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Man dumps his wife’s body, prosecutor calls him a sociopath

Steven Blaylock of Oregon was prosecuted for his wife’s murder. At his sentencing, he calmly told the court what he did with her body.

Read Steven Blaylock, Oregon man, tells of dumping wife’s body, stuns court, on

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Ox Drover

I agree that the man is a psycho/socio-path because he tried to act like dumping his wife’s body in the river was WHAT SHE WANTED, that he was HONORING HER….and he DID NOT GET IT that other people wouldn’t think he had done a “good thing” by doing what she wanted with her body AFTER HE KILLED HER. Psychopaths just do NOT GET IT–as Hare so correctly says they can memorize the words, but they don’t get the music.


Wow, that is CHILLING…


The trial has been going on for a year and the above link has many more links to reports about the trial.

From those links I would say it is classic spath that he “blamed the victim” and slandered her.

He says she was a violent drunk who abused him and he killed her in self defense.

I propose that he had likely planned to kill her earlier since he had been slandering her and telling people that she caused his black eyes and scratches for months before her death.

His statement about feeding the fish, is only the latest in his attempt to paint himself as altruistic in motive. Being as shallow as he is, he can’t comprehend how ridiculous he sounds.

They had only been married 15 months. The honeymoon was over and she had begun to see who he really was. But she had money so he didn’t want to let that go.


Another disturbing psycho/socio-path for sure!! So creepy!

Ox Drover

Here is another link to another murderer just about as much a psychopath, notice that he pleads with his new GF to stand by him. LOL

They just don’t “get it” that murder is not OK or that others will see that what they did is “justified” or “good” DUH!!!!

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