Man says he intentionally tried to spread HIV

David Dean Smith, 51, of Michigan turned himself into police last week. He says he is HIV-positive and had unprotected sex with as many people as he could, intentionally trying to spread the disease. One victim, who contracted the virus, said Smith told her he’d been with 3,000 people.

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Henry, Did you hear about the guy who had his girlfriend’s name, Wendy, tattooed on his…uh….private part? The only time you could see the entire name is when it was fully extended. Otherwise, all that was visible was the W and the Y.

He was in Jamaica on vacation one time and was using the restroom at a restaurant. Standing next to him at the urinal was a Jamaica guy who also had a W and a Y on his penis. So the American guy says to him, “I see you have a girlfriend named Wendy, too?” “No mon”, says the Jamaican guy. “Dat says ‘Welcome to Jamaica mon have a nice day.'”

Hee hee, Star I heard one similar to that but the tat was “Joe’s bar and grill, Sacramento California” LOL

Hey, it’s Sat-er-dee, par-tayyyyy time early this time…but I’ll be too tired got to go produce some meat out of a critter here in a little while….will be too tired to par-tayyyy toinight I can tell you that! At least I’m off the crutches now!

Oxy, that joke was meant for Henry. You shouldn’t be reading stuff like that – it will offend your virgin ears. (LOL)

I gotta say, killing an animal and cutting it up sounds about as much fun to me as being strung by my toenails from the ceiling and pummeled with a wet carp. ha ha Speaking of fun, gotta go feed some dead rats to the snakes…..

Stargazer, When we were using venomous snakes for films, they had to be fed LIVE rats, but you had to cut the teeth out of the rats so the rats couldn’t hurt the snakes…some of them were really so timid in captivity that they would not eat and would sit there and let the rat kill it. (BTW it did not hurt the rats to cut their teeth as they don’t have nerves in them and continue to grow as they gnaw them off.

Making something dead is not fun, but it provides meat I know is safe and is done in a humane manner.

They cut the teeth out of the poor rats? And then the rats had to die through slow suffocation after that? 🙁 Poor little things. I’m gonna have nightmares for weeks!

When were you using venomous snakes for films? I never heard that story.

Star, the teeth cutting out was not painful as the teeth in rats and other rodents grow as they gnaw them off by friction, so didn’t hurt them, then the snakes kill them with venom as they swallow them. We used captured rattle snakes and other poison snakes for our wild life films, also cobras as well as constrictors. We also bought and sold tons of venomous and other snakes, tropical fish and animals as well as made wild life films in South America, Africa and Central America a little gem smuggling in there too and pre Columbian artifacts…my sperm donor was a man of many talents. This was before the days of drug smuggling so he stuck to smuggling illegal animals, endangered species, and a bit of gun running from time to time.

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