Man says he intentionally tried to spread HIV

David Dean Smith, 51, of Michigan turned himself into police last week. He says he is HIV-positive and had unprotected sex with as many people as he could, intentionally trying to spread the disease. One victim, who contracted the virus, said Smith told her he’d been with 3,000 people.

Read Michigan man may have intentionally infected hundreds with HIV, on MSNBC.MSN.com.

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

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I read essentially this same story in another on line news agency and there were several pictures of him that showed him “posing” for the camera and he was actually pretty good looking for his age, and appeared fit.

I can only hope that this man goes to prison for the rest of his miserable life and is kept in solitary confinement. Whether he infected 3 or 30,000 person is beside the point, the man is responsible for ruining the lives of how ever many people he contaminated.

He was aroused by causing pain to women. And it would appear he was aroused by his notoriety. Reminds me of the spath. Wheres the sick bucket?

One by one, these ‘entities’ eventually do themselves in.
In the State of California, a person who intentionally or unintentionally does not inform their sex partner that they could be risked prior to having sex, can get them a total of 13 years in prison. 10 from the State and another 3 from the feds. Good old forensic DNA will convict every single instance.

It is interesting to note that with the HIV gene, the DNA of the people where it came from resides in that HIV gene and can be retrieved. There will only be THREE DNA patterns, yours, your partners and the person where the infection came from originally. DNA is nearly accurate to 100% to prove a lot about this crime, the perpetrator cannot go unidentified as each of our DNA is only explicit to us. It is not the negative or positive test result from an HIV scan that matters, it is the intent. The omission of warning prior to having sex. That is what makes it a crime and cause of attempted murder.

True: HIV patients have suffered a lot of stigma, however, for those of us who do not have the disease and wish to remain free from it, we are entitled to that pre notification since not knowing could be a life changing, life altering matter and/or perhaps a deadly one.

Anyone who intentionally does something like this to innocent people NEEDS to be in prison for a very very long time.

We all have to be careful who we choose as ‘bedfellows’.
Since no longer do we keep these ‘entities’ at arms length, like they do in the horror movies…we a lot of times don’t run from them when we should because we want to save them somehow or they are so very charming…there is NO SAVING THEM and once the spell wears off, not so charming after all. THERE IS only more of the same abuse and ugly intentions.

Since we have allowed them closer to us, in a physical sense, the incidence of extreme violence will increase, not decrease. The more they come to despise us for our non participation in their disgusting lives, the more ugly and violent they become.

If I had not pushed mine far far away from me when I did, I truly believe I would have died at his hands. Truly. And, there were no flashing red lights telling me what to do. It was intuition, it was listening and being honest and telling myself the truth that saved my life, right there along with the Angels themselves.

This evening, New Years Eve, I am officially declaring my life OFF LIMITS to “IT”. This evening at the stroke of midnight, my soul will be flying with the Angels and looking towards the sun and not the darkness. When I awake tomorrow, I will be a different person than the one writing this to you now…

I will awake blessed and free and out of the madness.
I am blessed.


Happy New year, LF. I miss you all, so much. Hope each and every one of you is doing well, and that you find 2012 the best year yet!!! Wish I could be here with you all more often. Oxy, EB, Skylar, Hens, Katydid, a special shout out to y’all….I think about you often!

You too Ms. Kimmie…..Happy New Years to you my friend. You are in my thoughts also.

nice to see some of my old friends here, may you all have a very happy new year and may we all be like dupey doo and wake feeling blessed for what we do have…

Clinken the beer together with ya on that one Hens!

(((Hens, My Friend-Happy New Year)))
SHALOM, SHALOM…where ever you are…

I am blessed.

EB I am drinking some Red Truck Wine, raising my glass to you darlin ~!

Well, guys I got gifted with a bottle of Italian Frangelico liqueur at Christmas and I’ve imbibed tonight! Toasting a great new year!!!! (well unless the Mayans were right and the end of the world comes this year in 2012, but I’m not holding my breath that they were right! LOL.

It is really good to hear all the positive posts on LF from various posters and how they are doing well and keeping NC! KatyDid’s divorce is final, Duppey doo is doing well and NC! The newbies starting on the healing road. I mean what could be better?!!!!

