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Man jailed for manipulating young women into cybersex

Ryan Earl McCann, 20, of Ontario, Canada, convinced almost two dozen young women and girls to perform degrading sexual acts in front of a webcam. He was sentenced to eight years in prison last week.

Read Webcam sexual ‘puppeteer’ jailed for eight years on

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Elizabeth Conley

It’s disturbing to think that this predator understands the psyches of young women very, very well, and he uses what he knows to devastate them.

I guess this is part of the pattern so many victims experience. Sociopaths do understand people, they just don’t care about people.


THANK HEAVENS they managed to catch and clink him!


Oh, boy……….eight and out? That gives him just enough time to really get irritated and develop creative ways to shut his victims up, rather than leave them capable of ratting him out, again.

No, no…….when this guy gets out, he’ll do his NEXT victims in, for good. (slapping forehead) A predator is a predator, especially a sexual predator! He’ll be in his jail cell talking with other criminals about his deeds and new fantasies. That’s all there is to do in prison…….spin bullshit.

Godalmighty. This pisses me off.


Gosh, Donna, I sure hope so…….


Good post, Donna..I read the article on this guy and found it interesting that they use the word “prophetic” when discribing his capability to manipulate others. He definitely fits into a certain category of personality disorders and I’m just hoping they find a way to keep him in prison for a long, long time. It was heart wrenching to read about his victims and the fear they had of him. He is scum!

Ox Drover

It noted he had no remorse so maybe he will be locked up longer, but I saw only one mention of him having two of the girls perform ON HIM, I hope that is enough for the law to realize he will PHYSICALLY harm women/girls as well as “only” emotionally harm women. I don’t think most courts really get it on the “only emoltional” harm.

This is the VERY kind of predator who has a SYSTEM worked out, like that Rodney guy that took photos of Liane and hundreds of other girls, I don’t think he is going to get out of prison and NOT reoffend. I don’t think it is possible he won’t.

kim frederick

He’s only 20, and probably fairly good looking….hope those hardened criminals take good care of him in there and give him a taste of his own medicine…takin’ it up the wahooooooo.

kim frederick

Hi One-step. I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling so bad. Wish I could make it go away!


sorry, this is poorly written – but interesting:

it’s not easy to ‘get’ the dangerous offender label in canada…and here’s a cluster b figuring out how to use it to her advantage. sigh..can’t live with them, can’t kill them with impunity.


kim ty 🙂 me too.


Isn’t ANY violent offender “dangerous?” (blink)

Sure, there will be a tiny handful who actually take responsibility for their crimes and make drastic changes to avoid doing them, again. But, the propensity for violence will ALWLAYS remain. It was an adrenaline rush. It was a sexual stimulus. It provided a feeling of Absolute Control.



buttons – yes, but this is a legaling binding designation which affects a prisoners sentencing and ‘rights.’

and they tried sending criminals to an island once before…didn’t work. it’s a popular tourist destination now, known as Australia.

peace out.


i read that you aren’t feeling too well.
sending hugs and prayers!


Offender “rights” is something that goes all over me like a fungus. Once a person has committed a violent crime and has been found guilty, beyond all reasonable doubt, they have forfeited their “rights.”

Yes, yes, yes, the argument that there are many innocents in prison is valid, but human beings are not perfect, there’s no such thing as Utopia, and the Easter Bunny was run down by a speeding Mack truck.

Life isn’t perfect, but things seem to be so permissable, anymore, because of one excuse or another.

Ox Drover

If you go back and look at the HISTORY OF INCARCERATION, you will see that it is SUPPOSED in our times to have two pourposes. 1: to protect society by keeping dangerous people out of free society and 2: to “rehabilit6ate” those people so that they can be returned safely to society.

The first part works. While those people are locked up they are not committing crimes on society at large (most of the time!)

The second part, “rehabiloitation” accomplished by teaching them a trade with which they can make a livingn with when they get out, usually welding or sometimes classes that are college level, or even to read and write if they could not do so when they were incarcerated, and teaching them “right from wrong” and supposedly being unpleasant enough in prison that they do not want to go back (making them fear prison). That part doesn’t work real welol as the rate of previous inmates being returned to prison is quite high.

