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Man lures girl with fake Facebook account; she ends up dead

Kyle Dube, 20, of Orono, Maine, allegedly intended to kidnap 15-year-old Nicole Cable, and then be a hero by rescuing her. The problem was that the girl died instead. Friends and classmates of Nicole Cable, in the meantime, are now worried about Facebook stalkers.

Affidavit: Dube lured Cable with fake Facebook page, on

Maine teens wary of Facebook after phony profile allegedly lured girl into fatal trap, on



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What a sad story of wasted youth! Facebook is supposed to be “fun”,”sociable”.My siblings really want me to have an account.They always wanted me to have my own account when I was married.It’s a great way to keep in touch and view each other’s pictures of vacations,graduations,new births,etc.But it’s scary when you think of predators making up fake accounts.Such thoughts have gone through my mind in the past.My husband even deleted someone from our contact list because that person contacted the young pretty girl on our list without knowing her,basically “freaking her out”! Anyway,I made my mind up that I don’t want any part of these social networks.I haven’t been able to convince my daughters of the dangers.Unfortunately.young people usually have to learn the hard way.

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