Man who stuffs son in oven gets lenient sentence

James Moss of  Staten Island brutally beat his 11-year-old son, burned his hands and stuffed him in an oven. But the boy pleaded for his father, and the judge sentenced Moss to only four months of weekend jail.

This judge needs to learn about sociopaths and trauma bonds.

Read James Moss sentenced to weekends in prison for putting son in oven on HuffingtonPost.com.

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H2H: xxoo Yay! You got the cooler weather too!
Thanks for the wishes! I am on a medical journey at the moment. Don’t have too much time for nothing, actually, but that. It stinks. Once I get this all done, I will be good for another 3 months! (Hopefully). Although I haven’t been getting by much, you are all still in my thoughts and prayers. (((H2H)))

Dupity Doo Duh
Dupity Day! 🙂

Vision ~ I watched that same Dr Phil show. It was a re-broadcast from an earlier date.

Those twin boys were adopted from Russia. It seems that only one of them is displaying symptoms of the lack of emotional bonding that he endured in the orphanage.

I agree wholeheartedly that the woman mentioned was handling things VERY badly. My heart was breaking for that poor little misunderstood child. Thank goodness that they are getting help for him AND for his adoptive parents.

Dupey ~ Sending prayers and good wishes your way too 🙂
It is truly uplifting to read your posts. Just love your positivity!!
I like that word for you Ms Positivity!! xxoo h2h

mwahhhh! thanks for that little boost this morning, H2H. You make me {smile} inside. What a sweet gift to start my day.

I am so happy I can be ‘uplifting’ to someone!
It makes all the horrid things easier to take, H2H.


H2H, many if not most of the kids adopted out of Russia have a poor outcome….the Russian families keep any kid they possibly can do, and many of the kids that are let up for adoption have problems with genetics, number one, and possibly drug or alcohol use during the time before and after the mother gave birth. The “orphanages” I hear are pretty bad, with the kids maybe being fed etc but not hugged and bonded, so it is a double whammy. Remember that woman from Tennessee who adopted that kid from Russian and ended up putting him on a plane back to Russia by himself?

I’ve worked with enough of these conduct disordered kids professionally to understand why it drives adoptive parents to the brink of insanity. I don’t care how much you love them or want it to work, there are just some of these kids who are so disordered (and dangerous, you don’t dare go to sleep with the kid in the house!) that I have a lot of empathy for these people who adopt these kids from these situations. I couldn’t do it. I worked with these kids enough that I just couldn’t go to sleep at night WONDERING if the kid would set the house on fire while I slept.

It seems the kids (all girls) adopted out of China (simply given up BECAUSE they are girls in many cases) seem to be having good outcomes with the kids being smart and bonding well. Not to say there are no Chinese adoptees from disordered parents, but the number seems to be lower than the ones from Russia. Russia has a big problem with alcohol abuse that China doesn’t seem to have and alcohol also harms the fetus pretty badly. Take that into consideration and that people high in P-traits also frequently self medicate with drugs and alcohol, so the Russian kids may be getting a high genetic tendency, plus the damage from drugs and alcohol prior to birth and then poor care after birth and you get a smoking gun that looks like a child.

Oxy ~ Yeah. I’ve heard terrible things about the conditions at orphanages in Russia. I do remember that woman shipping the child back to Russia. I felt badly about that situation too.

My heart was breaking watching the tape of how this woman was punishing this child. Yes, he was probably disordered by the time he was adopted, but he is certainly worse off now. She would make him hold hot sauce in his mouth, not only that but told him to swish it around and NOT swallow. All the while, she was going on about how “we do not tell lies in this house!” She finally let him spit it out after what seemed like a whole minute. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she then made him strip and get into a cold shower. It must have been VERY cold because he just screamed. I was crying sitting here watching. It was truly awful. 🙁

I hope that the folks that Dr Phil lined up to help this family are able to get to the root of the child’s disorder and can HELP him be well. I don’t know if that’s possible, but I pray for that poor little child and all the others like him.

Dear Hope2heal,

I didn’t look at the video (not enough internet time) but I couldn’t have stood that kind of thing without getting my dander up and my blood pressure too high! HOT SAUCE????? COLD SHOWER??? Both of those are TORTURE! I’m sorry, that child (and the other one) should be taken away from her. I’m not sure the one child can be helped if he truly is not bonded, but that mother does NOT NEED A CHILD!

I’m not sure I could “handle” a Conduct disordered child 24/7 myself—I worked with them 8 hours a day and went home severely stressed, I ended up finding another job after one of the little darlings waited for me behind a door and tried to stab me with a 14 inch piece of metal he took out of a light fixture at the hospital because I had “dis’d him” when I told him to keep his feet off the furniture.

I have seen parents totally emotionally and mentally broken by a rebellious conduct disordered or psychopathic child….I’ve BEEN there myself when my son was a teenager, I raised an ADHD child that actually wasn’t all that bad though he was severely ADHD, he wasn’t mean….and he isn’t “mean” today, I am not now and have never been afraid of him, or that he would actually HURT ME in any way, he is just a FOLLOWER who won’t take a stand and will ALLOW others to do violence to me without having the back bone or the integrity to even warn me that someone is trying to hurt me. A dupe at best.

Thanks Oxy….I needed that big hug more then the boink today….glad we have you to know the difference and everyone out there I know is glad to have you here to help us and to always be there for us no matter what. You are such a wonderful person. Thank you….

Dear Vision,

Sometimes I need the boink myself, and sometimes I need the hug! I think we all alternate between needing comfort and a kick in the arse! LOL But the pathway to our healing is up and down hill, and has lots of turns and pot holes…but eventually it smooths out and we get stronger the more we walk the path. Hang in there vision! Just like riding a bike, when you fall, get up and get on again! (((hugs)))) and my prayers.

Hope to heal;

Yes, as I said I cried too. How can this be? Yes, those children should be taken away. How can anyone even think of doing this horrible deed of hot sauce and an ice cold shower? This woman is a sociopath. She looked as cold as ice too. When will someone really step in? After she burns his hands and puts him in an oven??

I know of an ex-cop in NYC. He went to a scene of domestic violence and saw a father dragging his son through lye. This cop lost it. He took the father and dragged him around in the lye and the father jumped up and bit the cop’s nose just about off. It was stitched up and to this day, looks crooked and off center. Some scar to be with. To remind you of child abuse. I don’t know what happened to the boy but I am sure he carries both physical and emotional scars not to mention his soul scarred from his own father.

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