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Man fakes Special Forces credentials to teach classes at FBI

William G. Hillar claimed Special Forces experience in multiple exotic countries. He claimed to be an expert in human trafficking, saying the movie Taken, starring Liam Neeson, was based on his life. Law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, hired him to present classes and training.

Hillar was never in the Special Forces, and has pleaded guilty to wire fraud.

Read Former Monterey institute instructor Hillar pleads guilty to fraud on

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Ox Drover

So he pays back the money they paid to him and does 500 hours cleaning a grave yard….AND WHY NO JAIL TIME?????

Wow, if the military lets this guy get by with it for 12 years….sheesh!

Do they not do any kind of back ground check on instructors? Apparently not.

Wonder if they will actually make him pay the money he was ordered to repay or if he already has it all hidden away or spent?

Sheesh! Really makes me have confidence in our government.


I am a little surprised at this outcome. The American government usually doesn’t put up with this sort of misrepresentation.

Ox Drover

Since when, One/Joy? Of course they do of course WE do (the American Public) Even our P presidents lie through their teeth, I quote Bill Clinton “I did NOT have sex with that WOMAN, Ms. Lewinsky!” (spelling?) LOL ROTFLMAO Of course he did! How about Prez Tricky Dicky Nixon “I AM NOT A CROOK!” LOL

I’m actually more surprised that they didn’t just sort of shovel it under the rug and hush it up instead of making it public knowledge.

I still think he should have done a 5 year prison sentence though…or maybe 12 years, one for each year of faking it.


The Military and SF are 2 different communities. I am in the Army and know for a fact the people who ousted this man were the men of Special Forces otherwise knows as Qp’s. current and retired. If he never serves time, believe me the QP’s have made sure this man never gets a job like the one he had before. He will never be able to claim that he was
a Soldier of any war. I have tuned in my own military poser.
and know that SF Community know of him and will make sure life for them both will be very hard to live. I am glad this website is here so we can post the socipaths or pyshopaths or whatever it is they are.

It’s amazing how this man got away with this. I talked to the FBI over 5 times about helping me with my situation of this man who conned me out of everything and they were rude and didn’t want to help me and said it was civil when it’s not. So I guess this really doesn’t surprise me because they seem to side with the criminal.


Oxy – what i meant was, that i thought the US government went after people who fake military service.

Ox Drover

There was a law passed about doing just that and that fake war heroes were prosecuted, but the law was overturned as A violation of “freedom of speech”—DUH!!! Nope, not any more they don’t unless there is fraud like getting a pension or something like that. Just saying you are a hero and getting others to believe it…it’s ‘JUST A LIE” and that’s okay. UGH!!!!!!


I went to the FBI several times too.
First I called them because my spath was using a homeland security officer (a different one from my trojan horse BIL) to try to scam me from my business. Then I called several times more because I knew the local cops were involved and I was afraid of them. Then I went to their office 2 times to let them hear recordings of my spath threatening me and I told them how he kills people by making it look like accidents in aircraft. They just told me I sounded crazy. I DO sound crazy don’t you think?

But the FBI did come in handy one time.
I drove onto the island where my house is and the spath saw me drive through the nearby town. So he called his buddies on the police force to harass me. I saw the cop car parked on the highway leading to my house but when I passed him he couldn’t get in behind me because I was in the middle of a long line of cars. He pulled in 2 cars behind. I was freaking out. Then I made a right turn into a neighborhood with no other outlet. Luckily the car in front and behind me also turned into that neighborhood. The cop also turned in, but he didn’t follow. Instead he parked at the entrance. I thought I would wait him out but I could see he wasn’t going anywhere, and I was tired and hungry. So I drove around to see if I could find help. I saw a cop car from a different county parked in a driveway so I thought, “YES! he’ll help me when I explain.” But when I knocked on the door, nobody answered. I sat in front of the house for what seemed like forever and then I decided to call the FBI again. The same guy kept answering so he kind of knew me but didn’t believe me, he kept telling me to go to the police. WTF?

Suddenly, the door opens and the cop comes out of the house. I told the FBI agent, “Oh good, here comes the snohomish county deputy, he can help me.” When the cop approached me, I asked if he was a snohomish county deputy and he very sarcastically pointed to his logo on the car and slowly read it to me. When I said I needed help, he started to RAGE at me, screaming at me to get off his property. I asked the FBI agent if he heard, and he said, “yes, let me speak with him.” So I said to the cop, “I have the FBI on the phone and they want to speak with you.” I held out my phone to the cop.

