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Man sentenced to 576 years for molesting girls

Richard Heeringa, 57, was convicted of 17 counts of sexual assault on a child in Colorado. Heeringa would seek out divorced women so he could molest their daughters. After fleeing sentencing back in 2010, he was caught in 2011 and brought to court last Thursday.

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Ox Drover

You know this is I think SO TYPICAL at the attitude of pedophiles in general….they find a way to get to kids (some do it by volunteering with youth organizations like Charles “Jackie” Walls III did with working as an active volunteer for the Boy Scouts of america (he molested over 1500–yep, FIFTEEN HUNDRED) boys over a 20 year period in Arkansas, and I personally knew this man, and knew he was an “arse hole” but never ever suspected he was a molester. He came from a very nice family, I also knew the family.

Others do as this man did, seek out women with young children who are single moms which are as common today as 50% of all first marriages end in divorce and there are many children born to single mothers. These women are very vulnerable I think to the “love bombs” of a psychopath who is seeking victims.

The love bombing of vulnerable women/men by the psychopath is the PERFECT I think way to ingrate himself into the life of that person. I was a widow, and perfectly vulnerable when I was victimized by a psychopath seeing another “respectable wife” to cheat on. Young women with children are not exactly “prime meat on the marriage market” so they too would be perfect victims for a pedophile.

This man’s attitude goes along with what Dr. Anna Salter, who is one of the world’s experts on pedophiles talked about in her book “Predators” because pedophile in particular among the psychopathic world in general are very assertive in their quest for children and are totally devoid of any shame, but high in psychopathic “duping delight.”

I hope this man gets the biggest baddest cell mate who hates pedophiles, or he spends those 500+ years in solitary to “protect” him from the bad ass convicts. Maybe he won’t be laughing so hard.


It also goes to show the lengths that a P will go to plan their assaults.

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