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Man hijacks dead war hero’s photos on Facebook

At least two women fell hard for the amazingly handsome Army Ranger based on his photos posted on Facebook. Unfortunately, the Ranger had already been killed in Afghanistan, and some lowlife used pictures stolen from his memorial website to seduce them.

Read Man uses dead Army hero’s photo to woo women online on

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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well, this is the kind of crap my lysing sack of crap evil c spath pulls…ad naseum. She particularly likes pretending to be a guy, er, rather, guys.

super chic

He sounds like a disgusting miserable psycho pig.
I hope the FBI does go after him.


He must be butt fugly in real life. There are some guy’s with profile’s in gay dot com that have been 40 for the past twenty years with photos of themselve’s when they were 30. How is it that they can stay 40 and I jus keep getting older?


hey hens, i know where ya find get a whole whack of photos of a really nice looking young gay man for a profile! only slightly used (to fuck me over).


Do what?

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