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Man saves himself, lets his children burn

It was supposed to be a murder-suicide, except the perp didn’t go through with the suicide. He’s received two life sentences for murder.

Father pleads guilty to killing his children in SUV blaze, on

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Jeezuz gawd. Two “life sentences?” Oh, yes….that’ll send the message, won’t it?

Let’s see….and, pardon my sarcasm, here. Man is distraught. Man sets himself and kids on fire in desperation and to make sure that estranged wife will suffer the loss of all three. Man shoves the daughter BACK into the conflagration to burn alive. Man starts to burn. Man decides it HURTS being burned alive and jumps out to save himself.

WTF?!?! I say, save the taxpayers’ funds, buy a gallon of gas, and finish the job so that @#$&*^)* experiences what those innocent children felt in their final moments of life.



Since we are becoming so apathetic to children and their best interest, these types of stories make me wonder why we don’t just go all the way and serve them with the same demise as their crime. Let the dad burn and save the state some money. Leave it to the family left behind. The criminal would have to wait until trial to find out if the family of the victims have a forgiving heart or vengeful heart. Wouldn’t that scare some of these crazies into NOT committing the crime. Their biggest fear from my experience is getting hurt and/or getting caught. Even the ones who have tortured their victims are big babies about any little thing that happens to them.

This loser felt the pain of burning and couldn’t take it so he jumped out and saved himself. The children didn’t have that option. With that I hope it drives home without a doubt the terror and pain his children felt.

Truthspeak I am on the same page with you.


Eralyn, my feeling is that, surely, there must have been indications of this guy’s instability BEFORE.

But, to burn children alive is beyond heinous. What a farking coward – he not only didn’t like the feeling of burning alive, himself, and jumped to save his own skin, but he made a plea bargain to avoid the lethal needle – TO SAVE HIS SKIN.

It just makes me sick…..absolutely sick.


My mom worked in the medical field my whole life. She has always believed burning is the worst way to die and described all the phases the body goes through to burn to death. It’s horribly painful and apparently takes a while to lose consciousness.

He was said to have beaten the mom regularly threatening to burn them in their house. This is why she left and I think he was charged for beating her when she went to the hospital at an earlier date. This is why they say the danger is worse AFTER you leave. I can vouch for that.

They say 50/50 to both parents for custody rights and ignore abuse but in reality, they already know it’s dangerous to leave an abuser. I don’t understand why they don’t protect these innocent children. There’s enough research to prove it’s necessary.


Maybe we should create a petition or something and send it to the White House.

I saw two life sentences and thought, “That’s all?”


I have always said we should send all death row people to war and put them on the front lines. Let them serve their country. haha! But I know there are reasons they don’t. Seems like they would be good at it and may even enjoy it.

I don’t think they’ll go for it. If one state started a test run of these rules, eye for an eye type, or burn since you burned, torture and rape like you tortured and raped. Pour some bleach down their throats since they do that to get rid of evidence, then we see a severe drop in violent crime, we start doing it in another state. They’ll all jump aboard out of fear all the violent criminals will move to their state to avoid their same punishment…….. Sounds like it would work to me.

It seems logical to demand an eye for an eye, but it’s more complicated than that. When we retaliate, we enter into their game. They like that because it means that we have become like them. That was their plan all along.

They hate us for being who we are. Our being negates their being. They want us to be just like them. That’s why they slime us and torture us.

This guy uses the suicide card to try to get leniency. First he pretends to want to die and then changes his mind. Then at sentencing, he is suddenly suicidal again and doesn’t get the death penalty.

Spaths and their suicide attempts: classic.
I’ll bet he continues along that vein even in prison. He’ll probably try the insanity routine at some point.

Ox Drover

Having watched my own husband jump out of a burning airplane into 50 gallons of aviation gas on fire, receiving 3rd/4th degree burns over 95% of his body, I can witness that death by fire hurts, BUT I also know as a medical professional that when the burn is that deep and the fire THAT HOT the nerves are burned so severely and so QUICKLY that they are not able to process “pain” signals to the brain. My son D, who received 2nd and 3rd degree burns over his right arm, shoulder and neck in the same fire that killed my husband suffered 100 or 1000 x worse than my husband, who was in NO pain, as his burns were so deep.