Instead of alcohol, I am eating caramel cone Haagen`Das with hot fudge topping and watching a special on History channel about the Book of Revelations done all modern like and all. Very quite good.

Have a drink for me too you guys…
(((Happy New Year Ox)))

Yah, I think we may just have a good New Year on the horizon…

mwahhhhhh~! xxoo

Yup I feel it in my bones that 2012 will be a good year… because I say so, because I believe so, because I will make it so. My best mate was surprised at the power I said this. It’s a groundedness… just stamp it into the earth.

As for the Mayans; they weren’t wrong… they’re misinterpreted… Mayans had cyclical thinking, not linear thinking from beginning to apocalypse. It’s an end of a long count, and the start of a NEW long count! This would be the 4th long count ending, and thus a complete circle of 4 quarters. But the Mayans have also made prediction of events that are to happen in the NEXT long count. So, the world’s not over… it will be a new giant era for the Mayans. Or in other words… we get to start over.

Some mayanists have realized that cosmologically the center of our milky way will be specially aligned to our earth’s axis. It is quite possible that over thousands of years, the Mayans were able to predict this (they knew the earth axis’ precision changed over time and that this was visible with how the starry sky would appear).

Especially Linda Schele tried her best to comprehend Mayan rituals into their possible beliefs. Normally, if a king were to die, he first had to go to the underworld to battle the lords of death. If he was able to win from them he could travel to the upper world (heavens) and the stars. The tree of life (symbollically a cross) was the pathway from the underworld to the stars, and it has been suggested the Mayans believed that on particular sky formations (when the tree of life is visible in the sky) it would be easier for the king’s soul to make the trip. And that cross of the milky way with the earth’s axis will occur on 23 or 24 december 2012.

It makes me hopeful, more than it makes me fear. 🙂

darwin, now thats deep….my last payment on my home is dec. 2012 – just my luck ~!

Congratulations Henry!!!! Wow, just one more year to go, that is AWESOME!!! Did you know that if your home is paid for it makes you one of the TOP TWO PERCENT OF THE POPULATION IN WEALTH! LOL

The predictions of the “end of the world” have so far none come true. LOL Back in the early 1980s there was some woman who was “channeling” an East Indian guru named “Ramtha” and she predicted that there would be an “end of civilization” type of thing of some kind in 1984 and advised her followers to move to Washington state. My husband’s secretary ACTUALLY DID, she is still living there BTW….she tried to get me to move there too. LOL This woman is not an idiot either, she was just drawn into this belief system….which was obviously wrong about when the end of the world was coming.

That doesn’t mean though that there won’t be LOCAL “ends” of the world as we know it….wars and tsunamis cause the local “ends” that can be horrible, but when the END is coming? I’m not gonna worry about it, what can we do? Jump ship? LOL

I do think our attitudes will influence the kind of year (life) we will have, so let’s keep our chins up and have a good one!!!!

Yeah, I’ve seen some of those cartoons before… they’re funny!

The pic of the calendar though isn’t the Mayan calender,, but the Aztec sun disk. And the explanation with the Kukulcan temple of Chichen Itza at the bottom made me roll my eyes… pyramids with someone burried inside were rare, and they were not built to burry dead kings or priests, except for one or two exceptions of the 6000… not for a dead king/priest, but built on top of a communal burrial, an ossuary.

I did enjoy the movie 2012 though… seemed a bit like modern Monthy Python..lol

The long count was created to solve a dating issue of events commomerated with stelaes and such: the glyphs aside from names used the less longer counts (52 years), but after several generations they ran into the issue that it would become unclear which cycle that particular king rose to power… these past 52 years, or the 52 years before that, or … etc. So they developed a long count to ensure to give a preciser dating, making sure their wouldn’t be an overlap for a long time yet…LOL


he writes just like the spath did. exactly.

and he’s got some sort of billy bob thorton things going on with his ‘look’…sorry, but somethin’s not quite right with billy bob, either.

does anyone remember that law + order SVU episode that John Stamos did? His character was a spath who liked impregnating women – his portrayal chilled me to the bone. he showed the character as proud of what he had done.

just like this dickhead.

somethin’s not right with billy bob~!


