Man jailed for manipulating young women into cybersex

Ryan Earl McCann, 20, of Ontario, Canada, convinced almost two dozen young women and girls to perform degrading sexual acts in front of a webcam. He was sentenced to eight years in prison last week.

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I’m thinking Tues I will take Jr down for a lesson in court 101…..

We’ve had some great convo’s about this trial. Every night….we update….

James Biela is a good study of sociopaths who ‘fit it’ and fooled ALL…….and then killed…..and still people are in shock.

Today a Psych testified… would have been a PERFECT time for the prosecuters to give the jury a lesson in Cluster B personality disorders…..since she danced around it and claimed alcoholic and PTSD. I kept waiting….and, and, and…..nothing!
Prosecuter could have brought in a Cluster B specialist to testify…..that it’s a disorder NOT a mental illness…..and not an excuse for crime…….may explain his background and Definately explains his crimes…..not excuses them….HE HAD A CHOICE.

Today was interesting.

His brother JUST graduated from Law school 2 weeks ago…..and his sister works for the Spokan PD.
They all suffered abuse from father and a messed up childhood…..but as the prosecuters asked all siblings……you’ve done well……HAVE YOU EVER MURDERED AND RAPED A COLLEGE GIRL?

Prosecution did great……despite not using the sociopath word.

Family of victims testify next week…..

Oh yeah….judge asked JB this morning if he plans on speaking today……he said an ‘incident’ occured last night and he is not prepared. He wasn’t allowed paper or pencil last night…….

Come on dude….at least wait until the sentencing comes in to kill yourself!!!

Hi Oxy, thanks for the welcome! Yes, I remember that case too. Bad stuff!

Dear Silvermoon,

NO! They are NOT allowed to have internet access at all. Doesn’t mean they don’t sometimes hav eit. My P son got busted for a cell phone and he had a camera in it AND internet access…I have seen photographs he e mailed out that wer emade of him INSIDE HIS CELL. He also was teaching a computer class or had access to computers (internet?) once and got busted with DVDs so they keep him AWAY from anything technical or computer related. He really is a little electronic genius with things. He4 can WELD with a number 2 pencil and an electric cord plugged in and stripped to bare wires. He is quite talented but I doubt yours has been inside long enough to learn or have access to that kind of technology. Federal prisons are a lot tighter run than state prisons…but doesn’t mean there isn’t contraband there.

There are lots of web sites where someone posts things for prisoners for “pen pals” (can’t imagine why someone would want to write to a prisoner if they didn’t know them OR HAVE SOME CONNECTION)

I would contact the prison–sometimes there are rules about money being sent in and it being restricted to PEOPLE ON THEIR VISITING LIST. Of course they only take postal money orders so those can be faked and the “from” filled in with someone’s name supplied by the inmate. There are ways around just about any rule they make. LOL

Even if the prison can’t stop him from soliciting money they can lean on him about it. You might also contact FACEBOOK and notify them he is using FB for this purpose, maybe they would shut down his page.

At least if you know his number and where he is, you can get him served there. As well, as, he is NOT IN WIT SEC if he is putting that kind of information out. Which means you can get in touch with the prison to serve him, AND notify them that he is a danger to you, and get as VINE anouncement when he is going to get out. Good luck! Ought to also be able to get papers on his charges too (current ones at least)


Silvermoon, although we would like to believe that prison rules are followed to the letter, they are not and you’d be surprised at WHO provides inmates with cell phones and computer access!

Recently, a few badges (prison guards) were fired because they were providing inmates with Blackberry cell phones, and the like. With those devices, these inmates could run their gangs from inside prison walls, order hits, order specific actions, and negotiate deals via their “outside” minions. One of the badges was a married female guard with 2 children who was having an affair with one of the inmates. Beyond sick, this is one of the side effects of failure to maintain boundaries.

BOUNDARIES, folks – this gal (and, others) was sucked in by a convicted felon because she failed to maintain her personal (and, professional) boundaries. She would talk to other badges in front of inmates about how strained her marriage was, how she felt neglected, etc. The inmate in question took this information and ran with it, sufficient to con her into having a physical affair with him and providing him with contraband. She lost her job, her marriage, her kids (to some degree), and her self-esteem, and he is still sitting in the same cell in the same institution finishing out his sentence.

It’s all about boundaries.

YES, contact and provide them with ANY/ALL information with regard to this person’s activities, conviction, sentence, etc., and start talking about civil suits in a very vague manner! No threats, just a simple nod in the direction of the Civil Court System which, oh-by-the-way-, is so much easier to deal with than the criminal courts!
Brightest Blessings!

Guards who smuggled in phones in Texas and Arkansas have been charged with felonies as the inmates also use them to cordinate escapes. My P-son had a flaming affair with a female major, we met her in the visitation room and she and he were sending “sparks” across the room by looking at each other. I can’t believe other guards didn’t know.

Federal prisons which in minimum security are CO ED for both inmates and guards had a pretty big problem with female inmates and male guards. The guards were prosecuted in federal prison for felonies if it was proven. Can be prosecuted in state prison as well since the guard has “custody” or “supervison” over the inmate and the inmate therefore is under their CONTROL and can’t “say no” without being subjected to punishment.

There was a civilian prison secretary in Texas a couple of years agowho was suposedly murdered in a “murder/suicide” by an inmate she was having an affair with, but there was skuttlebutt that she was also having an affair with another officer who may have killed both her and the inmate.

There is no way contraband can be totally kept out of prisons even if there was 100% lock down in solitary–look at the “quality” of the people mostly hired for guards, many of them are psychopaths to start with and they are guarding psychopaths so WHO follows the rules? Inmates? Guards?

As someone said above, Dangerous Offender status is very difficult to get in Canada.

Somehow I think I there isn’t much chance of detaining this guy with this label, if we couldn’t even manage to make Karla Homolka a Dangerous Offender after sadistically killing 3 women (including her own sister) and torturing 3 others. Far from labelling her a Dangerous Offender, our federal government had to rush through legislation recently to avoid giving her a full Pardon (which she’d applied for and was very closing to receiving had it not been for the quick legislative change)!!!!!!

She’s gone on after her release from prison to have a child (don’t get me started) and has received federal support to help her hide in plain sight and “re-integrate” into society – at taxpayer cost. Absolutely disgusting.

Thank the court systems in our country and other countries for not throwing the book at these predators and making them do hard labor during their incarceration. Hey, all these fluffy sentences handed down … so other predators still walking free see this and laugh, knowing … big deal what they do, if they get caught, they get a nice clean cell and 3 square meals a day plus all the laws today are written for them, not us.

Stop voting for the bleeding hearts STUPIDAS jellyfishes, spineless weaklings into our system. Vote people who have a backbone.

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