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Man’s custody is reduced, so he throws daughter off bridge

Four-year-old Darcey Freeman died after her father, Arthur Freeman, 36, threw her off a Melbourne, Australia bridge in January 2009. The case is now in court, and Freeman’s lawyer says he was mentally ill.

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What an awful story. What a horrific memory her poor brothers will have to live with for the rest of their lives.

It looks like the defence is trying to portray him as the victim here (as Donna says: “Beware the Pity Play”) If you’re distraught or mentally ill you throw *yourself* off the bridge. Or it might mean you drive your car off the bridge. Calling your wife to tell her she’ll never see her children again, and then throwing your daughter 150′ to her death in front of her brothers, is just cold-blooded murder.

He may indeed have been mentally ill. But, based on his own actions, he definitely knew what he was doing. And he obviously saw his daughter as an object, not a human being.

lesson learned

Of all the atrocities that I’ve seen come and go, from this blog and in the news or articles that are delivered here, this is one of the MOST sickening so far.

The article says he is Highly disordered or mentally ill.

I think “highly disordered” RE: Psychopath would have been correct terminology.

Perhaps “highly disordered” will raise some eyebrows as to what the truly means.

I feel so incredibly sorry for the mother of this child. How awful and painful this must be for she and what about the children left in the car? I wonder if they were aware or saw what he was doing or his explanation (unless they were too young) would be when the child did not return to the car.





gag me.
can we throw him off the bridge? No that’s too good for him because no one is going to miss him like they’ll miss his daughter. Best thing is to draw and quarter him.

Ox Drover

Judges take note….Statistics already show that the most dangerous time for a person leaving a psychopath is at the time of leaving or shortly after… WHY was the man’s time with his kids being reduced I’d like to know? Maybe because he was personality disordered and abusive?

The call to his wife, as this was apparently just like the man in the UK recently who drove his car with the kids in the back of it into a cold river, drowning one of the children, but he first drove by his x wife’s house to tell her what he intended to do before he did it. Reports of witnesses said the kids were crying and beating on the windows of the vehicle from inside as the mother ran down the street after the car.

Yep, stage it for maximum pain for everyone else. Psychopaths! They know to wring every ounce of pain out of their tricks!

One child survived and the man survived

Dani S

We only drove over this bridge yesterday and being in my home City and also being previously married to a spath and have a child to him, I felt really effected by this case. This week the jury were deliberating over whether he is mad or bad! What an insult to the millions of people that suffer mental illness and would never be capable of such an act. He is bad bad bad!! Interesting after he threw Dacey to her death he then went to the Family court and stood out the front with his son’s. Like he was saying see you made me do this. Apparently Darcey’s mother had been in contact with children protection services before her death and strangely all the departments files went missing from a Lawyers car that the door was apparently left open after the event. Thank god I was able to keep my daughter away from her violent father but the law in this country still believe that a father has the right to their child, even if dangerous. It makes me so sad that Darcey’s mum was trying to protect her kids through the correct channels and in the end she lost her precious little girl, heart breaking!


LL –

“How awful and painful this must be for she and what about the children left in the car? I wonder if they were aware or saw what he was doing or his explanation (unless they were too young) would be when the child did not return to the car.”

Sadly, LL, the older boy at least knew and saw what had been done to his sister: apparently he begged his father to “go back and get her out of the river because she couldn’t swim”.

I can’t write any more about this, it distresses me so much : (


Denise Guiney

What a sickening misogynist act. One thing which might mitigate my opinion is if he had heard threats of similar acts said to him as a child repeatedly and those statements had been a cruel means of control, not acted on but used as continual threats. I’ve heard such threats made to children in otherwise innocuous settings such as ” bring those shoes here or I will throw you off that balcony” (said to a normal playful child) or “don’t push my son or I will throw you through that plate glass window” shouted at a long suffering teenager who had willingly baby sat and cared for her brother when she had reacted by putting her arms in front of her when leapt upon and surprised by the same overactive toddler. I did not stay in that situation. Some children have to live under such threat control for years. It is sickening and this kind of thing may be the result.

Ox Drover

Dani, Driving across that bridge must have made your skin crawl. Interesting that he did it in front of the boys and that it was just the little girl who was thrown into the river.

