Man’s custody is reduced, so he throws daughter off bridge

Four-year-old Darcey Freeman died after her father, Arthur Freeman, 36, threw her off a Melbourne, Australia bridge in January 2009. The case is now in court, and Freeman’s lawyer says he was mentally ill.

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CPS in my county did inform his county that I would be more than willing to allow my daughter to speak with them. She wants to. She is ready to have her voice heard. She is tired of feeling like a pawn. I hope they will talk with her. I had a victim’s right advocate with the police dept, but she only went with me to help me obtain a P.O. I have one now in my county who is trying to work with me, I meet with her next week.

I’m at the point where I don’t give a ….. about pithing people off, I want my daughter to have a better life and not be subjected to his crazy rants and detrimental negative views. I told my sister that if the courts don’t start listening soon, I am heading downtown in a big blue chicken suit to start getting some attention here!!!

Oh, and I just found out I have no way of knowing if he ever purchases a gun or not, and since he is not a gun person, but has been talking about shooting people, I know if he purchases a gun he will be intending to use it, so it would have been a really good way to keep tabs on when we may have to disappear…..but unfortunately there is no way to find out.

Dear Stillinshock,

Does he have a criminal history at all? If so, it is illegal for him to purchase a gun in his name directly and if he bought one from a dealer, he would be refused a hand gun at least with a record, but it is not illegal to buy a gun from an individual wihout a check BUT it IS ILLEGAL for him to do so if he has a criminal record. But he may actually not even KNOW THAT, or NOT CARE.

There really IS no way to know if he buys a gun as he could also buy one off the street illegally or a “hot” or stolen gun.

It isn’t illegal to go walk in a graveyard…or if he has no felony record…to buy a gun…but taken as a OVER ALL PICTURE with other things, it is sure an indicator of a person’s mental stability but not usually enough to lock someone up, and even then on ly for 72 hours on a “hold” unless they are an IMMEDIATE DANGER TO THEMSELVES OR OTHERS….and you have got to be pretty darned OUT OF IT to be locked up against your will these days.

I agree the “blue chicken suit” may be necessary, and the press may be the way you need to go. But whatever you do, BE SAFE!!!! (((hugs))) and my prayers for us all.

Tragic and terrifying.

He does not have a criminal history. I doubt he would do it legally anyway, though.

Yeah, the graveyard thing is just creepy combined with the fact that he is losing his mental faculties, he isolates and is not dating, building any kind of life, working a job, or hanging out with friends much at all. Lives in a dark dirty home he does not clean. Does not bathe regularly. Totally obsessed still with me and how I have ruined his life.

I see my advocate tomorrow.

Still – You did not ruin his life HE DID it all on his own. Good luck for tomorrow with your advocate.

Dear Stillinshock,.

While your X sounds pretty psychopathic he also sounds like he might ALSO be mentally ill (just because he is one does not mean he can’t ALSO be the other too) The not bathing regularly and living in a house that is filthy and the “totally obsessed” could mean that he is very depressed or psychotic (not in touch with reality) or that he is paranoid or delusional and which actually might mean he is MORE DANGEROUS rather than less dangerous.

I think you need to mention these things to your advocate.

Also, to you— Candy is RIGHT, you did NOT ruin his life, HE RUINED HIS LIFE….but that does not mean he will NOT BLAME YOU FOR HIS PAIN. By placing the blame on you, it would “justify” in his mind, him hurting you as well. BE CAREFUL! (((hugs))) and my prayers for you.

Yayyyy!!! Aurthur Freeman Tonight was charge with the murder of his daughter Darcy. After 5 long days and a night the Jury finally came to an agreement after deliberating if he was Mad or Bad! If a verdict wasnt agreed tonight it would have gone to a re trial. R.I.P little Darcy

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