He turned around and ran into the house and slammed the door. I reported this to the FBI and asked if he would stay on the phone and perform the same miracle when I try to exit the neighborhood. He agreed. But when I got to the exit, the other cop was gone too.

So the FBI helped but I’m not going to give them the crediit because prior to calling them, I prayed fervently to St. Michael and I know that’s who saved me.

Seriously…There seems to be sooo many of us..the victims of these spaths..Cant we all meet in Washington D.C. and get some rights here against these satanic monsters…Lets come up with some law changes and go there and fight. I feel I have no civil human rights as many of us have seem to lose…and we should take action! I am so tired of being on the recieving end of this hell…while the Spath walks around like his SH..T is ice cream…paying for useless attorneys in front of Judges that dont want to bother seeing the whole picture of the reality of a psychopath..Come! Enough!! Lets be heard!!

Ox Drover

Bopeep, I sure wish we could have a convention and every one who has ever been victimized by a psychopath would show up…I’m afraid though it would be 96-8% of the population of the US—-it is just that most people don’t “get what hit them.” (the other 2-4% of the population ARE the abusers so they couldn’t come!)


oxy – i keep planning one in my mind. there is no reason we couldn’t at least do a lf convention. we would need 2 years to plan i think, as we would have to fund raise. the greatest cost would be bursaries to get everyone to the conference and put them up. Food is the other major cost.

I think it would have to held be in the US over two days, which would make it harder for ME to organize. πŸ™‚

Each lovefraud writer could do a couple of workshops
We could have talking circles for a number of topics (based on the 12 step model – that’s something 12 step progams do really well)
Exercise breaks
Good healthy simple food
facilitated trust workshops
a body work area
a late night moon party.
….and a crying room.

just some ideas.


we would need security also…aka ‘the troll patrol’. each one armed with a pocket full of grey rocks and a holster with two potted spath plants in them.


kim frederick

Onejoy, Wouldn’t that be great. Imagine…all of the walking wounded assembled in one place…with one agenda….healing!


I’m not sure if that would be my agenda, I might organize a revenge mob! πŸ˜›

BTW did you see my post about “tripping” the other day?


One – Loving this idea. Can you have a whip round for my air fare. A grand should do it!

Over here we have a bring and share arrangement or parties although if I get peckish on the plane I might have to eat my plate of food!

I like the ‘body work’ idea. My body needs a lot of work! These days I put my make-up on with a trowel!

‘Late night party’ I think we would all be tucked up in bed with cocoa by 10pm under Ox’s supervision!

We’re gonna need a BIG venue:)


Kim – i have made it through 12 step conventions. πŸ™‚

Sky – hehe…don’t get ME started. workshops on remedial torture and cyber hacking, information gathering strategy, assassination through taxation, how to use a lawyer to vex a spath…..

Ox Drover

Dear One/Joy\

A while before you came we had a “fantasy” LF convention…we planned how we would organize it and we would have it here at the farm….and for entertainment we would lhave a chorus line, and we would wear yellow and black tu-tus, hip wader rubber black boots, and I can’t remember what the hats were all like and we would sing and dance to entertain everyone. LOL It was a running joke for a while…but actually we really DID want to have a LF convention.

Donna may do one some time and I am sure she would love to have your (or anyone!s) help but I think she would want to have it in The NE where she lives. (I am centrally located in US) the problem with a lot of the convention theme is that most of us are so poor we could never get there—much less pay for child care, housing, etc. plus a fee to cover cost of the hotel meeting rooms etc. The people who NEED such a convention the worst are the least able to pay to get to one. Isn’t that a hound dog that won’t hunt? LOL

One of the things I think that EACH of us (as a group and as individuals) could look at doing would be to get a LOCAL GROUP of some kind for recovery and healing going. It might be one of those things that we could work with Donna and sort of maybe “Franchise” in some way (not as a profit making franchise like McDonald’s) but use the SAME format in each group sort of like AA does no matter where it is located in the US.

Many churches or other civic organizations might be willing to donate meeting space for a group and sometimes local advertising can be done free or low cost…there is also possibly grants that might be available as a larger national “organization” were formed.

Maybe you could look at getting a group together in your area One of survivors of abuse—or join a group of DV abusers or some times there are groups for enablers (find a group to fit your own neurosis! LOL) I could have a different meeting every night! LOL

One time I went to a “stop smoking” support group and people were talking how they were using alcohol and Xanax to curb their desire to smoke! That is I think sort of like killing a mosquito with a shot gun! LOL May kill the bug but blows holes in the walls of the house! LOL


Candy – you are right, we will need a BIG venue, and for some reason I keep seeing this HUGE room with some chairs, but lots of mats and pillows, and little areas for different circles and workshops; very informal, open concept and fluid.

and i think we need make art and sing.

and do some fun ‘word association games’ ie I yell stupid, and you yell ‘spath!’, i yell evil, and you yell, ‘spath!’…well, you get the idea. πŸ™‚

….AND we need standup comedy at the moon party. I’d put Eva on the list of possible entertainers.

