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Man murders wife, then takes mistress Christmas shopping

Jonathan Palmer of the United Kingdom was cheating with two different women. He apparently wanted his wife out of the way.

Read Cheating husband bludgeoned wife to death before going Christmas shopping with mistress in

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Such a pity She didn’t see it coming….life in prison… I hope so. imagine being cornered by someone you love and bludgeoned to death because you were in the way of the next ‘scam’….Rest In Peace? never…


The wife was probably chewing his _ss out when he bludgeoned her to death. I read the article and was glad the judge had a few things to say to the husband about his lying, cheating ways (the reprimand going in one ear and out the other). If anyone rests in peace, I hope the dead wife has it, peace for eternity.

Ox Drover

I think it is this kind of thing (the then taking mistress Christmas shopping) that makes the psychopath stand out head and shoulders against all other criminals who “rob and murder.”

I almost laughed when I read this story, as horrible as it is, because it is SO TYPICAL of a psychopath vs a “normal” man who kills his wife.

This man wasn’t even concerned much less worried or devastated. He wasn’t even upset.

“Let’s see, today’s to do list—kill wife, take mistress #1 shopping, then have sex with mistress #2, then home to bath and bed.”

Reminds me so much of my P-son’s response to the murder of the girl he killed. Also reminds me of the response of my X-BF-P when I told him the house of his x GF had burned (he burned it) “Well, she got what she deserved.”

Yep, they don’t GET IT AT ALL!


It’s stories like this that I simply cannot wrap my mind around. It’s INSANITY to say the least.
Ox, you made a good point. His ability to go shopping with his mistress after killing his wife screams sociopath! This was not a crime of passion because they don’t have the ability to FEEL passion. Not in the normal sense.
I hear you about your son.
It’s far from being as extreme as what your son did, but when my ex was questioned as to WHY he stole the family jewelry, his comment was that he had asked to borrow money from my BIL and when he said NO to the spath, the spath thought it was JUSTIFIED in stealing what he did.

And NO, they do not get it!

Ox Drover

Cat your BIL’s “justification” for stealing is almost word for word what Joran VanderSLUT told the interviewer on Dateline last night. “People bothered me, so I thought, they want to pay me money to make up lies, I’ll do it” he also said “I’m good at making up stories” (boy was that an understatement!!!) Yea he is good at making up stories, but NOT ONES THAT ANYONE WOULD BELIEVE!

They always have a justification how it is not their fault, it is always someone else’s fault.



Anyone who has a sociopath in their lives gets a free train ride through insanity. Who knows what the dead woman endured during the years she was married to her husband. I’m just sorry that she had to pay the ultimate price of knowing one of these disordered people, death.

Ox Drover

“FREE train ride through insanity” OH, YES!!!!!! Good way to put it BJ!!!!

I wish that cartoon drawing of the fat woman in the short with her belly button showing and her hair straggling down her face would go away and stay away! Makes me feel like I am looking at a cartoon of myself! LOL “Cut down a bit of your belly every day by using this 1 weird old tip'”

Unfold pocket knife, pinch roll of fat between thumb and forefinger and SLICE! That’ll do it every time! Can use Scissors if you choose!

LOL ROTFLMAO choke snort

Ox Drover

Now they have one of a picture of a guy in a ski mask pointing a gun at you and says “test your skills free self defense quiz” Then the same photo with a caption of “Do you feel lucky?” Kind of unnerving to be looking down the barrel of even a photo gun out of the corner of your eye as you type on LF. Anyone else notice that? I know what it is (an ad) but still sort of unnerving.


oxy – donna said the ads are targeted regionally…so i guess in ARK you are getting ads with guns (i am getting brain gym and ‘express pardons’ today).

donna says she has blocked many of these ads – and to please send her the url of offensive ads and she will block them.