Recidivism varies by catagories of crime committed, age at incarceration, length of incarceration, mental and physical health problems if diagnosed and/or treated.

Since the Reagan era when many people with severe mental health issues that rendered them unable to cope with society at large were turned “loose” unsupervised end up now, in prison where their mental health issues are poorly addressed (to say the least) Upon release they have little if any outside support either from family or the communnity.

There have been many cuts in inmate “education” and “improivement” programs in the last few years due to cost to run these programs so it is getting harder and harder to educate and “help” prisoners inside.

There are some volunteer religious groups inside that I am acquainted with, that have only a 10% recidivism rate for their “graduates” vs a 70% rate for the gen-pop.

Since it is known though (stastistically) that the 20 or so % of inmates that are psychopaths committ about 80% of the VIOLENT and repeat crime done by the entire inmate population, I think if all inmates could be SCREENED and diagnosed PROFESSIONALLY, so that that group of inmates were less likely to receive early parole or early release in cases of over crowding, that would at least accomplish number 1—keep them off the streets longer. Allow the limited educational and retraining monies and resources to be more focued on those inmates who were say a 10 or below on the PCLR.

Use more GPS monitors on the Ps when they ARE released (for life) so that their whereabouts can be tracked at least. With the inmate being forced to pay all costs of this service or go back to prison.

I could come up with some more revisions but I doubt the ACLU would go along with them. Branding being only one! LOL

I*’m gone to town guys. See ya when ever! have a good day!


Reading this news article about Ryan McCann, I really felt bad for those poor girls. When you’re young, you can get manipulated so easily if your self esteem is low, or someone complements you and makes you feel special. It’s all part of their pathetic game.

My husband did this to me once, taped me, I didn’t feel good about it and have since destroyed the tape. But he used manipulation to get me to do it. Pisses me off as I’m thinking about it. I had no idea how low I had sunk. Don’t know what those Hollywood types are thinking when they make sex tapes. Narcissism, I don’t know. I certainly felt a bad, yucky, feeling in my stomac when I did it. Gross…



you say:

It was an adrenaline rush. It was a sexual stimulus. It provided a feeling of Absolute Control.


I fear the sexual internet pornography world is where the P will thrive by getting their intrigues, power over others, dominance, control…so while I read this, inside I know that is where they will be why? because there is still a taboo, a politeness, a gap where they will jump in and exploit.

We (empathic moral human beings) are not comfortable discussing pornography, watching it, experiencing it, and knowing it….so where there is no “consciousness” there you will find the psychopath

I listen to the teenagers in school talk about what’s the norm these days and it is alarming how it has escalated into perversion. Add a psychopath and you have a real hotbed of torture and misery.

My heart goes out to young women especially, it’s terrible what they are expected to navigate through-
Webcams, youth, vulnerability, pornography, seduction, manipulation, lies, internet, mistakes, fear…


he will not serve 8 years: ‘With two-for-one credit for 13 months of time served, he now has five years and 10 months of his sentence to serve.’

he will serve LESS THAN 6 YEARS post sentencing – he has spent 13 months awaiting trial, and this stupid 2 for 1 credit means his jail time so far will count as 26 months.


it seems that the real punishment is reserved for us…..



it was not your fault I am guessing, he manipulated and connived and you ended up in a “mistake” I forgive you!!!! so forgive yourself….we are sexual, we are curious and of course we will fall into mistake making as we mature into wiser people. You had all the “feelings” the “redFlags” so rejoice in the knowledge you can “sense” when something is gross or not…please do not hate yourself, love yourself more. Total respect to you.


Closing arguments going on now. Link below.
Defense is talking about DNA.



Thank you for the message about forgiveness. It will take time to process the whole marriage and the unhealthly parts of it. Learning to forgive my mistakes will help with the healing.

Certain messages trigger certain memories which I hadn’t even thought about in a long while.

