of them if they were on fire unless I could pee petrol lol 🙂


Dani S, I don’t even think that the threat of lethal injection has any impact on their actions. I firmly believe that depositing all convicted spaths on a inescapable island to fight it out between themselves would be justice. I just can’t begin to imagine the level of anarchy – all spaths, and all believing that they are the Emperor/Emperess of the Universe!

Dani S

Buttons- It would certainly be entertaining for us to see them destroy each other and the frustration of knowing there would be no one there for them to suck in and con.
I imagine without any supplies, sex would be the game of choice and power. So if this Island ever existed hopefully a few would be sent off with a bad STD!
You need to speak to Roman Polanski you might be on to something lol !

Dani S

Just thinking of my ex s on the Island he would starve being amongst other dictators…. No one to listen to his demands and needs, oh it would be so funny.

Ex S used to just lay on the couch and demading everthing from food/drinks/sex and i was such a good wife making sure I kept him happy.

Sometimes he would tell me that the glass wasn’t clean enough for him to drink out of and to get another one when I got him a drink. My mums said she would have poured it over his head and told him to get it himself next time. Needless to say my mother would never be in a relationship with a S and needless to say she didn’t like him and I was not allowed to see my mother.
God I wish I had a little bit of my mother in me!
Even when I worked full time and S wouldn’t work he still laid on that bloody couch and demanded everything as soon as I walked in…. I could kick my former self…. but he told me he loved me lol 🙂


Dani S, you do have a bit of your mother in you, my dear! Did you get out? Are you healing? It’s not YOUR fault. The spath capitalized on your compassion, love, and empathy. That’s all.

Indeed, “Sociopath Island” would get better ratings than “Survivor” or “American Idol” put together! LOLOLOL

Dani S

LMAO I love it “Sociopath Island” and yes maybe I found a little bit of my mother in me in the end! My mum is a lioness when it comes to her children. It took me to be assaulted whilst he was holding our baby for the light to go off for me after years of abuse.
I couldn’t protect myself but over hell and high water I was going to protect my baby! Good things come out of really bad situations, that day was horrible but now I am free and you cant beat that!
Thanks Buttons!

kim frederick

Love this. Sociopath Island. We could all place bets on our spaths out-living and surviving the others. Of course it would be the biggest, meanest, most under-handed, decietful, conniving one of all. Whose spath would win?
Survivor spath.

We could donate our winnings to education and public awareness.


I had the thought this morning – once you finally figure out what kind of person you’re dealing with (a spath), it’s often too late, the damage has already been done.


Too true, Bluejay – but, if people like us start screaming, flapping our arms, and demanding attention to this epidemic, maybe someone will take notice. I don’t mean LITERALLY screaming and all that, but there is just too much of it on a daily basis in the news and on the internet to be just discounted as a breakdown of society.


the core of my previous post was EDUCATE……sorry, i was very nearing a rant..


I Like the idea of the reality show “Sociopath Island.”
They could borrow some movie names for weekly themes such as –

Journey to the self-CENTERed of the Earth
Apocolypse Now
Bourne without Identity
COLD mountain
Broke-a$$ Mountain
There WILL BE Blood
Final Destination
Pursuit with no Happiness
I AM LEGEND in my own mind !! What do ya think??


Watch OPRAH Guys, On NOW…Show about violent realationships.

kim frederick

Search for the self-centered of the earth.
Bourne without identity.

kim frederick

Witty, Doesn’t come on until 4 here, but will watch it then.

Ox Drover

While I like to fantasize about “Devil’s Island” sometimes and there are times I would like to put the noose around a Ps neck and kick them off the platform, but I have changed my mind about the death penalty for ANYONE in these last few years because of the HIGH RATE of ERROR in our “criminal justice system”—people are being found INNOCENT after 35 years for crimes they did not commit by DNA and other evidence. What if that person had been EXECUTED? How could you give him his freedom again? People are freed off death row and found innocent by DNA. I know that innocdent people can’t be dug up and “set free” EVER if they have been executed. The thought that just ONE innocent person would be executed makes my stomach queezy.

LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE for 3 felonies IS MY SOLUTION. Since so much of the violent crime is committed by psychopaths, and the criminal element of that sort should sort themselves out. Lock ’em up. Keep’em there! Separate prisons for them. Super max’s one to a cell 23 out of 24 hours a day. It isn’t solitary per se as they can talk to the guy in the cell next to them, but it will shut them down from pulling scams even in prison and you know how Ps just LOVE (NOT!) to be BORED.

