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Man kills his wife, her divorce lawyer, then himself

A 71-year-old California man in the midst of a divorce apparently did not want his wife to get her share of the marital property. James Williamson shot his wife’s divorce lawyer, Judith Soley of Fresno, then pursued and shot his wife.

This article quotes a family friend as saying that Williamson was manic depressive, but it seems to me that he was also sociopathic.

Read Bass Lake double slaying stuns family friends on

For more detail, read Sandra Kay Williamson’s actual divorce petition, Williamson vs. Williamson.

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Ox Drover

Reading the divorce petition of the wife with the recitation of what controlling attempts and breaking of the law were done by the husband in spite of the court’s orders etc. and his desire to take control of 100% of the marital assets leads me to believe that the man is indeed a psychopath. The subsequent murder of both his wife and her attorney proves to me that is the case.

What a horrible thing to happen to the wife, Many if not most murders in situations such as this do occur during the divorce or break up phase when the psychopathic partner is losing control and seeks to exert it at all costs.

I just sit and shake my head at the awful waste in this situation.

Distressed Grandmother

This is unbelievable so point less to love your money so much that you saw to it that not even yourself can have it is crazy. It blows my mind to think that a spath would even take his own life to win. They truly do not have commonsense. That poor wife and laywer what a sin.


I met a man over the internet in 2001, shortly after my divorce was finalized. He was a widow he said. His wife had been killed in a plane crash in 93 and he had just retired from 20 years as a pilot in the airforce, had pics of himself in the cockpit of a private plane which he claimed he owned and pics of him and other family members standing outside on the tarmac dressed and getting ready to leave for a funeral of a distant relative. He claimed he had raised his daughter alone. We were friends online for about 5 years. We chatted about our lifes experiences and he was always there for me after a breakup with the ‘jerks’ I was dating and telling me how I was too good for them and how great he could make my life with all that he could offer. We stayed in contact over a 5 year period through emails, instant messenger and phone calls and would communicate about every 3-6 months to catch up! He always wanted to check and see how I was doing.
In July 06, a few days after a breakup with a man whom I had known back in highschool I turned on the new computer I had for an online class I was taking, other than emails I had not been on any internet messaging service in 3 years. Feeling lonely and desiring to make contact with old friends I turned on the yahoo messenger and logged into my old account! Offline messages were accumulated into the hundreds and there was Bob at the very top of the most recent with one just sent the day before to tell me he was living in the town I live in now, leaving me his # to call and us to finally meet and have lunch! I called that afternoon, and he was just finishng work running cable to a house just down the street and had stopped to get a soda at a store that their parking lot was beside the driveway up to my house! We met 5 minutes later as I invited him to come get a glass of tea instead. Afterall, we had been friends for 5 years. He stayed all of 10 minutes that day, the next morning called and woke me at 6am to get up and get ready because he wanted to take me out for breakfast! After he dropped me back at home, I noticed he sat in the driveway staring at the woods before he finally drove away, then called me and asked if I was ok and when I asked why he said there had been a man standing at the corner of the woods watching me walk inside. He described him and I believed it to me the man I had just broken up with! I didn’t call the police because I had this false sense of being 10 feet tall and bullet proof, I lived on a farm where dozens of people boarded horses and there were always people in and out…I felt safe! I wasn’t worried. The following afternoon Bob called and asked if he could come by and put some shelves together for me, he had seen the carton containing them on my porch and just wanted to help. I said ok! He brought me a rose and a pizza for us to share while he worked on the shelves. I showed him a picture of the man I had recently broken up with and he confirmed that is who he had seen. He began dropping by unannounced to help me with things around the house, painted my living room, mowed my lawn, took my garbage to the landfield and ‘watching’ out for me he said as he was always pointing out light tire marks in the driveway after a misty rain, once he pointed out footprints from the woods to the corner of the porch! I was being stalked he told me. He would even come by my school sometimes to take me to lunch and say he had drove by and saw a red truck beside my car-the ex fiance had drove a red truck- well so did Bob, and I now know that it was Bob who was stalking me!
Bob, was always there! He called one morning months later to tell me he took off work for the day because he knew I had a dentist appointment and didn’t want me to go alone! He knew I was terrified of dentists! I had to have an extraction, and while in the dentist office he had went and bought groceries for a week and was going to stay and help me with the meals etc. Etc. I let him, he had charmed my family with his kindness toward me. He was the only man I had for a friend over the years that they liked! He invited himself to stay at my house all night that night of the extraction and said he would sleep on the sofa or in his truck! I let him sleep on the sofa! And boy did I get something much worse than the bad tooth I had just lost! He started staying on the sofa everynight as I was trying to get thru my last semester of school, raise a child and it was comforting knowing he was there for me! A week or so later, I asked him if he was living there and he started paying half of my rent. A few weeks after that we started to become intimate and I stopped him I couldn’t go