Man kills wife, but wants to keep their property

A UK man cheated on his wife and then bludgeoned her to death. Still, he sees no reason to give up her share of the property that they owned.

Read Wife-killer fights daughter for his home saying: ‘She can have it when I’m dead’ on DailyMail.co.uk.

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Dear EB,

Actually, I am kind of cool about it all. I read through the police reports that were in with the evidence I had sent to the attorney, my letters and letters from both my boys, and all the letters and other things that P son had sent to the TH-P, the cell phone photos that P son had taken in his cell and e mailed out of the prison to another exconvict…hee hee talk about shooting himself in the foot.

I hadn’t read the police reports before and so was interested in reading them. I knew already most of the information in them so no big shock.

I had forgotten that he DID get out on bail for a month or two in the fall of 1992, someone had put up part of his bail (he said) and he got out but when they didn’t put up the rest of it, he was pulled back in. The police reports said that a bounty hunter (unnamed) had reported to a cop that a “subject” was at some topless bar at about midnight in October 1992, and that bounty hunter had shown cop a photo of subject and the officer had confirmed that there was a murder warrant out on him and as they were talking the subject walked out of the topless bar (he was 20 at the time) and that he was handcuffed and returned to jail.

I had forgotten about him wanting money to rent an apartment while he was out on bond, and I remember I did not send him any and suggested that he might stay with one of his “friends” since his cousin wouldn’t let him come back to her house after a SWAT team had searched the place to find the murder weapon under P-son’s mattress.

The girl’s family are pretty dysfunctional to use the kindest word I can, and the girl had stolen her grandfather’s credit card and had run up thousands of dollars in charges on it (I think she AND P-son were in on that scheme) and when the bills came in she blamed it on P-son and he would have gone back to prison, as he was on parole, and she would have flung herself on grandpa’s mercy (again) she was only 17 and living on her own in an apartment with a female room mate…not totally sure just why, but know there was a lot of chit going on there.

Not that I am blaming her for being the victim of my P-son, she did not deserve to die and she had no way of knowing that she was getting herself in a situation where someone would KILL her over relatively petty credit crime.

P-son had a gun that he had flashed around since he had gotten out of prison (a violation of parole and a felony in itself) and several of his “associates” told the cops that they were afraid of him, and that he had “talked tough” and talked about shooting the girl for several days before he actually lured her out to the sticks supposedly to “go get money from someone to pay off the credit cards.”

When he got out of prison he had NO INTENTION of going straight, or shaping up his life, he immediately got back into crime and violence….and the thing is in a way, I almost feel guilty that it was her he killed instead of me, because I know in my heart if he HAD COME HOME like we gave him the opportunity to, it would have been ME HE KILLED, because I would have confronted him and/or turned him in again. He cannot stand the fact that I turned him in the first time when he was 17. That is a narcissistic injury he will NOT FORGIVE or forget.

The girl’s family would drive by my husband’s niece’s house and the girl’s mother would hang out the window screaming and threatening to burn down the house so I am not too sure how they will receive any contact information from me. If I do it, I will do it through the attorney.

I can understand their grief, my grief for “losing my son” at that time was just as acute as theirs was. I also envied THEM because no one was bringing casserole dishes to my house to comfort me (the mother of the murderer). I would gladly have traded places with her, and put my son in the ground and her child in prison. It would have hurt less. Frankly, I still would trade places with her, but not for the same reason I felt that then.

I don’t want to cause them any more grief though, God knows I don’t want to rip a scab off of their healing by contacting them. I figure they have NOT forgotten their daughter, or even really gotten closure as long as P son is breathing. They will be contacted every time he comes up for parole, and they have the RIGHT BY LAW to appear before the parole board. I hope that they exercise that right at least by sending a letter objecting to the parole.

There is no way that they can know that I hired the attorney or spoke against P-son’s parole, and as far as that is concerned, ONLY the parole board is SUPPOSED to know, but you know how things are, this is such an UNUSUAL thing that I am sure it has been a subject of conversation around the office,

“Say, did you hear about that inmate whose mom hired attorney John Smith to OBJECT to her own son’s parole. Have you ever heard of anything like that before?” “Really??!!! ha ha ha he must have been a baaaad boy!”

I’m not really sure just how much information goes between parole boards and guards/admin of the prison—I know it is difficult to keep a secret of any kind, and if there is a single guard or admin of the prison that knows anything it will get back to the P son eventually. It kind of reminds me of “Stalag 13” that old German prisoner of war camp for American’s comedy on TV in the black and white days. There is nothing that the inmates don’t know. The guards may not know carp but the inmates know everything that goes on. Of course P-son fancies himself a real genius about intel. I’m not sure if he is or not, but I actually suspect he probably is. I think prison has been a PhD for him in conning this last time…at least in that environment.