Personally I think that would be torture for a psychopath, the worst kind of torture. My little half brother when he was 12 if he got into trouble WANTED a spanking and to be let go, the worst torture for him was to be sent to his room for an hour. He would cry and say “please spank me and let me go fly model airplanes” “NOPE! I wouldn’t think of hitting you, go to your room.” TORTURE! This kid was not a psychopath but just very outdoorsy and didn’t like to stay in, but after a couple of episodes of being sent to his room for things, he was the best kid I ever gave a time out to!

Sending a psychopath to prison and putting them in general population on minimal custody is “heaven on earth” to them I think. They have the guards to mess with and the other prisoners, it is some constant con game going on all the time. Just like a glambling addict, they don’t really care if they win the game or lose it, it is still a risk taking RUSH! They get a thrill out of it!

Though they of course want out of prison, and fantasize about getting out, I don’t think psychopaths fear going back to prison the way others might, so getting out and taking a chance on going back is just another con game for them. In fact, I wonder if they don’t feel more at “home” in prison than outside where they have to take some responsibility for providing a roof over their heads, cooking their own food and washing their own clothes, etc.

Ox Drover

PS. Dani, glad to see you back. Where’ya been? How are you doing? Keep- in touch!


Buttons –

We have stories all around us (via the newspapers, t.v. shows, internet, etc.) about disordered people, but the public is not clued into the fact that these individuals are sociopaths, suffering from a specific mental illness, wreaking tremendous havoc in society. The media outlets probably don’t want to spell it out for fear of lawsuits, diagnosing people without having a professional doing it? Just wondering.

kim frederick

Hi oxy. I really agree with you on the death penalty, for the most part….but spath island…just a very pleasant fantasy.

Ox Drover

Yea, I liike to call it DEVIL’s Island because that’s what they are as far as I am concerned. I am a big proponent of the “3 strikes” laws though. More states than not have them, and from what I have read they don’t seem to have been abused.

Yesterday on our local news, a guy who killed a 16 month old baby in 1993 (the baby was so bashed up the cops said it looked like it had been thrown from a 5 story building) was released on parole 5 yrs ago after serving 12 years of a 45 year sentence (WTF??????) He was rearrested yesterday when they found he was internet stalking a kid….he also had a big stash of KIDDIE PORN so hopefully he will go away for a long time, and he should still be on parole from the FIRST DEGREE MURDER for the baby, since he got 45 years, so hopefully hej will go back and do the rest of that.

We have a new group of cops that focus on DANGERS TO KIDS from predators and that is all they do. This is the SECOND big bust in less than 30 days so they are obviously doing their jobs well.

Now if we can just get the PAROLE BOARD where they will not release these violent CREEPS—and the Major who was talking on the news last night LAID INTO THE PAROLE BOARD pretty good. TOWANDO for him!!!!!


Bluejay, that makes sense about lawsuits, etc. “Fits the profile” rather than “HE IS a sociopath” is what I think we all need to keep in mind when talking to people, unless we’re qualified (snicker) to make a valid diagnosis.


My best friend keeps telling I am going to wind up this story, we are hickers/campers.


justus5……vigilance. Be vigilant.


I am trying too, I am just scared to death. I trusted him with all my heart,now I am alone fighting for my lfie. I guess trusted him because of who I was not because of who he was.


Right now, you are scared and it’s allowed – when we finally realize The Ugly Truth, it IS scary! We gave of ourselves to these Things, and they drained us dry!

But, you are not alone – you are not alone. You may feel that you are alone, but there are resources available, and you will get through this.

You trusted him because he impersonated something that he can never be. Blessings, my dear.


Again, Buttons, thank you. I finially know I am not alone because of this site. I know I am not crazy and that I am not alone.


Well for those of you that don’t get Oprah until later in the afternoon, it is worth watching.

Of course the “s” or “p” word was never mentioned. And it should have been. The ex husband was classic text book case.

The show was about domestic abuse and even more importantly when domestic abuse turns into homicide. There is an assesment test that is on Oprahs web page to take to determine how many signs are present if you or a friend are in a potentionaly violent situation.

The guest of the show was beat with a baseball bat by her ex husband, bound with duct tape, and stuffed into a garbage can, stuffed with SNOW (middle of winter) and then driven to a storage unit and left to die.

It was a chilling story.
For anyone still in a domestic situation, this show should be a wake up call.

The author of the book “the gift of fear” was also on the show.

It’s ALL about the same things we talk about here on LF. IGNORING our little voices, gut instincts, and our intuition, in the begining of a relationship. And the relationship progressing to fast in the begining.

