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Man ‘can’t afford’ $38 million divorce settlement, but spends millions on new wife

Todd Kozel

Todd Kozel

Ashley Kozel says her ex-husband, former Gulf Keystone Petroleum CEO Todd Kozel, 48, hasn’t paid their $38 million divorce settlement.

In a lawsuit, she says Todd Kozel “uses a sophisticated chain of offshore entities to shield his assets from the reach of creditors, such as his former wife.”

Ashley Kozel accuses her ex of spending thousands of dollars on clothes and vacations for his new wife, a 29-year-old blonde from Lithuania.

A judge has just granted Ashley Kozel access to her ex-husband’s $12.7 million Manhattan apartment.

‘My ex is showering his new wife with my money!’, on

Socialite sues for Chelsea pad after playboy ex ‘refuses’ to pay $38 million settlement, on


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“Last week a Manhattan judge also gave Ashley Kozel permission to grill Inga on the witness stand after Todd Kozel claimed to have leased her the $12.7 million Manhattan apartment.”

He sounds like a spath. Sounds like the ex is continuing to be victimized through triangulation. It’s probably not that good for her mental health to get embroiled in the details of the apt he sees his other/new women in. Would be best to have someone else put his stuff in storage and then sell the apt.

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