The first time I read the story (here on LF) of Dr. Amy Castillo whose children were murdered by her husband to get even with her AFTER SHE HAD WARNED THE COURT AND THE COURTS HAD LET HIM HAVE UNSUPERVISED VISITATION…I literally became ill after reading it, and I thought such a thing must be a RARE EVENT like Ted Bundy or something, not unheard of but at least RARE, very RARE—but since then, I’ve watched the news and a parent–psychopathic usually—killing their children to get even with someone else is NOT A RARE EVENT at all. Dozens of such events make the news each year and I wonder if there are not others that don’t make the news as well or that somehow I miss seeing.

When are theh courts going to wake up and STOP THIS because in many cases they are preventable.


Unfortunately, since mankind lived in caves children have been possessions legally and actually. It is only recently that women have had any rights and have not been more or less possessions —at least in western culture—not so in some others, and I think it will be some more time before children are considered more important than their parents’ rights of POSSESSION.

Dani S

Hi Oxy, Driving over the bridge also effected my children and spark much conversation in the car. They have now placed suicide barriers along the bridge as it was always a notorious spot. I feel so ill and sad and angry about this case and as you say it does not happen often thank god but it does happen. We had another case in Victoria a couple of years ago a father driving his car into a dam and his 3 small boys strapped into car seats drowned. He also did it as pay back. He also told the local fish and chip shop owner that he was going to kill his kids as payback…
Who is going to save and protect these kids when the courts wont listen? reducing time spent with children is not going to keep them safe. Parents are going into courts with hard facts that there kids are not safe and it still seems not enough. For all the horrible things my ex spath had done I thank him as he didn’t fight to see our daughter, it was the best thing he ever did… as my ex I totally believe would be capable of such a cruel act. It makes me so upset!

Ox Drover

Dani, you are right, “reducing the time spent with them won’t keep them safe.” Even sometimes supervised visitation doesn’t help a look at that fake “Clark Rockefeller” guy who kidnapped his dtr from the social worker at visitation. That guy’s arrogance is unbelievable at best!

It doesn’t make sense to me either…but unfortunately too many people in too many positions of power and influence are psychopaths I think too…including too many judges who have little if any training in anything except the LAW as it is written, not in social work or even in human relationships….too many of the people who know nothing about anything are making laws and decisions. (sigh)


Disembowling good parents is not a solution. There is no easy answer to these disordered.

This story is so awful its hard to believe.

Education about what a Spath is and how the act is important.

At all levels of society.

Its nothing to be kept a secret.

Because the only answer for the victims is to go NC. Which uiltimately begets new victims.

They keep on going and going.

The notion of condeming them to lives of misery and poverty is tough because making a class of unwanteds and leaving them on the street isn’t going to make us safer.

They can’t function in the military. They do function well on Wall St. Is that the best answer?

Somehow, I think not.

But this story is the worst one I have ever seen posted. It makes me ill.

Ox Drover

Go read about Dr. Amy Castillo, Silver, it is worse than this one…Dr. Castillo warned the judges and they did nothing except give him unsupervised visitation…and he killed the children like he said he would.

Judges need training…in something besides LAW. They need to know about psychopaths and good parenting and that CHILDREN have a right to be safe from bad parents. Not every parent loves their Child or is a fit person to have interaction with a child.

Denise Guiney

Hi Dani, since the barriers were put up after a murder why don’t we refer to them as murder barriers?


The outrageous thing about this so-called “mentally ill” man is that he presented as a normal loving father – he has people defending him as the victimised one who lost it after dealing with a “vindictive ex”. From what I recall, the mother only gave in because she was sick of fighting and knew she would lose custody if she didn’t.

I once read about this case on a blog, and I was incensed with the comments. No doubt many were planted by fathers rights members. But there were those who claimed to have known him and what a gentle person he was, and how he was fighting a really bitter malicious ex. Of course the judge didn’t see him as dangerous – people who knew him didn’t.

Ox Drover

It IS difficult to know and predict in advance what any human will do. though “the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior” there is also “always a first time” that each person does something. Plus, in cases of murder, the failing to acknowledge the risk is also very much a “losing proposition.”

