Man jailed for manipulating young women into cybersex

Ryan Earl McCann, 20, of Ontario, Canada, convinced almost two dozen young women and girls to perform degrading sexual acts in front of a webcam. He was sentenced to eight years in prison last week.

Read Webcam sexual ‘puppeteer’ jailed for eight years on MontrealGazette.com.

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Guards who smuggled in phones in Texas and Arkansas have been charged with felonies as the inmates also use them to cordinate escapes. My P-son had a flaming affair with a female major, we met her in the visitation room and she and he were sending “sparks” across the room by looking at each other. I can’t believe other guards didn’t know.

Federal prisons which in minimum security are CO ED for both inmates and guards had a pretty big problem with female inmates and male guards. The guards were prosecuted in federal prison for felonies if it was proven. Can be prosecuted in state prison as well since the guard has “custody” or “supervison” over the inmate and the inmate therefore is under their CONTROL and can’t “say no” without being subjected to punishment.

There was a civilian prison secretary in Texas a couple of years agowho was suposedly murdered in a “murder/suicide” by an inmate she was having an affair with, but there was skuttlebutt that she was also having an affair with another officer who may have killed both her and the inmate.

There is no way contraband can be totally kept out of prisons even if there was 100% lock down in solitary–look at the “quality” of the people mostly hired for guards, many of them are psychopaths to start with and they are guarding psychopaths so WHO follows the rules? Inmates? Guards?

As someone said above, Dangerous Offender status is very difficult to get in Canada.

Somehow I think I there isn’t much chance of detaining this guy with this label, if we couldn’t even manage to make Karla Homolka a Dangerous Offender after sadistically killing 3 women (including her own sister) and torturing 3 others. Far from labelling her a Dangerous Offender, our federal government had to rush through legislation recently to avoid giving her a full Pardon (which she’d applied for and was very closing to receiving had it not been for the quick legislative change)!!!!!!

She’s gone on after her release from prison to have a child (don’t get me started) and has received federal support to help her hide in plain sight and “re-integrate” into society – at taxpayer cost. Absolutely disgusting.

Thank the court systems in our country and other countries for not throwing the book at these predators and making them do hard labor during their incarceration. Hey, all these fluffy sentences handed down … so other predators still walking free see this and laugh, knowing … big deal what they do, if they get caught, they get a nice clean cell and 3 square meals a day plus all the laws today are written for them, not us.

Stop voting for the bleeding hearts STUPIDAS jellyfishes, spineless weaklings into our system. Vote people who have a backbone.

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