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Man sues ex-wife because she writes ‘loser’ on alimony checks she sends him

Alimony check

(Image from Facebook)

Diane Wagner, 57, of Hopatcong, New Jersey, pays her ex-husband $186 per week in alimony. She’s been writing “loser” and “bum” in the memo line.

Her ex, Francis J. Wagner, has sued her, claiming that his wife’s memos have caused him to have heart attacks.

Here’s what Diane Wagner said, according to The Daily Record:

“As far as I’m concerned I can write anything I want on the memo line because it’s a note to myself. I was the victim in that marriage. What more blood does he want from me? I pay him religiously.”

Hopatcong ex-wife writes ‘loser’ on alimony checks; ex-husband sues her, on

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Rosie Jackson

I love the “adult child support” memo!
It doesn’t stop him from cashing the checks, right?
You go girl 😉


What a spath loser ex husband.


I don’t know what makes me more angry – that he’s suing her or that she’s having to pay the loser/bum alimony!


I am so sorry she is getting sued, but make it worth the judge’s while..and all those in attendance. How about Fix My 1″ Dick Fund. Like she said, it never stopped him from cashing the checks or cause bank to refuse them.

Truth is so much more bizarre than fiction, isn’t it? What kind of an idiot actually brings a case over this? Ooops…. one that leans on his wife for support! 😉


Hmm…I am not sure there is enough info here to really be sure who is the spath…or to be sure there even is one. And certainly, if the genders were reversed but all other info remained the same, it would be viewed completely differently. His lawyer is 100% right about that, even though I disagree with the decision to put the checks on facebook. But I will say it would seem that blaming heart attacks on a memo line on a check is a bit over the top. The whole thing though strikes me as immature and generally fishy…What a three ring circus!




After we separated I learned that my sociopathic ex was writing “BM” on the memo on checks for alimony/child support payments to his ex of 18 years. BM = blood money. I was aghast. He wrote that for 15 years! She was a stay at home mom during their marriage. She told me that he would reduce or stop child support payments when it suited him. I am assuming in the scenario of this post that the ex is the sociopath. Suing for distress over what she writes on the check sounds like their usual victim m.o.

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