Ox Drover

Yea, I sent her one complaint about a “dating site” ad…this one doesn’t come on very often, just was kind of spooky! Right now I am getting the “real age test” one. I took that once and scored about 4 years younger than my “real age.” Don’t really know what that means though! LOL

Hope you’re feeling better!


I took that real age test in the midst of my spath relationshit. It said I was 60 years older than my actual age–HAHAHAHAA. I think I was REALLY depressed (I am not agist, my answers were just depressing: didn’t go out with friends, went to sleep by 8, etc.) during that time, but I have a smile on my face now and it is amazing how much younger I feel–I feel my age now without all that negativity. It’s amazing!


Good comments on this story. The sociopath really does go all out to show how evil they are. Do you notice how many of them commit these most heinous crimes around Christmas? Like Scott Peterson killing his wife and unborn child. It is like they are saying- see you expect me to show you love at Christmas, but I will show you what I can give you, a bullet or candlestick to the back of the head.


the intersection of this seeming ‘normalcy’ with evil that is quite chilling. if you read about paul bernardo and carla holmolka you’ll see a lot of behaviour that reads in the same way.

it’s why david lynch’s movie ‘blue velvet’ was so effective a psychological chiller. the cognitive dissonance created is in large part the horror we feel – we can’t wrap our minds around these collisions and in trying ‘go out of our minds’.

i hate this stuff in movies. i hate it worse in real life. at least movies have helped me to understand the process in real life (watching blue velvet actually traumatized me).


the age test – yup, up until the n ex and spath i was reading a decade younger than i was….i did it again early this year and i am reading a decade and half older.


Speaking of the ads on this page, does anyone know anything about the “Volunteer with Monkeys” project??

Something about joining a monkey conservation project and working with orphaned monkeys in Africa, which is right up my ally.

The ad reads, “4 weeks with board $1195”.

Now, does that mean I will get paid $1195 for working with the monkeys, or is that what it will cost me to go work with the monkeys?

Could I get some clarification please??? 🙂


hi rosa – that doesn’t show up for me, but i am willing to place a bet on it costing you.


I’ll pass….I worked with the monkeys for 28 years……and it cost me way more than that!!!!

Ox Drover



It sounds like I’ll probably have to pay out-of-pocket for my shots and mosquito netting, too.
That sure puts a 🙁 over things.
I’m letting go of the dream.

Anyway, back to the original article, It seems like these murdering sociopaths need to “unwind” a little after they commit their heinous acts of killing.

I think it was reported that Joran Vandersloot (JV) went and got himself a cup of coffee…make that 2 cups of coffee….the morning after he murdered Stephanie Flores in Peru. He brought back 2 cups of coffee so it would look like Stephanie was still alive on the hotel surveillance cameras.

Also, as he was leaving the hotel, he told the man at the front desk to “not disturb his friend”, because she was still sleeping….knowing full well that she was dead because he’s the one who murdered her.

Pure Evil.

Ox Drover

Dear Rosa,

The thing is that they are sooooo STUPID! If he knew he was on video, and it showed him leaving without her, and no one going into the room, and her not coming out, (him being the last to leave the room) how in the name of green apples did he think he would FOOL the tapes? by bringing in two cups of coffee!!Q!???

On the show the other night I was surprised that he messed himself up, if he had gone to the airport and gone directly to Holland he would have gotten off scot free! I remember hearing though that he sold his camera or some such to get money for the looooong taxi ride out of the country, so he may have not had enough cash for a ticket, but by NOT going to Holland on an airline he left himself wide open.

He was complaining that Chile didn’t extradite him legally and so on and that they promised him this or that and then didn’t follow through. He just doesn’t seem to realize that when the law is STACKED against you (just because you are guilty) in another country and your daddy isn’t a judge to help you hide the body and beat the law that you get JUSTICE instead of “mercy.”

I’m not sure that the creep doesn’t actually think he may eventually get off yet! He is still the center of attention though and that is pleasing to him.


Darn it, I missed that interview with JV the other night.
I really wanted to see that.