The fact that this man was willing, no eager to hurt his wife by burning the children to death shows me that he is an EVIL man. Not just a psychopath, but EVIL to the core.

I noticed he was given probation for beating his wife in the past, but she stayed with him a while longer—and statistics show that this kind of controlling person is MOST DANGEROUS at the time of a divorce/separation. This man seems to fit that pattern. He would have the FINAL CONTROL over his wife by killing his kids and himself, only he didn’t have the guts to stay in the SUV. I hope that he suffers long and hard in prison on suicide watch which will be SOLITARY CONFINEMENT WITH THE LIGHTS ON 24/7 and someone always watching him, no shoe laces, nothing but underwear (might tear clothing into strips to hang himself with so no clothes) so it will be a MISERABLE LIFE there for as long as he lives. Him not speaking English much won’t make life much better for him either.

I think he would have been better off to die in the SUV.

Ox Drover

HEre’s an article about a man who leapt into a burning truck to move it away from where it would do damage. Te opposite of this jerk.

Moment hero trucker leaped into cab of blazing lorry to drive it clear of Christmas shoppers before it exploded into flames

* Hero driver jumped back into lorry as dozens of Christmas shoppers looked on
* Video captures the moment flames break out as driver, named as Martin Ford, moves lorry to quieter street
* £100,000 worth of furniture destroyed in blaze

By Eddie Wrenn

PUBLISHED: 07:47 EST, 30 November 2012 | UPDATED: 13:18 EST, 30 November 2012

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A lorry driver risked his own life by leaping into a blazing lorry in order to steer it away from shoppers on a busy high street.

The HGV burst into flames in the town centre of Maidstone, Kent, on Wednesday, with 20ft high flames engulfing the lorry trailer.


Skylar, I get what you’re expressing, and I agree that I never want to be “like them.” I don’t want to engage in their game-playing or vengeance, either. But, some crimes are so heinous that the perpetrators really don’t have any useful purpose in society and should simply be removed. And, I want to clarify that I sort of felt this way throughout my lifetime, but the more that I learn about predators and the “disordered,” the more that I believe that our huge population and cultural tolerances have amplified the degree of crimes that these people commit.

OxD, even though I understand your explanation of the physiology, the whole scenario (especially of your husband’s death) causes such a painful horror for me that it’s almost too much to comprehend. Before their nerves were singed off, those children must have experienced a level of fear and terror that’s indescribable – no words are adequate. And, for someone to deliberately cause that kind of terror and death of innocent children justifies the same type of dispatching, as far as I’m concerned.

Brightest blessings

Ox Drover

Truthy, yes, I cannot deny that those children were afraid and in pain, horrific pain emotionally and physically that we cannot even begin to fathom…but after having been involved with the prison system for 20+ years, I believe in the bottom of my heart that spending the rest of his life on “suicide watch” is worse for him than what he would suffer with a needle in the arm and just “going to sleep.”

Let him live in humiliation and constant supervision on “suicide watch”, the lights on 24/7, 23 hours a day in a concrete box without any windows, eating shiat for food, exercise in a chain link dog run between two buildings where he still can’t see the sky…the guards are in most instances I think as bad or worse than most of the inmates, so I’ve changed my mind about the death penalty…there are some things worse than death I think, and our prison system is one of them—ohh, and Texas has released over 3 dozen men off death row that were INNOCENT, proven so by DNA, so just the thought of executing even ONE innocent man or woman makes my skin crawl, so While I used to be one who would pull the trap for them to hang, unless someone is caught in the act I am totally against the death penalty now…of course this guy WAS caught in the act, but you know I still think that life the way he will live it is pretty darned bad…and then at the end of that, he must face the most Just Judge of them all, and personally, I think the judge is gonna be MAD.



I was thinking about your husband when I read this article on here. I didn’t realize about your son. I am sorry he went through such pain. I hope the father who got burned in the fire and jumped out suffered GREATLY with pain. I hope it was just enough to NOT burn his nerve ending.

