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Man allegedly commits murder, sends body parts to politicians

Luke Rocco Magnotta, a porn actor from Montreal, allegedly murdered a man, posted a video of his actions on the Internet, and sent a severed foot and hand to Canadian political officials. Magnotta’s birth name is Eric Newman, and a family member describes him as a “ticking time bomb.” Read:

Cops: Porn actor sent foot to PM, on

Magnotta a ‘ticking time bomb’: relative, on

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Ox Drover

This man may be a psychopath and he may be mentally ill and out of touch with reality. I don’t think we can tell for sure from these news reports, but he is definitely dangerous.

It is also possible with him being a “porn star” that he might have HIV/AIDS and it has gone to his brain causing dementia.

Twice Betrayed

They caught Luka Magnotta in Berlin. Here is a video with criminal profiler Pat Brown. She says Luka is not psychotic and knows exactly what he is doing.


i have, unfortunately, been following this case, as I am monitoring media for my work.

here’s some more:

if my spath had been physically violent…. her m.o. is all over this.

given all the articles i have read, i will wade in with: he’s a spath. he’s sick and twisted, grandiose, will f*** anything that moves, manipulative, and set this whole thing up to give himself MAXIMUM media exposure.


Having lived in Montreal a couple of years back, I followed this case closely and watched videos of several interviews of him. One was him trying out for a model “reality” show and the other him interviewed about being an escort. I also looked at his personal website, which is still up.

I go with psychopath, mostly complicated by a drug addiction. Just from what we know about him, he scores highly on the Hare Scale and from the interviews (and photographs on his website), I came away with the distinct impression his is stuck on himself.

In addition, he clearly has a parasitic lifestyle and many not actually be gay; rather, he was selling himself instead of working hard towards something.

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