No, not even a cold-blooded sociopath can fool a video camera.
Video tape is HARD EVIDENCE.

But they sure get a lot of traction out of fooling humans when there is no hard evidence to fall back on, and no dead body to cause alarm and raise awareness in everyone.

Ox Drover

Yea, he was SMILING or smirking the whole time…even when he admitted (if you call it that) that he had used the family of Natalie “wrong” to get money from them, but he then turned around and said how they had BOTHERED him about her death (of course that justified him taking advantage of them) It was the usual carp that the psychopaths spew out—

Of course the authorities have all been wrong in the way they tricked him….and of course he confessed but he was lying…and on and on. An ANSWER for EVERYTHING! Typical! I think he is like that Terry Jones, as long as he is getting ATTENTION nothing is wrong. He is fine as long as he is the center of attention. Which I expect he will be when he gets released into the gen pop in Peru!


Funniest thing that he wants to get into general pop to play sports! He is chilling. I thought he virtually admitted to the murders, something like “for every thing that I did I am sorry.” Yet shows NO remorse.

Ox Drover


I just realized my egg donor had one “apology” even one point better than the JV apology, she said “for everything that YOU PERCEIVED I DID TO HURT YOU I am sorry”

Not even for everything she DID, but everything I PERCEIVED SHE DID that hurt me.

Yet shows no remorse.

She may or may not be a full fledged psychopath, but she can sure as heck “justify” her behavior at least to herself.

Frank Lee Speaking

This is a horrible and sad story. I am not making light of the tragedy when I say I would not be surprised if he killed his wife to save money on his christmas gift shopping. That’s how they think.


Frankly, omg–you are right. It’s the “me first at any cost” mentality.

Ox Drover

Frank Lee,

If your suggestion weren’t so psychopathic that I think you are right, I would say “nah, he (Frank Lee) has to be crazy with such an off the wall suggestion” But unfortunately, I think you are probably right on the nail!


A couple of years ago, Spath bought Christmas gift for me in nice craft store i really enjoy (i shamelessly suggested it after a couple of years of gifts, electronics, that seemed to be for someone else–him?) he made sure to tell me how expensive they were, when i’d hardly gotten them unwrapped…when i happened by later i noticed the price of the silver hoop earrings…$12 now, i truly would think it was great if they were 2 dollars, but thats the way he treats people throwing it in their face. he likes money more than people think. i lost one of the earrings last week and i was happy to throw the other away. small but symbolic. towanda!!!!!!!!


The last Christmas we were together….he got me a digi camera (mine broke)….it just so happened to be the BEST gift ever…..because of all the recon pics I was able to take and present in court against him!!!!!! 🙂

He also gave me a CASE of pop rocks…..I was like….WHAT the the hell? POP ROCKS??? (didn’t even know they sold them anymore)
He said….so you can eat them while you give ME a blow job.


How romantic, a real charmer! Awesome use of electronics!!!

Ox Drover

ERIN!!!!!!!! ERIN!!!!! BOINK!!!!! SHAME ON YOU!!! Your X would never be that crass—he would say ORAL SEX, not BJ! ROTFLMAO GAR BAW HAHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAH Choke, I think I’m gonna die!


OMG POPROCKS and BlOWJOBS and I thot I had heard everything…LMAO hmmmm? nah I better not..



He was a real charmer. He probably thought he was doing you a favor!!!!

On a side note, did anyone see that interview with Joran Van der Sloot? It was on a couple of days ago and really chilling. He was denying everything and looking very calm, even had a small smirk when he was talking. (spath smirks like that too!) Anyway, just wanted to mention the cold bloodedness that was visible in this interview. They can actually sound sane when they are so insane. It creeped me out.



What else can I say……Lovely!!!


Hens….to be honest….after the fact….figuring out his ‘lifestyle’ of being with men……I figured it was something in the ‘male/male’ sex world.


Erin to be honest I have never heard of it before, but I am very vanilla – I aint kinky..but too each his own…what ever pops your rock….

