Man fakes Special Forces credentials to teach classes at FBI

William G. Hillar claimed Special Forces experience in multiple exotic countries. He claimed to be an expert in human trafficking, saying the movie Taken, starring Liam Neeson, was based on his life. Law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, hired him to present classes and training.

Hillar was never in the Special Forces, and has pleaded guilty to wire fraud.

Read Former Monterey institute instructor Hillar pleads guilty to fraud on MontereyHerald.com.

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I wonder if they are getting any money from him themselves?

I am sure they have been overwhelmed with students demanding refunds. It will bankrupt the school. I do agree that they should have investigated him. Absolutely. But I also feel bad for the school because they got conned, and if they refunded every student who took a class from him, they would go under financially I think. They got conned, too.

Although you have a good point, and I could sure use that money right about now. I’m gonna sleep on that.

It’s 12.34am here! Goodnight! Soo sweepy.

Panther, I agree, get your money back….get a copy of the articles about him, and then contact the school, enclosing a copy of the articles…request your money back and if that doesn’t work, then go to the state agency that supervises them and request that THEY make the school refund the money.

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