He blamed me for so much. Told me how he was happy and why couldn’t I be? Like there was something wrong with me because I wasn’t ok with the status quo. He was happy because he could manipulate and control me. That is why this story is a trigger, those girls must feel so horrible about their ordeal.

I feel stronger, asked my attorney to get a subpeona of his phone records because he’s telling our newest psychologist a bunch o’crap and I won’t take it anymore. He is at least a witness to the disorder. Last thing I said at our last session was that I won’t abandon our daughter, he alluded to our daughter and I being in cahoots. WTF The doctor said to stop saying that I’m crazy because I’m not, his reply about looking into mental institutions “Well I never acted on it”. Flipping idiot.

Am I getting off topic again? Sorry!

Ox Drover

Dear Hope,

It is NOT just a slam dunk to say “she’s crazy”‘ and get her(or him as the case may be) admitted—as a retired medical/psych professional, believe me I TRIED to get some folks who WERE CRAZY “admitted” against their will and unless someone is an IMMEDIATE THREAT TO THEMSELVES OR OTHERS, it almost can’t be done!~ So, please don’t worry about someone getting you locked away! Ain’t gonna happen.

So don’t worry about that arsehole trying to get you locked up! LOL


Thanks Oxy, I do feel paranoid with him lurking around. My therapist said he couldn’t do it either, to me it’s the fact that he wanted to send me to greener pastures to hide his sex crap. Shows that he is consciousless.

I know how hard it is to get someone committed to the psych ward (sister with bi-polar) but it scare me. Again, it’s the anxiety and paranoid thoughts because he has been able to manipulate people really well. He’s so calm and in control while I seem jumpy and uneasy. It would be really easy to believe him over me.

Hope you had a nice day, it was pretty decent here. I am enjoying the weather a bunch. Daughter had a ‘slushy day’ with her girl friends and it’s good to see her happy. (they buy slushies and hang out) It’s so normal and healthy, none of the drama to deal with at home.

Ox Drover

Dear Hope4,

He can only control your thoughts/paranoia if YOU LET HIM. TAKE BACK YOUR CONTROL, you can do it. If you find yourself starting to think/feel tht he has control, then say to yourself STOP!!!!!! He is NOT in control of me, I AM.! Then repeat that until you start to feel better. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat!

When you start to “feel” crazy you “act” crazy, and you CAN STOP IT by talking to yourself. I promise you, I’ve been there. Crazy as a sheet-house rat! But I took back my control, you can too! Love and hugs!!!!


{{{{Hopeforjoy}}}} I just erased the message that I had typed in response to your situation, DAMMIT.

First – you are not crazy. But, take the whole picture into consideration that trying to explain and defend yourself to ANYONE becomes a crazy repetition. It did for me, and I finally (last year) decided that I was not going to defend or explain my motives, actions, or decisions to ANYone, ever again. Here’s the scenario: Spath did THIS, and I responded like THAT. End of story, have a nice day. I left the spath in 1997 and it has been dead and buried for over a year, and I came to that epiphany, WHEN???? LOL!!!

Second – hypervigilance is not necessarily a “bad” thing, Hope, but it can become a very dangerous addiction if we don’t get a handle on it. As OxD suggested, TALK TO YOURSELF – talk out loud if you need to! I did! I went around locking doors and windows and singing, OUT LOUD, “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf,” until it was ridiculous! I had to keep reminding myself that the spath could harass, lurk, threaten, call, etc., all that it wanted but that every action was an attempt to control me, my thoughts, my actions, and my progress. No……he was NOT allowed to have control over me, EVER again. I might not be able to control the Courts or alter the past, but I sure was able to learn to heal myself and manage the bullshit. And, I did not “allow” the spath to jerk my chain or rattle my cage – it took TIME for me to get to that point, too!

