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Man accused of rape tries to fake insanity

The case of the “East Coast Rapist,” believed to have attacked 17 women from Virginia to Connecticut, will go to a grand jury. A court-appointed psychologist concluded that Aaron H. Thomas, 40, was feigning insanity to avoid prosecution.

Read Police: Man accused of East Coast rapes confessed, on

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Ox Drover

This guy is apparently not getting away with it though, which is good. Like if he really had an IQ as low as he tested he wouldn’t be able to tie his shoes! That’s a pretty good indication he is trying to fake things. LOL But at the same time, makes me think he is high in Pathy traits, and with the number of rapes to his “credit” I think he would qualify on the PCL-R with a score of more than 30


Feigning insanity to avoid prosecution. HA! Seems that a lot of the SLIME among us uses this approach. In fact, I noticed with ppaths, they fall back on their ‘illness’ quite a bit as justification for the horrid things they do.

Whenever they are ‘pinched’ for their unacceptable behavior, they always seem to rely upon the very illness they use to victimize their victims.

Like the “monster” who murdered my grandson, he tried to use ‘insanity’ as a defense so the state sent him to, not one, but THREE independent reviews and all three said the same thing: “He is only feigning insanity to avoid a stiffer penalty.” Remember, these people are very ‘skilled’ at getting away with the things they do. They tell psychologists and others what fits them at the moment. Whenever they need an ‘excuse’ for their bad behavior, they always end up relying upon their ‘illness’ for excuse and/or pardon, yet the whole time prior to this, they would refuse any treatment or counseling and choose to do nothing about their behavior.

I sure hope these people start getting what they deserve – there is not a one of them that should be out on the streets with our families, much less around the children.

I think you are right, Ox, he would score way up there on the scale. Fortunately, my grandsons murderer, he got what he had coming: life in prison, without the chance of parole, ever.

The ppath that has been in my life, he deserves the same thing, if only to protect the innocent.



I just came upon an old story in wiki of a guy who’s roaming free since 1986…

In 1981 he lured a french student to his appartment, shot her in the neck and then committed necrophilia and cannibalism for the days after. He was caught when trying to dump remains in a lake. His rich daddy got him a good lawyer, and he was held without a trial for 2 years, and eventually the judge decided he was “legally insane” an was to be held indefinitely in a mental institution. But then extradition back to Japan was requested, where the doctors concluded he was “sane” but “evil”. Japan couldn’t put him on trial anymore, and since 1986 he checked himself out and has been free ever since, making money on the story of his murder.


Ox Drover

YES!!!!! I have read that story and it makes me want to puke! Talk about misusing the laws! I had forgotten about this story till you brought the link up. I don’t think it is my CRS, I think I just couldn’t stand to remember it! YUK! Thanks Darwin’s mom! (smile!)


Hi Folks, While we’re on this subject of sociopath’s lying and deceiving I want to draw your attention to a good movie I plan on viewing on NETFLIX.
The movie is called: The Stoning of Soraya M.
This movie is a factual based account of a stoning that took place in Iran in 1986. The plot involves a “sociopath.” Apparently after multiple children and 20 years of marriage a sociopath decides he wants to take a teenage bride and get rid of his current wife. To do so, he accuses her of adultery.
He knows the secrets of all the town officials so he blackmails them into getting a false conviction against his wife. The end result is she get’s stoned.
I won’t tell you the ending because I don’t want to ruin it but I plan on watching it soon. One of the actresses who was interviewed said in real life the sociopath ended up leaving his village in disgrace never to return.

Ox Drover

Dear Joanie,

In a recent event in Iran a 13 year old was raped by her cousin, whose wife caught him doing it, but SHE was convicted of the crime and not him, she got preg and had a baby, and was given a 12 year sentence OR she could MARRY THE RAPIST, she chose to marry him rather than do 12 years in Prison.

A country whose laws are so skewed against women, in the name of “God” no less….makes my skin crawl. I saw that photo of the poor girl who was given in marriage to a Taliban fighter and he left her with his family who used her as a slave, she escaped and her own father wouldn’t take her back, so she got caught by her father in law and he and her husband cut her ears and nose off. I can’t even fathom having to live like that. Yet there are women iin this country who are trauma bonded into just about as bad a circumstance. Look at poor Jayce Dugard, I am sure she is not the only woman in the country living like that.

Thanks for the name of the movie, Joanie, but I’m afraid I could’t watch it, just thinking about it triggers me. ((hugs)))

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