through with it, and he said it was ok that he loved me and he would wait because all that mattered was that he prove to me how it wasn’t sex he wanted from me! Wow! I was totally thrilled that here was this man taking care of me in all the ways I needed a man to care for me and sex wasn’t on his agenda-how thrilling! Well that is all it took for me to fall inlove with him and we finally did become intimate and we now had this complete relationship! He asked me to postpone getting a job in my chosen career field after graduation, he got me a job where he worked at a cable company as a dispatcher! I had not been to the dr in ages and needed medical benefits, I had been tired and irritable and it would do me good to get a physical. Shortly after starting work there he became a different person, I took it that it was a strain on him because he was a supervisor with all these connections and we had discussed prior to my getting hired there he would just say I was an old friend of his, we had agreed no one should know of our situation because of how it would look to others. He supposedly took a promotion offered to him that very first week of my new employment and transferred to another to atlanta. All chaos broke out in the office because it was such a shock, and the project manager (who was the only one who knew of our situation) called me into his office and started asking me questions about what I knew, he was concerned about my safety and told me how Bob had duped him and was a liar! How I needed to be very careful! Back at home Bob claimed what a good opportunity he had been given and how much it would change our lives, that he had permission to use the company vehicle to commute from SC to GA everyday and they had furnished him with a company gas card and I just needed to believe in what he was doing! He drove the distance to and from every week day and most weekends he claimed there was a problem at the office there and he had to stay at a company furnished lodging, a few times he had me to drive down and stay with him and even once used me on a saturday to dispatch from his office for free. After a few months he left a pay stub of his on my kitchen table, I noticed the tax with holdings stated that he claimed ‘married’ and when I confronted him he claimed that he had got married to another woman during those 5 yrs we were internet friends, and she had run around and cheated on him with other men and women, and how he had been embarrassed by it all to tell me about it, but they were divorced and he had forgot to change his withholdings. I believed him. A few weeks later, he woke up sick one morning and said he wasn’t going to work, he even called his boss and I heard the conversation from his side. While I was at work that day, a job posting came over the fax that was for a project supervisor in the atlanta office! I immediately called Bob at home and asked if he knew his job was posted as vacant! Immediately he started ranting about how dirty they all were at the company and he was being railroaded! When I got home, he claimed they had fired him wrongfully for misuse of the gascard because they didn’t want to put gas in the techs trucks and he had let them use it so that they could get to work! I believed him! During the short time I worked there I did realize there were a lot of shady practices and I hung on Bobs every word how dirty they were! During all this I finally made an appt with a dr for a physical and it was not good! I had stage 3 cervical cancer! I thought I was going to die, I needed my job for the medical insurance and I was in deep misery with a miserable man who while not working and waiting for his bogus unemployment check to kick in had estranged me from every member of my family, all of my friends were losers according to him! And he finally admitted YES he was married, the divorce he thought he had he didn’t have and he wanted a divorce and wanted to be there for me because he loved me! I believed him! As much as I wanted him out of my life I gave him chance after chance because I needed him! I was dependent on a loser! He knew I needed him, but not as much as he needed me! He got a job as a tech with another company and for a little while it was ok, he helped and paid the electric and bought groceries and helped with the rent and during my illness he was at every dr appt and he was at the hospital so much during my surgery that my mother asked him to leave so she could visit! Nobody else came to see me because he was there! That was December 07, I had a major hysterectomy due to cancer and went from a office job dispatching to being a massage therapist in less than a month. My dr said I was crazy but I had went to school to be a therapist and it was what I wanted to be. I wanted that man out of my house and out of my life, he had lied to me, duped me, used me and I deserved better in my life! It took me 9 months, the same time it takes for the gestational period to deliver a baby to get that man GONE! I put up with abuse! We argued, I wanted him gone and he would go if I just gave him time to get on his feet and get situated! He had been there for me so I let him stay and waited! We were no longer intimate, had not been since my cancer diagnosis! September of 08, I spent a sunday with both my children and visiting family. It was an outing I had planned and told Bob a week prior of my plans and he strongly encouraged it! He was so sweet that morning, he brought me breakfast into my bedroom and talked to me as if I were a royal prncess and then that afternoon when I arrived home totally had switched to being the devil himself, he accused me of having a boyfriend and in my face asking me in a nasty tone did I enjoy my tryst, he knew I wasn’t with my kids or family because I was a dirty whore, this is how he would act toward me at any random time out of the blue since the chaos originally from his transfer to atlanta! He had me believing I could do no better than him! I was broken according to him! Nobody would ever love me the way he could or nearly as much! He pushed me that night and he pushed me hard, I was laying in my bed and he used his forearm to shove me off and into the floor! I immediately threw on my robe and grabbed my cell phone and ran outside so I could call the police! They had been there