How does hypervigilance become an addiction? Keep in mind all of the years that we felt we were going crazy. Think about the daily drama/trauma that would keep us off-balance and off-center. We KNEW that we were walking on eggshells, we just didn’t know where they would be thrown in front of us, or when. It was a constant, daily (sometimes, hourly) source of drama/trauma. The hypervigilance and paranoia is being generated by our FEAR and the fear is being generated to replace the daily cycle of drama/trauma. That’s where the addiction comes in: we don’t know HOW to accept calm, quiet, balanced, and centered emotions because it hasn’t been a part of our lives at any point. We are afraid of the calm, quiet, balance, and centered-living because every time we approached it, we were thrown into a maelstrom of deceit, damage, pain, and abuse. We have been programmed to not even entertain the idea of a calm and centered life, and it didn’t happen in a day, a week, or even a year. Calm and centered-living has never been possible for us, and it’s a trigger all on its own. So, take a deep breath, and say out loud, “Today, you are not allowed to frighten me. I don’t know about tomorrow, but TODAY, you are a BUG. I don’t NEED your approval, and I don’t WANT it!”

Third – Hopeforjoy, please, give yourself a break. The spath didn’t create this damage all at once, and it’s going to take time to get some inertia on the healing path. If we look at the whole length of our healing paths, of course we’re going to say, “That distance is impossible, and I’m not even going to bother trying because I’ll NEVER get to the end!” You have taken the first and most important step: deciding that you will no longer be a victim! Yes, there will always be triggers and yes, we either learn to manage them or we don’t. But, stop beating yourself up and expecting to be “cured” overnight of the years of abuse that you endured! Stop trying to see the end of your healing path, and look only where your next footstep is going to fall. Don’t even indulge looking down that path any further than the placement of each footstep. Three months from now, you can look back and say, “Good golly, I can’t believe I got this far!” Six months from now, you’ll be able to say, “Holy CATS, look how far away from that damage I’ve come!” And, so forth.

Hopeforjoy, my positive and healing energies are with you. Take it one baby-step at a time……..just one baby step, today. Maybe, another baby-step tomorrow. But, don’t set up a schedule of healing or a level of personal expectations. Take one baby-step at a time, and look no further than where you’re going to take your next baby-step!

Brightest blessings upon you, Hopeforjoy.

Ox Drover

Chic, I noticed you mentioned me on the psychopaths in therapy thread but I cannot get it to load. Not sure I even know the questions much less the answers, but maybe you can rephrase whatever it is you asked me on a thread without many comments, my computer is really slow last couple of days, and just will NOT load that long thread with 300+ comments. Sorry.

super chic

@ Hi Oxy, this is the comment I posted to confused1 on the thread “Games Sociopaths Play”

confused1, maybe Oxy knows the answer, but when a child is 13, isn’t he able to tell the court that he does not want to see his father? I hope someone can help with this question. The man sounds dangerous, perhaps you should consult an attorney right away.

There are a couple of responses after mine, confused1 said part of the problem is her son wants to see his dad, and she has already been to court and settled out of court.


VERDICT IN: To be read any moment.

Prosecuters look VERY confident. Defense looks stressed and not facing each other. Turning chairs away etc…
Defendent keeps looking at the camera with his PIercing eyes.
Ironic….he already KNOWS what he did!!!

The mother of murder victim Brianna Denison is in the front row end seat….long dark hair. The prosecuter is speaking with the family and tjey are shaking hands.
They look well held together.

Ox Drover

Dear Chic,

I’m not sure, but SOME states, I THINK, allow a kid at some age (13-14?) to choose which parent to live with if both want them. Visiting I would THINK would be the same. ALWAYS best to consult an attorney or legal aid on these points.

Hope you are doing well! (((hugs)))


“Manipulating” young women? I couldn’t understand why anyone would get jail merely for “persuading” someone to engage in cybersex until I read the news item. This wasn’t just “manipulation.” This was outright EXTORTION! That’s a MAJOR difference! What a scumbag!

The fact that some of them weren’t “women” but underage girls was another aggravating factor, naturally.

Ox Drover

Hi, Redwald, Welcome! I agree 110%!!!! Remember the case where the woman “manipulated” a teenager to kill herself, they tried the woman, but I think she got off eventually, if memory serves me correctly! CRS! It really is amazing what people can “manipulate” others to do over the internet! (head shaking here)

Again, Welcome!

Buttons, You are a wise and noble person, and also correct.