Oh, well, in the meantime, I can’t do anything but wait and be prepared for either decision and I AM prepared. If he does get out (not likely) there will be enough of a time period between when it is announced and when he actually is released that I can leave on my own terms, and if he doesn’t get out then nothing changes for the time being at least. CAUTION but NOT terror. I’m done with terror, Erin.

I think I probably will decide to contact the family but do it through the attorney as I really don’t know these people and I don’t want them in their grief to turn and attack me…and you never know what people who are injured and hurt will do in response to even a hand held out in empathy and compassion. I can only believe that these poor people have suffered the death of their child by murder and that’s got to be as bad as it gets.

Basically all I can do at this time is to pray for them and their healing. She had no way to know what she was getting herself involved in or with whom. Regardless of anything else she did not deserve to die, and they didn’t deserve to lose a daughter. My P son deserves every day he has spent in prison and I can only hope that him being in prison is some comfort to them.

Hi folks,

It has been a while since I posted. Mainly because I am not the victim of an SPATH and feel a bit like “I don’t have the right to comment”. I don’t know if that makes sense but, there you go.

Having said that, a little correction is in order : the quoted article is the Irish Mail or at least a report from the Irish Mail. The man is question, who I honestly do not know if he is a SPATH or not, lives in Ireland and the properties that are discussed are in Ireland, not England or the UK.

Apart from that, sorry for the correction….


Dear Nemo,

Actually, glad that you are here and glad for your posts….this is an “equal opportunity blog,” and having a non-effected person here I think is a helpful thing, for both you and the rest of us. You learn how to keep from becoming a victim and give us the unbiased opinion of someone who has so far managed to escape abuse of a psychopath.

As far as the guy being or not being a psychopath, he did kill his wife, so he is probably not a “real sweet guy” to start with, and obviously has some “psychopathic traits” like violence for a starter. The situation article came via Daily mail, but thanks for your correction of venue.

Glad to have you around and back [email protected]! Thanks.

Ox Drover,

Thanks for the positive feedback. I initially found this site because I was convinced a friend of mine was going out with a narcissist/psychopath.

I came across this blog and e-mailed a query to Donna, for her experience, etc.

In any event, my friend decided to stay with him and is just about to have her second kid with him so she made her decision. That may sound cold but, after many discussions, she made up her mind to be with him and be financially secure rather than leaving him and taking a risk.

As she can’t speak English, I couldn’t just show her the site and say “read”…..

Unfortunately, if violence were just a trait of psychopaths, most of us would be labelled as such.

I don’t know the circumstances; I don’t know if his wife gave him hell (not a reason for murder I hesitate to add) and he just flipped, though, if memory serves, it was premeditated.

In any event, one violent act, even murder, does not a psychopath make.

Having said that, my rule of thumb has been, since I care to remember, if anything happens that rings any warning bells, assess the situation and take appropriate action. Appropriate action usually entailing getting out of the persons proximity.

This works for needy people, habitual users, emotional vampires, right through to your average psychopath.

Again, a rule of thumb which has served me well is, show no emotion. People who prey on others, no matter in what capacity, crave that emotional hit. They need to see that they can control you, make you happy, sad, frightened, etc. I believe it is no co-incidence that a correct response (I am not saying it is the only correct one) is to act as you would when confronted by a wild animal or savage dog, stay calm, show no emotion, especially fear, and back away slowly.

Despite my lack of posts, I do read a lot of them and, although it may be a while between posts from me, I am always reading with interest, horror and anger, and, happily, a few times with joy for someone who has beaten the psychopath at his/her own game.


Dear Nemo,

I am sorry that your friend chose the path she did, but each of us must choose our own path, and sometimes “security” even in slavery is preferable to some people than freedom with the possibility of starvation!

Not every toxic or even every dangerous person is a psychopath, but many that are dangerous are psychopaths. The average score (mean score) of all criminals is 22 on the PCL-R, and 30 is the US accepted score for being a “full fledged” psychopath. In Europe I believe it is 25, so while the “IS or AIN’T” of being a psychopath has a “cut off score” just like being or not being Mentally retarded has a “cut off score” but in actual fact that NUMBER has little meaning. The level of TRAITS of a psychopath can vary significantly from the low end to a serial killer.

Psychopaths are found in street gangs and in corner offices in big corporations and everywhere in between.

Where ever they are found, however, we need to be able to recognize them for what they are, because whether they are on the street, living next door to you, or robbing your bank, in one way or another they are all dangerous.

Glad you are here!


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