…okay, back to work. πŸ™‚


hi oxy – i want a lovefruad convention, not a group that focuses on other issues.

thing is, i really could organize it.


Brilliant One ((and Ox) How about a panto? SPATH’S BEHIND YOU. OH NO HE’S/SHE’S NOT! OH YESSSSSS HE/SHE IS. (((((((((((LAUGHING)))))))))))

We could have a photo swop. Show me yours and I’ll show you mine! We might have more (spaths) in common than we think.

We could do a spin off of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ – ‘pin the lie on the spath!’


yes it would serve so many functions. Besides offering support to each other, I think the most value would be in the media attention it would get. A march on Washington by all the people who have ever had to survive a spath, could be huge.


make it a cruise πŸ™‚


don’t give me ideas….
how about we each invite a spath and throw them overboard in shark infested waters?

Ox Drover

Guys, we had so much fun with “planning” this fantasy event when we “planned” it before. We would stay up all night on Friday and Saturday night (no dates!) and make up songs to sing, and envision this chorus line of the bumble-bee tu-tus and big rubber thigh high wader boots! LOL

I was going to be one of the stand up comics, but I think EVA would be a great one.

We could also play “guess my screen name” wouldn’t that be a hoot! NO ONE would figure out who I was until I started talking then everyone would know me (not by the sound of my voice but because of the way I talk—just like I write! LOL)

Yea, ONE it would be WONDERFUL to have a big LF convention and get to meet all of our friends in the flesh! To exchange real in the flesh hugs and laugh and cry together!!!!! It would be wonderful to march on Washington and the Supreme Court and say HEY, QUIT GIVING ALL THE BREAKS TO THE CROOKS, AND GIVE SOME TO THE VICTIMS!!! Keep those psychopaths in prison where they can’t hurt people on the street, they can’t rape more kids or beat more spouses or kill some one else. Throw away the key!!!!


Can I bring my wiener’s?

lesson learned


This made my day!



The lovefraud convention could be held in Kansas. The center of the US. That way the “coast” folks would only have to go half way across from either coast. And because we’re not in Kansas anymore Dorothy.

Ox Drover

Ana, Yep, we are NOT in Kansas any more!!!!!

Hens, of course you can bring your weiners, wouldn’t ahve it any other way!!! As long as I can bring my JACK ASSES!!!!


btw I am a friend of Dorothy’s….


Howd ya get hooked up with that chick?

Well, if you’re bringing the wieners and Oxy’s bringing her asses, I guess I’ll bring my cats, Anthony and Lily.


back in the olden days, it was a secret way of asking or telling someone if they were gay..Are you a friend of Dorothy’s? or I am a friend of Dorothys…I bet the young gay’s these days have never heard that term…ya know Judy Garland had a huge gay fan base – so if a guy loved Judy – well thats the best i can explain it….I have not heard anyone say that in decades – my mind is twisted…I bet Matt would know what I am talkin about…


Ooohh, now I get it. Your mind is NOT twisted! My friend from high school was gay. We remained friends until he passed away in 2003. My God sometimes I miss him so much! He liked Boston Terriers and had two of them-he lived in SF…oh I’m ramblin’ now.

Ox Drover

Henry, I didn’t know that about “Dorthy”—does that mean I’m gay, cause I LOVE JUDY and the Wizard of Oz. You are older’n dirt and I am older’n you so what does that make ME!!!!

Yea, everyone bring your kitty cats and doggies and asses, and chickens and Aussie girl can bring her sheep and we’ll have a mutton stew! LOL Na, just kidding! But STAR leave your 6 ft snakes in their cages if you bring them!!!


Ana I lost a dear friend about ten years ago, and that is how I got my wiener ‘Harley’ I snuck Harley home with me when my friend was unable to care for him, Harley has been my rock…


Animals are the BEST!


I forgot to say sorry for the loss of your dear friend. You sound like a true friend for taking care of his doggie! One of my friends neighbors took both his dogs. Maybe it feels like part of him is still with you because you have his dog? I would think so.