several times before and because I was emotional they had wanted to take his side and believe him and had told me they couldn’t make him leave because he had not harmed me physically! This night, he was going to leave! I was sure of it! Bob followed me out onto the property, had his cell phone and was on my heels threatening to call the police on me! I was crazy and everyone knew it he said! I had slapped once when he had me backed up prior to my surgery and told me he would kill members of my family if I had anything to do with them and he now used this again to try and stop me from calling the police, that he would have me arrested for something 10 months prior! I said well if you were afraid of me then you should have left the first time I asked you to! My phone wasn’t working! So I ran and woke my daughter and told her go get in the car! She did immediately. I took her to my sisters house and then drove to the local police station. They wouldn’t do anything AGAIN! It was my word against his as always! I had no mark on me to prove he had pushed me! But yet I shouldn’t go back home! I stayed at my sisters that night and the next morning went to magistrate court and picked up a notice to evict Bob out of my house which I HAD TO GO SERVE MYSELF! My brother in law took me there to serve the paper and as soon as Bob answered the door I was accused of sleeping with my brother in law, and that was the reason I was acting wierd. I had to wait 21 days for him to leave, during which time me and my daughter stayed with family…durng which time Bob would call repeatedly crying and begging me to return home because he loved me! He would threaten suicide and even told me that when I came back I would find his dead body in my living room. The day he moved out I called for the police to do a thorough check to make sure there wasn’t any sign of Bob left, dead or alive! Bob had dug up plants in my flower beds and throwed dirt all inside, he had put feces in a bag and stuffed it in the clothes dryer! He had destroyed my house and what little I had! I cleaned it all up, the police would not do anything! A week after he left, he was ringng my phone up to 200 times a day, I started keeping a record! I filed harrassment charges! I was not changing my # because of what someone else was doing to me! It is against the law to harrass someone over the phone! One week after the judge approved a warrant for his arrest he was still calling! I found out where he was and called and told the polce his location! He was finally arrested that night! We went before a judge, and he was fined 1200 dollars and claimed he was living in Charleston SC as his legal address! He had a lady waiting outside for him who when I walked by asked me why I am so mean! She didn’t want to hear anything I had say, why? He is a charmer! Several months later, he called me on Christmas Eve and said he was sorry for all he had done and he was dying and needed me to fulfill his last wishes! He really did love me and I was the only one on earth he could trust! Would I see him? I said NO! I was sorry he had a terminal illness and life was so hard for him but NO! Every so often he would call and give me his prognosis, I felt sorry for him and the life here he had created! I would talk on the phone and that was it! He began trying to push my buttons again! I am a weak failure because I am a nurturer by nature! I admit it! He got angry and threatened to drive his car into the ocean, told me he had bought a gun and was going to kill himself, he only wanted to see me one last time before he croaked! The police wouldn’t care if I told them, I messed up taking that first call on Christmas Eve! A package arrived in my mailbox with 48 one cent stamps blacked out with permanent marker so a postage stamp could not be read! In it were Bobs last will and testament making me the executor, hospital records to prove to me he was terminally ill and a rosary! Also were handwritten poems that were plagerized and twisted of poems I had written years ago! A list of songs that were on a website with those poems, I had created what I thought was art on a website and even won awards for it, what I won was a monster! I got a phone call the next day telling me what a lousy jerk I am and describing my clothing and everywhere I had been that day- I was dating someone new and had lunch with that person that day, Bob knew every detail and every move throughout my day! I turned the package over to a detective who filed another warrant for level 2 harrassment this time! It went statewide, not just county! It was a year later when I got notice he had been arrested, a year during which I received numerous calls during the night (and my # had been changed twice), strange men were calling me from a dating service asking which hotel I was in because I supposedly had left them messages on a dating site advertising myself as a hooker! I had never been on anything like that! My dog disappeared, and my cat was found dead in my driveway the last time I went back to that house to move the rest of my things! It had been discovered after I moved that Bob had been possibly staying in the barn next to my house as ciggerrette butts were suddenly turned over and found in the tack room! They were his brand! I discovered website after website of his lonely dating ads on singles websites as well his searching out young boys! When he appeared in court, the judge wanted to hear nothing of what I had to say! Nobody wanted to hear it! For harrassing me yet again, he was given a slap of 560 dollars! And he walked! I had already moved and started a new life! I’m still trying to mentally deal with all of it! It is scary and it is mental torture to know I let someone like that into my life so easily! The website has long been disabled, I don’t chat with just anyone I meet on the net or in person! I am blessed that my daughter and I have escaped, we are alive! Its long over! But it makes me think about every little thing I do these days! And I hate being told let go, stop being angry! He is still out there and he’s doing it to others! He’s done it for years and the police won’t care until he murders somebody! His name is Robert Eugene Potenski, Jr. Beware of men like this! Beware of anyone like this! They will destroy you even if they don’t kill you!


