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Man bravely tells story of child abuse and domestic violence

Waqas Jilani, a Lovefraud reader, is a survivor of both child abuse and domestic violence. From personal experience, he knows that the abuse he endured as a child made him susceptible to further victimization as an adult. He bravely tells his story:

Victim shares tale of child abuse, domestic violence, on


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I have actually started reading a book that was reviewed some time ago on this site- Alice Miller’s The Truth Will Set You Free.

The topic of this brought tears to my eyes. It clicked, many more pieces of the puzzle found. Though I never really suffered any “abuse” or massive “trauma” as a child that I recall, I do know I was raised by a family that guilted me into things. I love my family, don’t get me wrong. My mother would use guilt tactics and fear tactics to get us to behave as children. I wouldn’t dare act out because I was afraid my mom would get mad or I would disappoint her. I now see that I react like that in 90% of any social interactions to this day. It is a big reason why I reacted to the spath the way I did. My mind and body have been conditioned to react that way since I was a child. A source of defense from the stress of displeasing someone. It’s not that it was directly “harmful” to me, but it has negatively impacted my life. I know my mom didn’t mean any ill doing by it, she was just raised to think that a strick parent will raise a good addition to society. Will continue reading but it really has opened my eyes.

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