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Man murders 5-month old twins in their mother’s arms, then her father, then himself

Megan Hiatt and twins

Megan Hiatt with her twins, who were murdered by their father. (Facebook)

This story is heartbreaking. A few weeks ago in Jacksonville, Florida, Gawain Rushane Wilson, 28, shot his twin daughters in the arms of his girlfriend and their mother, Megan Hiatt. Then he killed Travis James Hiatt, 49, Megan’s father. Then he killed himself.

Megan Hiatt, although severely wounded, survived. Now, according to her mother, she wants to get the word out about domestic violence.

“I read this article today and thought it was so sad that this young mother did not recognize until too late how serious her abuse could become,” says the Lovefraud reader who sent the link.

“She speaks of the abuse as being mainly verbal in nature prior to the murders of her children,” the reader continued.  “She did not realize that the most dangerous time for her would be when she was leaving her abuser. He was the typical stereotypical jerk who  complained about her weight and would not let her cut her hair. 

“However he had threatened to kill her and she had considered a restraining order, but then ignored her feeling that he could kill someone and not followed through with the order. Her abuser had been accused of abusing other girlfriends.”

Lone survivor of murder-suicide: ‘He made me hold them when he killed them,’ on 

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Oh, my. What this girl must survive. I would have chosen death, given the option, rather than live with the memory of what she witnessed. Prayers and blessings.


Speaking of multiple murders, the profile of last Friday’s killer at the Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic is highly significant.

Mind you, I would like to know just WHAT it is about Colorado that seems to provoke so many mass murders! In recent years Colorado has seen the infamous 1999 Columbine school massacre by Eric Harris (a definite psychopath) and Dylan Klebold, as well as the 2012 movie theater massacre in Aurora by James Holmes. Besides those two incidents that received widespread national news coverage, there was another fatal shooting of three people, also in Colorado Springs, just this last October, fatal church shootings in 2007, and another shooting in Aurora back in 1993 that killed four people. Now I come to think of it, back in 1975 Colorado was also the site of three of Ted Bundy’s murders (though he was living in Utah at the time).

So what is it about Colorado that makes people want to commit mayhem on a grand scale? The state only has an average size population. It’s a pleasant environment, and it’s not noted for any widespread social problems. So what gives? Is it something in the air? Is there some darker, more sinister meaning to the term “Rocky Mountain High”?

However, returning to the topic at hand, this New York Times article gives considerable insight into the complex and contradictory character of this latest miscreant, Robert Lewis Dear:

For Robert Dear, Religion and Rage Before Planned Parenthood Attack

His persistent religious ranting over the years suggests he was genuinely obsessed with religion; that it was not just a “front” of religious belief he affected to impress others with his piety. In spite of this, much of his behavior was sharply at odds with any Christian principles. Yet this doesn’t seem to have afflicted him with any real guilt. Through distorted thinking he managed to take to an extreme the belief that he could do anything he liked because he would be “saved” by his religious faith.

His eccentricity and reclusiveness, and especially the fact that he seemed genuinely disturbed in the days leading up to the shooting, may well indicate that he was suffering from a real mental illness. His talk of “the Devil getting into his head” sounds distinctly schizophrenic.

At the same time, his behavior throughout his lifetime showed in numerous areas of his life the familiar pattern of a psychopath. He was truculent, abusive, impulsive, and violent. He was often reckless of consequences, to himself as well as to others. Despite being bright enough to gain a college degree, he got into trouble, lost jobs, and lived a chaotic and unorthodox lifestyle, with unstable personal relationships. He was reportedly a gambling addict and dishonest in his business dealings. Sexually he was a serial adulterer, promiscuous, and very probably a rapist on at least one occasion. All this was in addition to his final and worst crime of multiple murder.

Is it possible for a psychopath to hold profound religious beliefs? I don’t see why not. However, the psychopathic personality will most likely process the beliefs in a manner that serves its own ends. In particular, the absence of any shred of conscience will find a way to ensure that the beliefs do not induce guilt for the psychopath’s own behavior—which is what Robert Dear seems to have achieved in his own mind.

And is it possible for a psychopath to simultaneously suffer from a real “mental illness” such as schizophrenia? I don’t know of any reason why not. And if it does happen, I imagine it’s an unusually lethal combination.


my babydaddy spath is mentally ill also (not schizo tho). it makes for a particularly twisted sort of hell to endure…and you get to beat urself up worse for not being more patient with a nutjob.
on the bright side, i had no trouble in court as hes overtly dysfunctional without me. i was the only good thing in his life ever…hindsight is 20/20 as is understanding facts so perverse as to boggle ones mind.


Redwald, I live in Colorado. 🙁 I wish I knew why all these shootings happen here.


It’s always Florida. Anybody notice that two of the tragedies in this newsletter…Bonita Springs and Jacksonvilke. A couple years ago a physician cut the fingers off his wife and beheaded her. Put her body in his daughters trunk. In Florida. His motivation was to avoid paying alimony. It was the most dangerous time again. She announced her desire to end the marriage after years of abuse. In port orange, FL a husband murdered his 2 elementary and middle school soms and critically wounded his teenage daughter. Again, he didn’t want to compensate his full time mother wife for all the years she dedicated to her children after he left her. She also witnessed the murders. I could continue with FL examples. Im convinced there is a greater number of these heinous crimes here.


Do restraining orders even work with these psychopaths?


Colorado attracts rugged individualist mostly young males looking to escape society bc they do not like it or don’t fit in…live of land deal, ski, etc. the wild west always has….

add easy access to guns, varied fundamentalists, sprinkle with white supremacists movements & end of world survivalists, add too many universities and a boom bust real estate ….this makes Colorado unique…refugee place for a lot of people, escaping California, .. my best guess.

Wondering how many mental health centers per capita do the have compared to others? And do not forget the copycat situation, the shootings get attention & then every one who is unstable ants attention…just read article about the impact of random or public shootings on copycats & how seeing it on TV & the media hype will increase likely hood of some one repeating something similar, bc of need to get attention.

would this mean that if we had black outs on violence of this kind would it reduce? No one gets their 20 seconds of fame ….in my day people shot others in “accidents” on due to family issues & it was kept quiet & media mostly left it alone especially in affluent areas….

I am thinking this is increasing in all areas, all socioeconomic levels too.

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