Oxy, weren’t we also going to give you a gold plated honorary skillet at this LF gathering? We’ve been talking about this for years. I think we should do it. And I like the idea of guessing who everyone is. You will all know who I am – I’ll be the one with the 6 foot snake draped over my shoulder. Oxy, would you bring your lazy ass to the convention? *snicker snicker*


Ana Thanks for that. Harley’s daddy was a sweet man, everybody loved him, he looked just like Burt Reynolds, when we went to mexico people would ask for his autograph~! We had a wonderful friendship and I miss him so much, just like you miss your friend..and yes Harley is my connection to him still…My friend got dementia a few years before he died and that was a living hell for him and me….yes he died of aids and all his friends and family that he wined and dined and intertained for years abandoned him…even his gay friends, I took care of him till the day he went into nursing home and then his family swooped in and took all his belongings and never thanked me for what I did….but I didnt need their thanx…he would of done the same for me……

Ox Drover

Yea, Star! I think I was gonna get a gold plated skillet and Hens was going to wear a felt hat shaped like a skillet on top of his flat head (where I had boinked him so much for being hard on himself) I don’t have to hit Hens much any more, he’s pretty well got his chit together and not being too hard on himself.

Hens, the things that we do for the people we truly love are GIFTS that we give to them and to ourselves…there is no repayment necessary. The PARASITES that swoop in to gather at a grave to pick up the money or the things…those people don’t have anything important—only STUFF and stuff is NOT important. Who takes a U-Haul to the graveyard for their stuff. The ONLY thing we can take to the graveyard with us is the love that people have for us and the love that we shared with them.

Bill Gates won’t have more “stuff” at his grave than I will, no matter how big his tombstone is. Money cannot buy the love of a friend or the love of a dog even.

You are the kind of friend who is fortunate to have shared that friendship with someone else who cared for you. He may be gone now, and eventually Harley will join him, but you know the LOVE THAT YOU ALL SHARED IS FOREVER. It never goes away.

I’ve been thinking a lot today about my X-best friend, and I wrote on another thread about our relationship. Even though we are no longer “best friends” and she is in pain and our friendship is over, I still ahve wonderful memories of the times we shared and even though it is “life” that has separated us not “death” still there are some wonderful memories. Just like my husband and I still have some connections that even though he is gone, as long as I remember, we still share those things.

Even my P-son, back when he was my son, that cute little boy, I still remember with great fondness those fun things we did. I still have that and no one and nothing is going to take it away from me. At first when we lose these people from our lives we grieve, but hopefully we will get to a point that we can fondly remember those good times and not just the loss.

We are fortunate to have HAD that kind of friendship, and fortunate to have BEEN the kind of friends that we were to them. That we are to them.

The time I spent with my step father those last 18 months were “rough” taking care of him, but I am SO GLAD I HAD THE HONOR TO HAVE BEEN THERE FOR HIM…he would have done for me….and he did for me when I was a kid, not his kid, but he made me his own. That’s really special. You are fortunate and so is your friend. Remember him fondly and with JOY! He isn’t suffering any more. ((((hugs)))


Hens, he was so lucky to have a friend like you. We all should be so lucky.


thanks…I have lost a few good people in my life – death is the kindest way to lose a friend or loved one…I have memories of my friend that still make me laugh out loud..we laughed alot – I am fortunate to have known him..pumpkin time for me..gnite


I am not joking. I took two classes from him. I took US Tactical Counter-Terrorism and Sex Trafficking.

You know what the weirdest part about this is? In person, like you might guess, he seemed like the most genuine and concerned guy. I knew him quite well, but oh the stories! The campus was always abuzz with his stories and his classes were always fully booked.

He gave me an A in both classes πŸ™‚

By the way, do you want to know what the final project was for the US Tactical Counter Terrorism class? We had to get into groups and think of the most destructive terrorist attack we could commit with just $500 and then present our attack to the class.

This news is shocking in part because his classes were so much fun.


Get your money back. Not kidding. The institute should have investigated the people they hire to teach you.

I wonder if they are getting any money from him themselves?

I am sure they have been overwhelmed with students demanding refunds. It will bankrupt the school. I do agree that they should have investigated him. Absolutely. But I also feel bad for the school because they got conned, and if they refunded every student who took a class from him, they would go under financially I think. They got conned, too.

Although you have a good point, and I could sure use that money right about now. I’m gonna sleep on that.

It’s 12.34am here! Goodnight! Soo sweepy.

Ox Drover

Panther, I agree, get your money back….get a copy of the articles about him, and then contact the school, enclosing a copy of the articles…request your money back and if that doesn’t work, then go to the state agency that supervises them and request that THEY make the school refund the money.

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