The author of the book had a couple of really good points.

One was that: The harder a relationship is to BE IN, oftentimes the harder that relationship will be to GET OUT OF.

This woman that was beat, was only there to pick up her kids after visitation.

kim frederick

Oh, Witty, I think I’ve seen that Oprah, before…but will definately make a point of watching again. Especially for the gift of fear author. Everybody should watch it.


OMG. I just took that test linked on Ophrahs site. I tested 7 on a scale of 1-10. 1 being not violant. Says it could esculate into something critical. Not good. Scary. I got to go put those applications in.



Thanks for the Oprah alert.

He said: When referring to physical abuse…

“First time a victim…second time a volunteer…” O M G

“Its not putting blame on the victim – its a statement to make us self-aware that — If you dont recognize you being in the relationship IS A CHOICE, you wont recognizing getting out of it IS A CHOICE.

He said:


It was emotional for me to watch. I LOATHE that I didnt know then what I know now… that has to change..that has to change for generations of females (and males) to come….

kim frederick

Yes, Witty, Thanks sooo much. I too took the mosaic assesment based on the past relationship, and scored very, very high for being in REAL danger. There was an excerpt from Debeckers book after the assesment. Very, very good.
Thanks again, Wit. By the way, for anybody that missed it, I think the show will be repeated at 9.


I think there need to be Tshirt….. “ – Rat out the Spaths!”

Oh, boy….


Justus5, keep your cool – don’t let vigilance morph into fear. When we’re overwhelmed with fear, it paralyzes (it did for me, at least). I kept thinking, “What do I do if….” and I’d play that game of Who’s The Best Paranoid?

One of the things that helped me (and, still does, today) is to take one thing at a time – I love the eat a whole cow analogy. One thing at a time, one step at a time. When I’m really in a funk, I write out lists because I will lose my focus if I try to remember everything, at once.

Dani S

Hi Oxy, all good here, thank you.
I have been dating a bit but as soon as they like me I run, guess I am not ready yet. 2 years must not be not long enough! lol but I love my life now, having control of my life is beautiful and scared to let go of that.
Found out 2 days ago the extreme sportsman ex S had a boating accident. Was thrown from his ski boat at 70 mph in training and suffered a broken, arm, leg, stiches and other injuries. The poor love, my heart bleeds for his physical pain. I love Karma!
I do agree with you about the death penalty. I just wished the ones that (are guilty) would be able to never touch an innocent victum again.
Although sometime I wish my ex s would be sucked up into some vortex never too be seen again, his life on this earth is much more of a punishment for him. I just feel for all the people that come into contact with them unsuspecting.
LMAO Sarina of your titles to “Sociopath Island” very cleaver

Dani S

Today’s news thread (cut & pasted) of Des Campbell- Trial in process-

Two weeks after his new wife plunged to her death from a cliff, Des Campbell came home from a singles party to propose to his lover, a jury has been told.
A week earlier the widower had taken his lover, Gorica Velicanski, on a Townsville holiday where she photographed him lounging by the pool in his swimming trunks.
Ms Velicanski also told the jury that during their relationship Campbell did not tell her of his engagement, his subsequent marriage or of becoming a widower.
“I was in such a shock when I heard that he was married, that his wife was dead,” Ms Velicanski said in the NSW Supreme Court on Friday.
Campbell, 52, a paramedic and former soldier, has pleaded not guilty to murdering Janet Campbell, 49, by pushing her off a cliff during a camping trip at the Royal National Park, south of Sydney, on March 24, 2005
The paramedic moved in months before his wife, who moved there on March 18, just days before her death.
Ms Velicanski told the jury that Campbell repeatedly told her he loved her and she stayed overnight at the Otford house a number of times, including eight nights over the first 16 days of March.
Campbell then said he would be out of contact for weeks as he was going on a bushwalk in the Royal National Park with a friend, John from Tamworth, before going to an ambulance training course in Goulburn due to start on March 21.
She said she texted him to see how the bushwalk went, but he replied “he did not go because it was too wet”.
On March 29, five days after his wife’s death, Campbell rang her asking her on a holiday.
She said he booked the trip, staying at Jupiter’s Casino in Townsville for five days from April 1.
They went on car trips, swam in the pool and beach, went to restaurants and Campbell appeared to be “his usual self”.
However, after an argument he flew home one day earlier and on April 10 she contacted him to say she wanted to leave presents for him at Otford in the letterbox.
“He told me to go to his home, he would be back soon, he was at a singles party,” she said.
When he returned, he told her “he loves me and asked me to stay with him … he has asked me to marry him”.
Ms Velicanski said she then spent a lot of time at Otford, where there were no signs of another female having been in the house.