This man is now on the site, he is in a relationship with one of my friends and she won’t believe anything that is told to her. I need more information on this man so I can have a thorough background check and facts in hand when I go to her.

You know, the funny thing is if he hadn’t started messaging me being a total asshole, trying to distance me from her, I probably would have never known anything about him. Perhaps he’s not as smart as he thinks he is.

Anyway, I will not let him get away with hurting her, or anyone else


Hi Sheshe. Welcome. You and your daughter are ALIVE. He is out of your life. So two positives.

‘And I hate being told let go, stop being angry!’ We understand that here cos we’ve all been through that wringer.

Being angry is a defence mechanism and it’s GOOD, it keeps us on our toes when our gut feelings are kicking in. Letting go is nigh on impossible. Spath played a big part in our lives.

These experiences, thoughts, feelings go with us into the future, they are what makes us ‘us’. Take them with you, learn from them.
The others will be on the site later – different time zones – and I’m sure they will echo the fact that you’ve had a very lucky escape.

Ox Drover

Dear Sheshe,

I am glad that you found LoveFraud and it sure sounds like you have plenty of REASON to be here. The bloggers here DO understand you and you are not alone.

I hope you will stay around and read the articles and learn more about how to heal yourself while protecting you from the stalker, because that is what he is.

It is difficult to mentally deal with and I suggest that you google stalking and read some of the great books there about stalking, and some of the books here on LF that are recommended as well. Several of us have been victims of stalkers to one extent or another…my son who is in prison sent one of his Cell mate friends to stalk my family, and NO ONE believed me either for a long time until he was arrested for trying to kill one of my sons. Fortunately he failed in his effort.

I’m glad that you are away from this man now, but do not ever trust that he has decided to leave you alone. DeBecker’s book on “the gift of fear” is a good one about stalkers and how our own fear is a gift. I still live very CAUTIOUSLY but I refuse to live IN TERROR. It makes a big difference in my attitude and how I can cope with knowing that if he gets the chance, my son will send another stalker, so I am prepared….mentally and physically.

I won’t tell you to let go and I won’t tell you to stop being angry. I will say though that don’t let those emotions of anger and rage eat at YOU. It was difficult for me to work through those feelings and to get the poison and bitterness for what they have done out of my spirit and soul because it was eating me like a cancer. I’m getting closer…I won’t ever say I am THERE because as sure as I do the emotions surface again! LOL It is a PROCESS. God bless, and again, welcome to Love Fraud.


OMG, sheshe, I read your story with my mouth hanging open. Thank God you are alive and well and can tell your story to people who will believe you! Usually when I hear a story like this, it is told as a narrative where the woman ends up dead. I can’t get over how in all that time not one law official believed you, and you had not one advocate! You illustrate the fact that sociopaths can be so charming, everyone will believe them. I would like to hear more of your story, how you got away, and whether you still live in fear of this guy.

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