The man may BE “mentally ill” rather than psychopathic, he may even be out of touch with reality….and have up to that point been “gentle”–but something surely was wrong in this situation that a man was allowed to get to the point, either out of rage and psychopathy or mental illness that he would murder his child to get even with his x wife.

Gavin DeBecker, the author of “the Gift of Fear” about stalkers and others who would hurt us talks about some legal actions like protection orders simply making the stalker/abuser even more angry and determined to hurt us. St. Paul and Jesus both talk about the righteous needing no “law”—and if a person is going to be respectful of a “court order” they probably dont’ need one in the first place, and if they do need one, they are likely to NOT respect it. So the victim is caught in a quandry of “do I get one and further pith him off, or do I not get one and he keeps on but the cops won’t do a thing unless he physically hurts me, and then not much?” The old CATCH 22 if ever there was one. Then in some cases, the woman asks for an order of protection and the judge refuses! So she gets a slap in the face and he gets a WIN!

Putting up a barrier over that bridge I think is such a stupid thing—you can’t prevent every parent from killing a child by drowning unless you put a barrier up over every lake and bathtub and the ocean as well.

Courts allowing and even FOSTERING the fighting between parents over the kids like two dogs pulling on a piece of rag MUST STOP in my opinion. This is exactly the kind of fighting over possessions that psychopaths do, and children are used as the best, ultimate, and last weapon of the psychopathic parent to hurt the other one and damn what it does to the children themselves. Courts and the way custody and visitation etc is handled, as a “right of the parent” rather than “what is best for the children” only makes it worse. The automatic ASSUMPTION that a child is better off with two parents, and that one parent can be a miserable wife/husband beating drunk and still be a “positive influence” on the children beggars belief.


This scares the hell out of me. My heart goes out to that little girl and her family, but I also see a similar situation in my case. My spath still has unsupervised visitation, my daughter is junior high, and scared of him. He gets her every week. She does not want to go. I have talked to 3 lawyers, 2 advocates, a state senator, countless counselors, and no one has any ideas on how I can get her away from him, until he actually hurts her.

You all are correct, he has all the rights, the child has none, and she is his possession. He apparently feels that way, and the courts back him up.

He just made threats on shooting everyone at the court house, because he did not like a recent decision, and I even have him on tape. I took this to the police, who said “Eh, he is just venting.” I explained he was diagnosed with APD, isolates, I have a P.O. against him, but the cop still just acted like he was just an angry guy blowing off some steam at the injustice done him.

I don’t know what it will take for the authorities to truly “get it”, but the ignorance and apathy that I have been met with over and over again in the system has me so frustrated.

And how the HELL am I supposed to protect my child? He is losing it mentally. No one in a position to help will listen. This idiot cop even told me to just not take her and let him file contempt, and then explain why I don’t want her to go. I have been victimized by this judge over and over again, and he thinks that this judge will actually listen to me? I will be in contempt of parental alienation, and probably end up in jail, with the result of the psychopath getting MORE time with my daughter! GGGgggrrrrrr………

Ox Drover

Dear Stillinshock.

I don’t blame you for being scared.

I suggest that you go BACK to the police and see someone at a HIGHER LEVEL than before. If THAT does not help any then I suggest that you go to your county or state’s CHILD ROTECTIVE SERVICES….if that doesn’t help I suggest that you go to the PRESS.

Good luck and God bless you and your daughter and keep you safe.


Thanks for your ideas, ox drover. I did just go ahead and call CPS again, and told them I felt he was getting more volatile and isolating more, and getting a bit more mentally unstable, as he is showing more and more anger lately. He is spending a lot of time at the cemetery, and he does not even know anyone buried there. It is freaking me out!

They wrote up a report, and are sending it to the appropriate county, and I am waiting to hear back, because she said if they go to check, they can decide if he may need a visit to a hospital for a mental evaluation. Taking deep breaths here……

Ox Drover

Hopefully they will interview your daughter as well and maybe get her fears noted and documented. She is old enough now that her wishes ought to be respected…Good luck and don’t give up. I would use the press as a LAST RESORT because you are going to pith off some folks at CPS and the judge and so on and right now you dont’ want to do that unless it is a last ditch effort….but don’t give up. If you really in truly and your daughter really in truly fear this man DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO TO KEEP HER AND YOURSELF SAFE. ((((hugs))) and my prayers for your safety!