“That’s where the addiction comes in: we don’t know HOW to accept calm, quiet, balanced, and centered emotions because it hasn’t been a part of our lives at any point.”

Excellent observation. Of course the temptation is always there, to try and make sense of it all, to try and understand how we could have been so misguided and vulnerable to their “manipulation”.

I find myself happily taking a page from Eckhart Tolle, and rather than ruminating around the past ( with the spath) to be in the in “what problem do I have right NOW?” Digging through how I got to the now is not all that productive, once we have done the emotional housekeeping that is required, and once we have forgiven ourselves for bein such a “mark”.



Oxy, I remember that case. That woman should have gotten the death penalty. What was that judge and jury thinking? A grown adult woman and mom, hiding behind the Internet, acting as a teenage boy romancing a young female teenager (who happened to be a student attending the same school as her own teenage daughter). Built the young teenager up for weeks … then went in for the kill, calling her derogatory names etc. to deflate her. The young women was so distraught over what she thought was her first love on the Internet turning against her and calling her vile names. Her dead body was found in her parent’s home … due to suicide .


Okay….how about the mother who called 911 to report….
I just killed my kids??????

The psychs on Nancy Grace came out with Borderline Personality Disorder….and Nancy’s disgusted resopnse was…..OH…..she’s NOT crazy….don’t give me that!!!!

Uh, hellllloooooo Nancy…..BPD is NOT crazy….it’s a personality disorder and not a defense to murder….just a diagnosis.
With an attitude like that…..NO WONDER she doesn’t talk about it on her show……she thinks it gives the perps an ‘out’…..not the survivors or public insight into the mindset of a killer!!!

Just the problem we need to solve!


Erin, which mother are you referring to? Old or new situation?


Sorry Wini….the new situation with 2 young girls. (I dont recall age….but around 11-13 ish).
Saw it on NG tonight.


Erin, I haven’t heard about this. It breaks my heart when innocent children pay the ultimate price because of the parent(s). I still haven’t gotten past the Andrea Yates saga. I always thought her husband Russell should have been on trial along with her. Not that I am not horrified over Andrea’s actions, but her husband seemed to arrogant to me. Don’t misunderstand, I love Jesus’ wisdom. I find His word to be the most fascinating read (jammed pack with wisdom), but Russell forgot that when women had many children, they lived among the entire family. Not out on their own … aka home owners, husband and wife raising all those children alone, or should I say, mom raised all those children alone why dad conveniently stayed in his office all day.

Back in biblical times, up to around the 1940s and 50s, newly married couples resided in the family homestead where grandmothers and mother-in-laws, aunts, uncles, dad’s, grandfathers, older siblings ALL helped raise the children. It wasn’t until the 60s and 70s did people getting married start buying their own matchboxes (oops, I mean houses) to start their married lives.

I’m sure you’ll update us on this newest insanity.


Ox Drover

Dear EB,

I don’t like Nancy Grace AT ALL—saw a little bit of her shows when Baby Gabriel was first missing (I was in Texas, I don’t have cable at home) and she is way too ARROGANT to me. Condescends too much.

She jumps in and mouths off on things she does NOT know what the heck she is talking about like, obviously about BPD. But here again, hers is to keep things stirred up and play the “awwwww ain’t it awrul” game on Television—programs like hers are not “news” shows, they are entertainment, just like having “Myrtle” from down the street come over to your house to drink tea and telll you all the neighborhood dirt. Only nancy has pictures and “witnesses,” LOL


It was in Texas. Mommy called girls 12 & 14 and said…we are gonna go have fun today…youngest was excited to see mommy and wrote it on her facebook.
She took them to an abandoned house and stabbed them.
Then camly called 911 and said….I just killed my kids.
The youngest died and the oldest is still alive.
The horror that little girl will live with the rest of her life!
Mommy and pops were in the middle of divorce and she had tried suicide a few weeks earlier in front of girls. (too bad SHE wasn’t successful).
The little one was told by her older sister to run…..and she came back to help the older sister, was laying over her after she was stabbed and mommy stabbed her in the back and killed her.

