Marriage Fraud

Nicholas Keung, reports a common story about marriage fraud and how it happened to Erin Sanden, a single woman from Canada who met  Jorge Manuel Batista Gonzalez, 33, while on vacation in Cuba. The two married.  Just three days after joining her in her home in Canada, Gonzalez took off, leaving an empty jar of money and a misspelled note, telling her not to look for him.

The Marriage to Cuban leaves Brampton bride brokenhearted and broke in TheStar.com

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The article I wrote that was posted today was for you, but it was also for ME because I too have let the cares of this world overwhelm me and knock me off the path toward healing and taking care of myself. Taking care of ourselves is or should be at least NUMBER ONE.

Here is the link to it in case you haven’t seen it or read it, please do. These things all are good for us, easy and free if we will just DO them.


EXACTLY! Once I was out of the sham;the spin-cycle,and got myself into counseling,I realized that many of our behaviors are learned in childhood.Unfortunately,they are behaviors that at their worst are dysfunctional;at their best are “lopsided” (my own term,meaning it’s only 1/2 of the way things ought to be).It is an admirable thing to show compassion to other people.Yet,if you fail to show compassion to yourself,how long will it be before you become exhausted;perhaps even bitter?!How long will you still find room in your heart to show compassion for others?

Funny thing,I was just thinking today about a bubble bath and I log in and read your post mentioning the same,lol!

Ox Drover is correct. Many are from the U.S. and often they are women as perpetrators. I am still digging out from the aftermath of a sociopathic/psychopathic “spouse” who took everything, including my sanity and security.


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