LOL hens! thanks for the chuckle.

Happy new year!

no, thank YOU for the chuckle 1steprs and happy new year to you..snort

hens: you aren’t talking about Billy Bob Thornton, are you?
I liked the story of the vials of blood hanging around his and Angelina’s necks…each others…how romantic…


Congrats on your home ownership, hens.
Let me shake your hand, give ya a hug and toast a glass to ya..
You should be very proud of yourself. xxoo

Happiest of New Years, My Friend…

Dupity Doo Duh

In gay men, 50% of HIV cases are due to an “accident” that being either a condom break or an atypical act of unprotected sex, that usually due to the use of alcohol or drugs impairing judgement.

The other 50% of HIV cases in gay men is among those who regularly engage in unprotected sex. Given all that is known about HIV transmission and few gay men are unaware of safe sex practices, a convincing argument can be made that many of these HIV+ gay men are sociopaths, or very high on the sociopathic scale.

My encounter with a sociopath was somewhat unique in that he did not pursue me for sex. Since I was sick at the time, I welcomed the opportunity to “get to know somebody” prior to sex. This allowed me to be very open and honest with the x-spath.

Thus, when my illness required hospitalization for what was diagnosed as a AIDS-defining opportunistic infection, I had little trouble telling the x-spath what the doctors thought. After all, he was there by my side the entire time while I was in the hospital.

Naturally, when the next day he ended things, I thought I deserved it. Who would want to hear that the guy you are dating might be HIV+? Especially one so “reserved and sorted” as he told me he was.

I was determined to remain friends as I truly respected him. However, had I been astute, I should have realized I was missing the obvious, as he never once asked me about test results, nor did he even try calming my fears about being HIV+ as all my other friends did.

I needed to be hit in the head by a hammer. His mask was that good.

Happy New Year BBE: Yes, I was hit in the head by the same hammer…the mask was perfect deception in my case too.

“Accidents” don’t happen with psychopaths.
I will NEVER turn my back or close my eyes on “IT” for an instant, not ever again.

If I hadn’t of gotten hit with the hammer right over my head, I would be deader than a door nail right now, I do believe. And, MY LIFE has always been MY LIFE and will always be MY LIFE.

*Hugs for the New Year BBE*



Thanks and Happy New Year to you as well!

While I doubt I would have ever done anything unsafe with him, since he had me fooled, I am certain he could fool others. Certainly a job as a flight attendant offers the opportunity for anonymous encounters…

Thankfully to me, the damage was only emotional.

Dupey , Onestep was talkin about billybob being ‘ not right’ and I just chim,ed in ( sorry but m, ,and coma keys are stuck together m, apple pie i think )..billybob,m bobby sue oh m,y….thanx for the congrats dupey doo,m one year to go,m m,y dang taxes go up everytim,e i drive a nail tho…sheesh i got get this fixed ..oh m,y

BBE: Thank you for your response. Hope you are doing alright. I think of you often and send prayers your way. Hang in there and never forget how special you are; hear me?

Love ~ Dupey

Oh poor hens…what happened to your compitger?
Oh my goodness…seems you do have a slight problem…oh my…

BillyBob, BobbySue, PattySue…good night John Boy; night MaryEllen…hehehehe

Love ya hens: all the best in the New Year~!!! xxoo

“The prevalence rate of personality disorders among people living with HIV ranges from 19% to 36%.”

While this study dates back to 1995, I suspect the percentage is still valid.

I would think anyone living with a potentionally terminal disease would be emotionally challenged and suffer from some personality issues.

Henry, I think the fact that PDs in HIV+ people are high is because the KIND OF PEOPLE IN GENERAL who are high in HIV are the RISK TAKERS, the ones who are IV drug users, bareback sex addicts and so on, the people who are doing things that psychopaths do–taking high risks with “risky behavior”—and PDs are not “caused” by life events so much as that people with chaotic high risk lives are the ones more likely to BE PDs and also to be HIV+. The same way that convicts are 25% PDs, but being a convict doesn’t CAUSE PD, it is that people who ARE PD BECOME convicts more than normal folks.

That’s why statistics can be used to draw conclusions that are ERRORS.