WHAT A “P” !


And, this Thing gets notoriety because he murdered his wife? Holy cats……

Dani S

But not the word “P” or “S” ever gets mentioned. Des Campbell apparently is just greeding! “WT”
Any wonders no one know’s what I am talking about when I talk about them and I didn’t have a clue what one was when I was married.
Thank god for LF, my sanity site 🙂

Gee I’ve been blogging my little heart out this week… hehe…feels good!


Dani, that’s what has me so pissed – these people aren’t being identified as “fitting the profile” of spath!

I’m so glad that you’re feeling great, Dani! Attagirl!!! I believe that we’ll still have Our Moments for the rest of our lives, but this site provides such a source of healing. Good for you, Dani! Brightest blessings!!!

Dani S

I am sure we will always have those moments, for me it was like coming home after war. Saw, heard and felt things that are not normal for the human pyche to deal with. I am a million times a head of where I was 2 years ago when I finally broke down and the medical team wanted me to go on Anti depressants. I refused them because for me I knew my problem wasn’t chemical it was environmental and I wanted to sit in my shit, (pardon the laungage) and deal with what I had been through without my mind being clouded. It may have taken me longer to find my happy place without taking anything but I have got there, not completeley, proberley never will be but I can smile again and thats a good start!

I remember watching CSI a couple of months ago and they said the “S” word and I got so excited! sad ha, but you just dont hear it! and we should!
My mother has a degree in Pychotherepy and she didn’t even pick my ex for a “S” It feels like we are in this secret, invisable club! and god know’s it is something everyone should know about!
We (the ones touched by them)see them everywhere now! I wish everyone else could see what we now see.
Much lv 2 u Buttons 🙂


Back at you, Dani – that’s why I think I was so compelled to send that email to Oprah’s feedback. Certainly, we can’t go around saying, “He’s a spath, and so is he. Oh, and I KNOW she is,” etc. But we most definitely can say, “He/she/it fits the profile.” I reminded the other victim of the spath “friend” yesterday that we can get into serious trouble by saying, “Well, Whatshername is a sociopath.” We’re not “qualified” to make that assessment, according to law. And, that’s so tragically comical that it just makes me shake my head: whaddaya mean we’re not qualified? Didn’t we experience precisely what they are known to do????

Brightest blessings, Dani.

Dani S

Ha ha so true!
My legal team wouldn’t even use the “S” word even when they had a signed affidavit from the Forensic Pycholigist that I saw after I left my “S” and had my concequence break down. They wouldn’t use the word because it was not signed by someone that assessed my “S”.
As if my ex “S” was going to get his own assessment done for the courts… The mind boggles!


If it weren’t so frigging tragic, it would be comical. Sheesh!


Hi Buttons.

Yes, this is exactly what is UP for me- the issue of the popular notion that brands the victim, blames the victim and holds the victim to account.

It outrages me to read that the polygamists in Texas are going to get 7 years but if I want to push the bigamist here in the old dominion, the concensus of opion is it isn’t worth my money because a man with two wives is punsuhed enough already.

There is a undercurrent of meaness in it all that outrages me.

We made decisions based on lies. We didn’t do a whole lot else than any one who wasn’t dealing with the disordered personality, but along the way we allowed them to not step up.
I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I used other insights to make my decision and ended up learning that it was a bad risk to take.

I was so very struck last night by Kathleen Hawk’s article about wounded innocence and how she could find the understanding that she brought her own weakness into the relationship. That she needed him in a reciprocal way and I come to understand that in the context of my experience. I really enjoy her writing.

And then I think to the world that judges bad women in the context of these things and it makes me angry at the deepest level. I can see bad behavior from a country mile down the road and I see it in the lazy, judging, holier than thou world of people who have NO IDEA how vulnerable anyone is.

Because everyone is.

I am in the process of deciding to be a very bad woman by keeping my wisdom to myself. The world wants to know what Oprah thinks. Well, I hope she devotes a sound bite to it, but it is no subsitute for the experience or the lessons learned from the costs of the havoc they leave behind.

And I will write to every judge who runs for office in my area.

I will go on with life. But the general opinion will always bring my blood to a boil and I figure, I can’t save ’em all.

Life has a way of overturning NEVER and the way I see it, the ones that say “Well I NEVER”, are probrably the next humble voices we will welcome here.

Because everyone who feels, everyone who has a concscience and anyone who cares is vulnerable…..

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