My Jr came home last night and said….OH….ya wanna see a total cluster B mom…and was telling me about this disgusted….and NG came on tv and he turned it up……NG played the 911 call ad naseum. It was quite disturbing.
And when the psych made the statement about Borderline Personality Disorder…..Jr raised his hands and yelled YES!
I called it!
He was disturbed with how calm she was on the 911 and what/how she said things.
He noticed she had a disconnect in her voice.

See… kids ARE learning! Hopefully thier experience will take them into a healthier life surrounded by healthier relationships!

Ox Drover

Dear Erin B, this seems to be the only love fraud thread that will load for me today—we’ve got storms in our area—so that was good information your kid is seeing, good assessment.

My son D has really gotten things down too. Also he is going back over some older associations and re-looking at them…some of the state staff from the BS camp/office that our FORMER-friends hated (and therefore D didn’t trust those people his “friends” didn’t like) so now he is reassessing these folks and deciding that our FORMER-friends who had influenced D’s opinions of these others might have been a TAD off!

I have found that too many times I accepted other’s opinions about someone I didn’t know, and was prejudiced against or for that that person when I did meet them, BUT I have also receieved WARNINGS about a person I casually knew being a P and refused to listen to the warnings, much to my [email protected]

It is good when the youngens’ get the P-dar going at an early [email protected]


It is pretty cool to see jr ‘getting it’…….AND to express it and discuss it with me…is even better!!!

He wants to go to the court on Tuesday and watch the trial…..extracredit for govmt. Today would have been a good day, as there was a psych testifying about disorders….but sure steering CLEAR of Cluster B!!!

One of the many lessons I learned is to never let others influence who / what I believe.
I listened to too many people for way too long…..and was misdirected on most.

ALSO….if others listened to people /spaths in my life, they would be so very wrongly impressed about me.

I also learned that when I hear something about others…..just decide for myslef…..take it as a heads up only….and I WILL be the final judge!!!

Ox Drover

Dear Erin, I got increased reception for a minute and tried to get on another thread but no luck….

Yea, I am glad your jr is getting it. I think all kids should get to tour a jail, tour a prison, tour a court (watch a trial) The kids could even sit through a jury trial and be divided up into groups of 12 and “decide” and see how they come out the same or different than the REAL jury verdict. Great learning experience and then the kids could “decide” on the sentence if they convicted the guy. I think would be a great gov’t lesson.

Son d’s explorer scout group (co-ed ages 14-21) are doing a historical treck probably next march over spring break for a week and I GET TO GO!!!!! Pre-1840, and the historical rations consist of salt pork, jerky, flour, lard, corn meal and beans (we will leave out the rum ration, though I may drink mine when I get home!!!) From the amounts we will be allowed to take and the hikikng we will be doing in mountainous trails I will be ready for some FOOD when we get back too. Fun just planning it. The kids are soooo cool, and as advisors we “don’t gotta do nuttin”, the kids do it all. I’m taking my horse though and one of the donks.


EB,OX, MATT Anyone???

Is it permissible for a federal prisoner to be soliciting money over the internet?

Are they allowed access to their personal email, facebook and myspace accounts?


I was under impression they were not allowed computer access.
Doesn’t sound right to me, but I have no concrete legal info on this!

I’m sure they will find ways around ANYTHING though.


I know that he probably has internet access but was surprised to find this on his MYSPACE page:

Help me Please! I am in federal custody and need help. I’ve been unable to communicate with anyone since Feb. If you can, please send a postal money order:
XXXXXXXXXX 00000-000 Fed Bureau of Prisons, POB 474701, Des Moines IA 50947-0001

I can’t believe this is ok and I don’t know if he has access to this or if somebody is helping him.

I just can’t believe this is ok!


Well… way you could find out is……CALL THE PRISON!

Okay….gotta go….I’m running off to the post office to post a money order to inmate #1200001020-0000-xxxx!

Yeah…..i’d see about this one for sure!


WEll EB, you will be in line right behind ME for sure! That is if we don’t crash into each other going through the door!!!!

BTW, thanks for all the heads up on James Biela- Sppoky, for sure.

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