I tend to agree with OX as while depression my result from a life changing event such as HIV seroconversion, Cluster B personality defects are not known to stem from such.

The above numbers are remarkably consistent with HIV seroconversion statistics as well. Roughly half of seroconversions are due to “accidents” among people who are usually safe, this ranging from a condom break, a single lapse, or a trust mistake.

The other half of seroconversions occur in those who typically disregard safe sex practices who also frequently use drugs and alcohol.

Read this and tell me the blogger is not a sociopath.


shaking my head ….seems to me if people chose to have unprotected sex with willing participants what business is it of ours? what’s your point BBE? Why are you posting this garbage on this site?


Well, you are right, they have the RIGHT to be stupid and do things that hurt themselves….the BIG BUT is though, that when they get HIV, alcoholic liver, lung cancer, or whatever….WE (the tax payer) get to pay the bill for their bad behavior.

In Arkansas they raised the taxes on tobacco A LOT a few years ago, and the money is to go toward medical care for the people who smoke. I think that is a GREAT IDEA..

BBE and Henry,
I’m torn between thinking that this was important to post in order to raise awareness and thinking that the spath just got his narcissistic pleasure from the increased hit count on his website.

He is sick.

I agree that he should have the right to do what he wants. If someone wants to bungee jump off a bridge, that is their risk-taking prerogative. But he should not be allowed to jump into a crowd. That is basically what he is doing because each person he infects can go on to infect another without warning. How many men infect wives and vice versa?

I think the solution would be to tattoo his dick with the words, “bareback f****r with HIV”. Also, he should be required to tattoo each of his partners with that same tattoo before the deed is done. If he doesn’t, then he can be considered to have committed attempted murder and loses his freedom.

Fundamental to sociopathy is an individual doing whatever he wants, regardless of the consequences.

I posted this link in follow-up to one i posted about a study that indicating that many individuals who are HIV+ are also sociopaths.

Given that 1/3 of those who are HIV+ do not know their status and the cost to society is so high, perhaps we should reconsider our approach to HIV+ individuals.

Sorry, “each to his own” does not cut it with me.

so you like my tattoo idea? right?


This article or thread is about a man who intentionally infected women with the intent to harm as many as he could. He should have his dick cut off and bleed to death.
What BBE posted “confessions of barebacks” is not the same thing..stupid yes but.

the article states that the man infected both women and men.

Spaths make up stories and lie about their intent.

skylar – which article are you talkin about – the thread title article or the bareback article?

the thread article. It stated that he had sex with both men and women.

yes to intentionally spread his desease without them being aware that he has it – whats that got to do with a bunch of bareback sex addicts in a club for barebacking?

spill over effect.
The members know what they are doing, but who makes sure that all their partners do?

Perhaps I was not being very clear with the point I am trying to make — there is a strong correlation between HIV+ individuals and sociopathy.

Stories such as a man intentionally infecting others with HIV make headlines much the same way as serial killers do, yet sociopathic behavior at lower levels is also harmful to society, perhaps even more so.

Individuals who seek their own gratification regardless of consequences, as exemplified by the bareback blog, can cause enormous damage to society and others. The blogger cannot know for certain how many others he infected before becoming aware of being HIV+, especially given the frequent anonymous nature of his encounters.

Finally, the compelling evidence that a large percentage of HIV infections is due to sociopath behavior makes addressing the issue particularly difficult, since few healthcare professionals really understand sociopaths.

BBE I “got” what you were trying to say and I agree with it.

Correlating risky behavior PATTERNS within a group with HIV status, Hep C, Hep B, and other STDS is a sign that there is some connection there.

We ALL do things that are “bad for us” physically whether it is smoke, drink, eat too much, eat the wrong things, don’t exercise enough, so we ALL do things that bring about our earlier demise and our chronic health problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular blockages etc….so we are ALL guilty of some of the same things….the thing is that there are SOME things that are “worse” than others and HIV is one of those things that is a REALLY BAD thing.

