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Man kills first wife, serves time, then tortures second wife and kills 4 kids

Gregory Green

Gregory Green

“You are a con artist, you are a monster.” That’s what Faith Green told her husband, Gregory Green, who killed her four children and attempted to kill her.

Gregory Green, 50, of Dearborn Heights, Michigan, was sentenced to 47 years in prison for his crimes.

Gregory Green had served 16 years in prison for killing his pregnant first wife in 1991.

Burn in hell! Scarred wife confronts husband in court after he murdered their four children and slashed her face, on

Gregory v. Green: Some things to know about dad who murdered his 4 kids, shot his wife then called 911, on


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Sadly, one thing this story demonstrates is that no good deed goes unpunished! On that score unfortunately, neither of these articles, including the second one (titled “Some Things to Know…”) doesn’t tell us everything we ought to know about this tragedy.

Some readers have been asking why Faith Harris would marry a man who had murdered his previous wife, while others are speculating that she may not have known. However, that’s not true, and more of the story is in this Detroit Newsarticle:

Man urged parole of killer charged in grandkids’ deaths

By a horrifying irony, it was the wife’s own father who was instrumental in helping to get this killer out of prison in the first place: the man Gregory Green who then married his daughter and later shot her in the foot, scarred her face for life, and murdered all four of his benefactor’s grandchildren.

Faith Harris is the daughter of Fred Harris, a church pastor and no doubt a good man who did one good work too many. It seems that Gregory Green was known to Pastor Fred before Green ever killed his first wife. When he killed his first wife Tonya in 1991, Green would have been 24 years old, and Pastor Fred about 51. Pastor Fred said Green had been a “friend” and a member of his church. It is not clear whether his daughter Faith also knew Green before his first murder. It seems possible, though she would only have been about fourteen when it happened.

Nor is it clear what Fred or his wife said or thought when they found their daughter was marrying this convicted killer. If they’d known in advance that that was going to happen, would Fred still have lobbied to get this killer out on parole?

If that were my daughter, I’m afraid I’d be praying–that someone in there would stick a shank in the guy, so that when he did come out, it would be feet first!

Great sympathy must go, not only to Faith herself, but also to her parents, who besides suffering this loss themselves may well be struggling with a terrible feeling of guilt on top of it. No wonder poor Fred had a stroke two weeks ago and his wife has trouble getting out of bed!

It seems likely that Gregory Green is a genuine psychopath–but that probably enhanced his ability to convince people, after several false tries, that he was reforming after his first stint in prison. So I’m afraid this story exemplifies the disaster that can result when a convincng psychopath meets up with well-meaning but naive do-gooders who believe fervently in the myth that there’s “good in everyone.” Some people, unfortunately, are not redeemable.

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