Stillinshock ~

Most police departments have victim’s advocates associated with and/or on staff. Possibly if you and your daughter could talk to that person, even taking articles like this with you and saying “Look this is what could happen to my child, where do I turn?” I AM NOT a vindictive spouse, I AM a SCARED mother. We are dealing with a very disturbed individual here, what do we do? If not there try Children’s Services with the same language.

Also, I believe you can hire an attorney to represent your daughter only, not you. This attorney will fight for the rights of your daughter. I am unsure under what circumstances this is allowed, you may want to check.

My prayers are also with you.


CPS in my county did inform his county that I would be more than willing to allow my daughter to speak with them. She wants to. She is ready to have her voice heard. She is tired of feeling like a pawn. I hope they will talk with her. I had a victim’s right advocate with the police dept, but she only went with me to help me obtain a P.O. I have one now in my county who is trying to work with me, I meet with her next week.

I’m at the point where I don’t give a ….. about pithing people off, I want my daughter to have a better life and not be subjected to his crazy rants and detrimental negative views. I told my sister that if the courts don’t start listening soon, I am heading downtown in a big blue chicken suit to start getting some attention here!!!

Oh, and I just found out I have no way of knowing if he ever purchases a gun or not, and since he is not a gun person, but has been talking about shooting people, I know if he purchases a gun he will be intending to use it, so it would have been a really good way to keep tabs on when we may have to disappear…..but unfortunately there is no way to find out.

Ox Drover

Dear Stillinshock,

Does he have a criminal history at all? If so, it is illegal for him to purchase a gun in his name directly and if he bought one from a dealer, he would be refused a hand gun at least with a record, but it is not illegal to buy a gun from an individual wihout a check BUT it IS ILLEGAL for him to do so if he has a criminal record. But he may actually not even KNOW THAT, or NOT CARE.

There really IS no way to know if he buys a gun as he could also buy one off the street illegally or a “hot” or stolen gun.

It isn’t illegal to go walk in a graveyard…or if he has no felony record…to buy a gun…but taken as a OVER ALL PICTURE with other things, it is sure an indicator of a person’s mental stability but not usually enough to lock someone up, and even then on ly for 72 hours on a “hold” unless they are an IMMEDIATE DANGER TO THEMSELVES OR OTHERS….and you have got to be pretty darned OUT OF IT to be locked up against your will these days.

I agree the “blue chicken suit” may be necessary, and the press may be the way you need to go. But whatever you do, BE SAFE!!!! (((hugs))) and my prayers for us all.


Tragic and terrifying.


He does not have a criminal history. I doubt he would do it legally anyway, though.

Yeah, the graveyard thing is just creepy combined with the fact that he is losing his mental faculties, he isolates and is not dating, building any kind of life, working a job, or hanging out with friends much at all. Lives in a dark dirty home he does not clean. Does not bathe regularly. Totally obsessed still with me and how I have ruined his life.

I see my advocate tomorrow.


Still – You did not ruin his life HE DID it all on his own. Good luck for tomorrow with your advocate.

Ox Drover

Dear Stillinshock,.

While your X sounds pretty psychopathic he also sounds like he might ALSO be mentally ill (just because he is one does not mean he can’t ALSO be the other too) The not bathing regularly and living in a house that is filthy and the “totally obsessed” could mean that he is very depressed or psychotic (not in touch with reality) or that he is paranoid or delusional and which actually might mean he is MORE DANGEROUS rather than less dangerous.

I think you need to mention these things to your advocate.

Also, to you— Candy is RIGHT, you did NOT ruin his life, HE RUINED HIS LIFE….but that does not mean he will NOT BLAME YOU FOR HIS PAIN. By placing the blame on you, it would “justify” in his mind, him hurting you as well. BE CAREFUL! (((hugs))) and my prayers for you.

Dani S

Yayyyy!!! Aurthur Freeman Tonight was charge with the murder of his daughter Darcy. After 5 long days and a night the Jury finally came to an agreement after deliberating if he was Mad or Bad! If a verdict wasnt agreed tonight it would have gone to a re trial. R.I.P little Darcy

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