Years ago I took care of a guy in an ICU who had been there for over a year, he had a failing liver because of drinking. He had been in the ICU before and they got him well, and he went straight out of the hospital to the bar and got drunk and he was back in the ICU. He had 2 assigned nurses to him each of 3 shifts, there is NO TELLING what the cost of his care was and he had zero money and zero insurance and he wasn’t even an American citizen. At the same time he was getting that kind of care there were people doing bake sales to find kidneys for little kids that had done nothing to bring it on themselves….somehow this just doesn’t seem RIGHT.

So, where do we draw the line? Where do we say “you brought it on yourself so no medical care”? I’m not sure what the answer is. I do know that the behavior of folks like the “bareback riders” does effect the public because we have to pay for their medical care.

Prohibiton of alcohol didn’t work….the purpose was to decrease or stop the problems with alcoholics, and prohibition of drugs hasn’t done anything except raise the price and cause the death of lots of people as the cartels fight each other and the governments of the US and Mexico, so I don’t know what the answer is, I wish I did….but they are cooking meth right up the road from me…and when that is shut down the next group will set up shop. Little kids will wander around the trailer while Mommy and her latest BF cook meth. It is sad. SAD. SAD.


At least with cigarettes and alcohol can be taxed to not only offset healthcare costs, but to reduce consumption. Let’s leave the food issue aside for now.

Regarding HIV, I think education is the only option, as tattooing or otherwise identifying individuals has complex implications.

Those dating need to be made aware that there are individuals who will lie about their status. There are individuals who won’t disclose unless directly asked. And there are individuals simply don’t get tested even though they engage in risky behaviors.

More important, healthcare providers and health officials need to be educated that a large percentage of HIV+ individuals are remorseless, and risk taking as well as a large percentage of those who will become HIV+ and no amount of education will get these to practice safe sex.

What’s wrong with tattooing?

It’s not like I suggested the tattoo be on the forehead, like with Psychopaths.

We have a situation here with a neighbor that has lots of red flags popping out all over. He’s in an “open” marriage, well, to each their own, but he has broken up one marriage, and resulted in three pregnancies. I was floored when I heard about that…unprotected sex with this guy? It was yuckky enough before that, he’s a total slime dog, right on the spot the minute a woman breaks up with her partner…or in the one case didn’t wait until she broke up. All these women already have kids, and he has four of his living with him. That’s just counting the ones in my part of the complex, who knows what he’s doing when he’s not “at home”. Geez, I thought for his kids sake he should be a bit more discrete, BEFORE I learned it was unprotected sex. OK, we know he is thinking with the little head, and he got one drunk and she’s not exactly stable at the best of times, but I would think the women would have more sense than that. Sigh. Jerry Springer could cast his shows direct from this place. By my count, which may be low, that’s over 25 kids he’s put in peril. AAAAGH! And he’s short and homily. At least I’m pretty sure he isn’t cooking explosive drugs in his apartment, his wife wouldn’t let him. But he is dealing something.

Thirteen years is a joke. In Oregon in 1992, a twenty one year old was convicted of three accounts of “reckless endangerment” since he knew he had it and had been told of the consequences. He got 69 years.

With a few exceptions, the people I know with HIV got it from their partner who was supposedly in a monogamous relationship. Way to find out you have been cheated on. Send that guy to our state if that one doesn’t have a long enough sentencing rule. Just think how long his sentence would be if the one guy got 69 years for just infecting three.

Although I’m all for Henry’s solution, at the very least they should have the tattoo. On their foreheads. It would be a little harder for them to turn on the charm that way. Because as we sadly know, they can make you think black is white once they start talking.

Oooh, the Mayan calender stuff was interesting. And yeh, I think the end of the world guy is a spath right along with Billy Bob, and I’m watching Angelina pretty closely, since she actually wore his blood smeared on her black leather wedding pants. Odd, I just turned up that nasty fact earlier this week. I just don’t buy her Mother Theresa act. She just bought Brad a waterfall so he could build a house over it. Um…yeah. How are they going to keep the kiddies safe with a creek running through the living room? Hey, pull over the couch and grab a fishing rod…

Ha ha sky, I must have been typing when you did that last post. But anyone who deliberately infects someone with HIV is a spath in my book.

Given inexpensive, rapid HIV tests are now available, something to consider in mandatory testing of adults prior to any medical or dental examination and application for social services and drivers licenses.

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