Yes I know they have sentenced innocent people and it bothers me alot. I cannot imagine being caged with people who actually are heinous criminals to live out the rest of your days and what your mind must go through being innocent and unlike these animals. What a horrible life. There are enough of the crazies who they KNOW are guilty to make a good frontline army though!:O)

Sheriff (ham) Joe Arpaio makes the prisoners watch rated G movies Disney channel, wear pink underwear and donated food. He also has tent city which gets to a smooth 120 degrees in the shade! This is for the petty criminal but like he says, if they don’t like it, they don’t have to come back. I agree with this but I have some good ol” boy trouble with the thinking here. When people picket his tents as cruelty he says “our troops are wearing lbs of gear in temperatures greater than this and they aren’t complaining”. So true!

Ox Drover

Eralyn, I agree with Sheriff Joe…in Arkansas they make them chop cotton in the delta which is 99% humidity and 110 degree heat, with “line riders” on horses with shot guns and blood hounds…Texas also makes some of their inmates work in the fields. Patrick got sent out to the fields once for punishment and they wouldn’t let him have a hat and he sun burned horribly….he is VERY light skinned and bald headed so he had blisters full of water hanging all over his head. At the time I was horrified. Now I would ride the mule and carry the shot gun while he hoed cotton for 16 hours a day. My frame of reference has changed. LOL

The problem with inmates is that prison does not “rehabilitate” any of them, it is just a PhD program for worse crimes and only 40% don’t commit another crime and get rearrested before their parole is out. So it is a swinging door situation. With the HIGH LEVEL of Ps (25% are over 30 on PCL-R and the entire group AVERAGES 22 on PCL-R which is VERY high in the psychopathic traits) so we know WHY rehab doesn’t work for any except a VERY few. No matter what we do to these men and women they are going to come back to prison or jail.

Crime rates in the US have gone DOWN though with the INCREASE in numbers of inmates. So keeping them locked up does decrease crime on the outside. The Psychopaths commit about 70-80% of all violent crime, so those relatively FEW inmates being locked up has an impact on the crime rates.

Unfortunately, though, too many (almost all) do get back out at some point in time. If they would just rate them and keep the ones that are high in P traits for a LONG TIME then properly supervise the ones who are not so high in P traits maybe the world would be a safer place. People like Patrick though need to DO their LIFE sentence.


What I am seeing is scary. My spath ex was taught some self control and legal ways to commit crimes with large financial gain which has kept him out of prison. Thus wreaking havoc on innocent people legally to some degree. He sells Air Conditioning Service Contracts and hires and trains newcomers. They go to our large retirement communities and use scare tactics with great easy finance for multi thousand dollar service contracts which gets them a couple check ups on their unit per year and I am told the scam is they break crap that isn’t in the contract and it doesn’t show up until a time where they won’t be there (as if) and there’s the money. I saw one review where a guy from his company was at an elderly womans apartment hard selling her a service/maintenance contract on the apartments unit! The apartments maintenance man saw the A/C truck outside and knocked on the older ladies door to ask what was going on with her air and the guy literally ran out and jumped in his truck and drove away. That was in Texas where they lost their BBB accredidation and were being looked at federally for sales practices. Then in my state there was review from an employee who said they should be shut down as they illegally call people on the do not call list and it’s funny to them. Salesmen are usually excons or tweakers who work there. If an outside saleman gets reprimanded he gets sent to the call center as punishment and laughs about breaking stuff on a/c units so they make more money. I called my states BBB and pointed them to the Texas info and reveiws! My ex quadrupled his pay at this company which gave him the means to destroy our lives in court.

I have seen where a class 3 sex offender upon his release from prison become the director of a non-profit for children who have parents in prison collecting $75k per year in federal grant money for 3 years when he had to close as he didn’t file the tax forms. My friend found his address (home no office) in a different name collecting federal grant money again! I currently know of a thief who is getting the top training in prison on computers. Guess what she’ll probably do when she gets out.

When they appear to be working, they stay out longer. Cause more trouble and I hope get caught.

My ex would look like the perfect catch. He messes with the spelling of his last name which sometimes messes with the background checking but he rides a completely custom harley (owner of the harley custom shop filed order of protection against him), drives a BMW, bought a house (got discounts from excon funds and credit and driving record are clean when he got out of prison!!!). Claims he was a professional firefighter for the forestry service for 8 years LOL, looks really good for his age and life he’s lived. Oh and sober with the ability to quote scripture in his favor of course and is a very dangerous man.

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