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Man marries two women in one week

James E. House of Kentucky is facing bigamy charges for marrying two women in one week. And, that’s not all—he allegedly has two other wives.

Read Man facing bigamy charges may have up to four wives on

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“Authorities describe James E. House as the ultimate conman.”

and I would describe the women as the ultimate in conned. My heart goes out to them in their shock and despair. I wish I could somehow cushion that blow that rips through mind body and spirit with the awful message- Evil has visited, it leaves it’s mark….but they WILL overcome and regain themselves with understanding and compassion from those around them.

To Hell with HIM…..



Another one….sheeeeeshhhhhhhh. Unfortunately, he will get very little time in jail, if any.


Desparate times in Kentucky for sure. So much for the theory that psychopaths can pass as intelligent, well adjusted and good looking. Sometimes they can just be dumb ass hicks although the woman in the video said he could be charming and that he was such a steal she was surprised he wasn’t married to more women. They have got to go out for bingo or to the pig farm more then if they think this guy has it going on.


two marriages in one week?

i hate what these people do.


I am rolling on the floor laughing! Yes, they can be dumb ass hicks! My ex was and still is, one. He bragged about some of the stuff he did and didn’t get caught, but as I pointed out to him one day, if he was so smart, he wouldn’t have been caught AT ALL and subsequently would have no record as he does of petty theft, etc..
Yeah, they’re Einsteins alright!

one-step yes, i hate what they do too. My prayers go out to all the women he duped. I’m betting ALL of them will be siting in that court room when the time comes….



No comment about James House’s appearance, but like Cat, I was laughing at your post. I could say aplenty about “this bad dude”, but I’ll refrain from sharing my thoughts.


the woman interviewed, who he had previously been married to was quite wonderful. she has him pegged. someone should invite he over to lf. she’s got a sense of humor – sure she would be a good addition to the blog.


This is a story I can relate to. If I didn’t know better, I’d wonder if I knew this guy…

Hope KY is more aggressive in pursuing the situation.

Ox Drover

Dear Silvermoon,

Hey GF!~!!? We missed you, where have you been hiding?

I’m not sure any place punishes it too aggressively, but hopefully they do.

Of course in KY the question is if you get a divorce, are you still brother and sister? I think in Arkansas and in Mississippi you are, but in West Virginia you aren’t. LOL


oh oxy…snort!

hi silver!

Ox Drover

One stepper, I seem to be turning over your tickle box tonight! I’m glad I can make you laugh! In “another life” I was a stand up comic but I think I ticked off a king or something and he cut off my head as since then I can’t get another gig doing stand up! LOL


Hey OX!

You are so right about West Virginia! LOL~ The last time I went through Charleston, I think will be the last……


I have been relandscaping after my tenant destroyed everything.

The grass is riz and the fence is level.

Now, I can relax and look for a job…..

Kid still in school Parts of that going VERY well.

Best to all.




I’ve seen the shows this weekend about the internet cons…..
thought of you each time!
It’s mind boggeling!


not sure if i am looking foward to it or not. excuse the bad stoned typing.,,,,much better thn prevois days. mri for back and sress test this week. not well.


the woman in yh movie? she pro?like mine is? or didd she ptretend its her first time? ooooodrugs….

Ox Drover

Dear One,

Sorry you are laid up gal! On drugs is not generally a good way to be thinking about these creeps! LOL (((Hugs))) and speedy recovery!


thnx oxy- i am mad sad that i lost the weklend and nxt will be difficuit.

next week will be dirrificult…oh iiiii

Ox Drover

Dear One_step,

Well, all I can say is sorry it happened that way, but mad/sad/pithed, get over it—what’s done is done! Tomorrow will be a better day! Chin up, and just “enjoy” the drugs while you got’em and RELAX, and go with the flow, it helps the pain. I can listen to you biatch about your back and you can listen to me biatch about STARVATION and all it will accomplish is we’re a couple of old biatches! So—TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF and RELAX!!! ((((hugs)))) and good wishes and you’ll let all those muscle fibers just mellow out and respond to your positive thoughts! Just go to your favorite spot inside your head and let the drugs carry you there….to pain free!


i go with th e liittly mri machine too…sooo stoned, but less pain.=,wwwwoooooooooo


the atavan is small enough to fit inside the apa naproxen- think i have a stuffing/ bird relationship here……..

ohhh aghh…


One……relaaax darlen!
Paybacks are a biatch for stressing so much on a spath.
Your seeing that now.

YOU are more important!!! Take care of YOU!



not spath related..just effed up body relatrd


One…..YES….it IS spath related…..physical fallout!

Tha’ts like me saying my strokes and cancer at 39 were not related to the spath……
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? NO, he didn’t take the cancer syringe and inject it into my body PHYSICALLY……but living with the stress I did for all that time……was definately related!

This is your body speaking……take care of me please…..

IT’s like the life lessons we are meant to learn….if we deflect them…..they KEEP ON COMING BACK ROUND until we get em!

Listen up missy…….TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!!


many hours later and almost lucid now. what a shitty way to spend a holiday. i have been sooo stoned i am not sure what happened to sunday. the pain has subsuided as long as i keep the atavan cranked. the toridol is nasty shit…ick. i lost my whole weekend with pain – i so needed a good rest and to get ready for the next two weeks – well, tough luck – didn’t happen – but maybe it will in someother way.

today while at the hosptial oxy i had houres to think abour inglorious basterds – the final scen in the movei house bothered me. the continued to shoot – when it was clear thAT all would die anyway (hands are still typing stoned, erg)
at that point they were no longer ‘venting’, they were feeding their rage. and that may be the thing at issue – what is venting, and what is feeding.

i know, just to go for the ride (anti- nazi on screem, anti- spath in my head) is a balance between food/vomit….so many diff toxins to eat – the horror food of spaths or the horror food of our own rage….okay, i am too loopy to continue on this conversation, even with myself. 🙂


actually, the whole series might be very useful to use here at lf. i am listening to the one on fear right now – i think it contextualizes the flight/ fight response, and how we move from one to the other well. we sometimes get caught up on why we (or others) don’t protect ourselves earlier when we realize we are in deep trouble with spaths and other abusive people.



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