Ox Drover

BOINK!!!!! ERIN AND HENS!!!! BADDDDD!!!!! 🙂 🙂 You guys behave before donna comes on here and makes you both go POOF! LOL I’m trying to keep order here and you guys are being baddddd children tonight! ROTFLMAO!!!

Whew, I’m having trouble breathing you guys are soooo BAD!!!

Ox Drover

Yea, I saw it and I commented on the JVSlut thread about it. Yea, he was smirking and smiling and making my skin crawl!




HENS and EB,
While OxDrover is catching her breath…Ya’ll keep on talking. Vicarious is the closest I’ve been to sizzle since BEFORE I got married. 🙂 (NO sizzle after marriage at all…)

Talking about this man’s mindset… my husband kinda lived in wish land. He actually thought if he wanted something, it would automatically happen. Amazingly, a lot of the time, it did! My husband wasn’t stupid, he just relied on things ALWAYS going his way b/c in his family, with his mommy and daddy’s influence in town, it did. ….small town, police chief knew which kids to keep away from. when kids grow up with NO consequences except mom and dad, they get a little skewed in the way of the world. My husband will die in that small town. It’s his kingdom.

pop rock. hmmm. did you guys never know about pop rocks? and I thought i was off the turnip truck! I just learned about glory h. when shoe tapper senator resigned after his toilet habits were publicized. My husband taught me that as his favorite right after we got married.


Well, it’s not about ME. It’s about my spath and the way they make their LIES seem normal.

hmmm. hope i’m not so late everyone went to bed.

Ox Drover

Dear KatyDid,

No, they TWIST reality to fit their desires. They take it slow and easy and convince us that it is normal….or that they are not lying, but we at least eventually caught on to the “gaslighting” and found our truths!


Yeah Oxy,
Once I caught on to the lies (most MAKING UP definitions that were NOTHING like the way the rest of use the words), he’d LIE and look at me as if I were crazy for not believing him b/c in his world, EVERYONE believed him. IT was surreal that NO ONE questioned his logic. I think Mr JV was raised with the same mindset.

I said it before:
He may not fool ALL the people ALL the time, but he fooled ALL he needed to ALL the time.


Yep……I NEVER knew about ANY of this Ghole stuff and bath houses and POP ROCKS, swinger lifestyles, yadayada.

As I was finding out about the spaths extracurricular… gf was finding out about her husbands downtown hooker espcapades…..and that she had std’s…..HIS dr required HIM to tell her…..and dr reported std’s to HER dr….
He got into the hot tub on fathers day with a round bandaid on his butt…..she asked him about it…..and he brushed off the question…..
Later when they were getting into bed….he said….Uh, honey, i’ve got something i’ve got to tell ya…..and KAZBOOM!
The next morning her Dr. called and informed her she needed to be seen.
It all came down hard for her.

So….her and I went into investigative mode…..went downtown to hookerville, she put a tracker in his car……and found his ‘route’.
We were like thelma and louise with the recon….
She’d sit at the top of the hill on lookout, or in town where his car was parked watching for ‘movement’ of him, while I went into my rental property spath was staying in, gathering information and taking pics……
I would sit at the top of her hill looking out for her sex addict while she planted a recording device in his office.
She’d call me when she saw he was on the ‘move’….to hookerville…..and I’d watch on the computer while she drove to find him downtown…..
One time he was only going to the dentist……we CRACKED UP… our efforts.

She’d be in his house….and id’ be looking for movement from his car, while he was at the gym…..she’d leave if I called her.
She found a camera in his office and put black tape over the camera in a motion detector….and we overheard a conversation he had with a friend about how the camera he just installed didn’t work.
Again…..we CRACKED UP. WEre so proud of our efforts.

