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Man convinces women to molest their kids online

Steven Demink, from the Detroit area, is accused of convincing three women that he met online to molest their own children. Demink is in jail and the women are being prosecuted.

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Ox Drover


I don’t know if anyone else remembers the case I think it was Dateline or 20/20 that did the expose on it but a man posing as a police officer called the manager of a fast food place and instructed the man to disrobe and SEARCH (abuse actually) a young female employee who the “cop” said was a thief. There was a video camera there and the perp was watching.

The manager did as the “cop” on the phone instructed him, the young woman was terrorized and it was just “unbelievable” what someone did following phone instructions from “authority.” (that they didn’t even know!)

Psychological research has repeatedly shown that people will most often follow “instructions from authority” even if what they are doing is painful to the party to which they are doing it. We are programmed to follow instructions of those “above” us—-

Just as the lower ranks in the Nazi war camps I am sure were probably mostly NOT psychopaths, they followed the instructions of their superiors and did things that before they were put in that position they would not have even dreamed of doing to another human being.

It is not to hold these women guiltless for what they did to their children, because they did those things, however, I do have a belief that the “salesman” (psychopath) who SOLD these women a load of shame, wrapped up in a load of lies and deception is the one most to blame for this horror against these children.

While most psychopaths are not to the extent this one is, in getting their victims to participate in crimes such as these, they do twist our moral compasses to some extent even in the most benign frauds, but even if they trauma bond us into participating in criminal activities that leave us “guilty” of crimes for which we may go to prison, it doesn’t absolve us of participation in those crimes.

Patty Hearst is a good example of a Stockholm Syndrome victim who participated in a crime (bank robbery) for which she was put in prison though she was CLEARLY a victim of Stockholm Syndrome after her kidnapping.

Most people who are victimized into participating in criminal activity by a psychopath are not fortunate enough to have been nationally labeled as a kidnapping victim prior to their crime, nor to have a supportive family with plenty of money to hire good attorneys after the fact—so Patty had some advantages most of us don’t.

There is a case up now where a woman bound her husband and stabbed him 200+ times…she says he was abusive to her, and there seems to be some evidence that he was….so is she guilty of murder or not? How much if any of her crime was precipitated by abuse? Was SHE the abuser or was the husband? Did he “deserve” what he got?

And of course, the old question of “IF IT WAS SO BAD, WHY DIDN’T SHE JUST LEAVE” instead of killing him?

Was theirs a relationship of TWO disordered people in a “gasoline and fire” relationship that was bound from the first to explode into violence or murder?”

The more I know about all this, the more I know I don’t know much. More questions and less answers–the only thing I DO know for sure is that disordered people are dangerous to our physical and mental health and we need to learn to keep AWAY from people who are disordered/dysfunctional before they gaslight us to convince us that black is white, and white is black, and that they are the answer to all our needs. We must learn to spot the predators and RUN!!!! STAY AWAY!!!!

Ox Drover

Here’s the link to the article on CNN about the woman on trial for stabbing her husband 200+ times.

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