He thought ‘we’ were still friends…..I’d borrow things from him and keep them…..and push him to the limit to MAKE him ask me….I intimidated him… I pushed those buttons in him…..
One time, I had shiat from my garage of spaths, and I took 2 carloads over and left them all in front of his garage, when I knew he wasn’t home…..then called him on his cell phone and schommooozed him and said, I left a few things for him to get to s[ath. (they were still friends).
He stayed friends with spath to annoy his wife……..
Spath refused to collect his shiat from his friend, and friend had to store it all…..took up 1/2 of his garage…..and it was all heavy stuff.
We also cracked up every time my gf would show up at his house and the stuff was STILL there.
Eventually, spath told him to throw it all out.

So….finding out about the other side of the tracks…..and all this covert behaviors going on in our marriages…..I dove into finding out about a world I never knew existed outside of the ‘movies’. Never dreamt it was inside my life…..

The craigslist ad I saw of spath on his knees in front of 2 naked men……(no poprocks in the picture mind you)
The sex he was having with male clients…..
The swinger parties he was having with 85 year old men….and the hookers theyd’ bring up….

It was a new world for me to look inside of…..
Sure opened my eyes……

It was a quick education…..once I signed up for that course.


Ox Drover

Dear EB, WOW!

You did get an ED-U-ma-kay-ton didn’t you? Gosh, I’m sorry you got a PhD in shiat! Also glad that you didn’t get something that penicillin wouldn’t cure too.

That’s the terrible thing about these creeps is they get some kind of really bad nasty disease and pass it on to the UNsuspecting wife-ie or husband who has NO idea what is going on.

When you crawl into bed with someone these days you are playing Russian Roulette with the gun between your legs! And you have no way of knowing if it is loaded at all, has 1 shell or 6 in the chamber! Literally RISKING your life every time you get into bed with someone.

Unfortunately, too, these jokers go from slut to skank and back to slut again without any sense of risky business. (head shaking here) which is one reason I would be very cautious these days…don’t want anything Penicillin can’t cure!

Know the difference between Herpes and true love”

Herpes is FOREVER!!!!


Oxy is so good with lists. I like her posts b/c of her common sense, but I need her lists. I used to have a to do list, but now I forget to make one up. I just need a small list.

YOU, are so good with ideas. I am saving your ideas to my oxy lists so I don’t have to be such a DOOR MAT.

I don’t actually DO her lists, I use the suggestions to make my own. But Oxy says she gives herself an hour to clean the kitchen and that sound smart to me. So that I will do as well. Just THINKING to make a list helps me get back into a routine.

I B EB’in’ when I get into my TOWANDA mode.


Oh EB,
I meant to say, I didn’t know what a glory H was….Until the senator (?) made the news about his toilet toe tapping. BUT my husband Described it as his fav fantasy when we first married yet swears he’s not gay. I think he was on the bi side and part of using me to provide cover against his bible thumping obsessive mama.

Ox Drover

Dear KatyDid,

Glad making a list helps you it does help me, and setting a TIME limit on how long I spend on one thing helps too. If I try to spend 2-3-4 hours on one big task I may just decide not to do it at all because it seems so overwhelming, but breaking it up into little pieces (you can stand on your head in the sewer for ONE hour! LOL)

So the things I really don’t want to do, go on my lists, or things I would procrastinate if I don’t put on the list. Maybe only takes 1-2 minutes, but just DOING IT!

Glad you’re EB’ing and in TOWANDA MODE!!!!


1. Watch political News. – 1hr.
2. Find out what Glory H. is. 2.5 minutes
3. Speak to clients to ensure their needs are met. 5 min.
4. Buy pop rocks. 7 min.
5. See Dr. 1 hr.
6. Fill Rx. 1/2 hour
7. Seek DIVORCE…….2.5 years.


super chic

EB. OMG, I just read your post about you and your gf,
and the recon, and, and, and!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeez. It all came down hard for her, and you.
Sounds like it would make a great movie!
Love when you dumped all that stuff in front of his garage!
I’ve got to keep reading all this stuff so I stay strong.

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