Married man sleeps with 13 women in a week

Three different Lovefraud readers sent in a link to a story on the Today Show website. In a letter to Dr. Gail Schultz, a psychiatrist and Today Show contributor, a 41-year-old married man claimed that he will hit his all-time record for sleeping around—13 women in a week.

The guy says his wife is intelligent, beautiful, and they have a great sex life. Still, he looks at every woman who walks by and watches porn. He meets women online, sleeps with them on the first date, and then dumps them.

In her reply, Dr. Schultz’s first words are: “I think you are a sex addict and a sociopath.”

Here’s the story: Married man: ‘I slept with 13 women this week.’

Media says the “S” word

The good news is that finally, a media commentator used the word “sociopath.” Dr. Schultz identified the guy’s lack of guilt, remorse and empathy. “It sounds as though you have no capacity for emotion,” she wrote.

Even if the guy was exaggerating—one might doubt the ability of any man to hook up with 13 women in a week—the term certainly applies. I commend Dr. Schultz for using it.

The bad news is Dr. Schultz implies that the guy can be helped. She writes: “If you want to try living a normal life—something beyond a life governed by sexual addiction—you need treatment, either individual treatment or group treatment.”

Good luck with that.

But at least the word “sociopath,” correctly used, has made its way into the mainstream media.

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The boyfriend has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend. There is still a lot of investigation going on about the case and lots of speculation, but he did approach her with a loaded rifle and baseball bat. Some witnesses say she had a death wish, others say a struggle ensued where he was attempting suicide and she tried to get the gun from him, others say there was a lot of animosity between them, even though they were to be married, others say drugs and alcohol were involved. Either way, she is dead and he is in jail. Senselessness. I would say the most of the truth died with her. Not to speak ill of the dead, but she had lots of relationship problems in her life. She had lots of different men over the course of her 33 years. It was said that she had been turning her life around. But because of a loaded rifle that didn’t have a place in that apartment and building, she no longer has any chances of making changes.

As I watch the news and read the articles, all I’m seeing is about the violence between the sexes. There is something so radically wrong in our society. The secular world calls it a mental disorder and the Christian community calls it sin. The Godlessness of people cause them to act out in evil ways. For those who believe God’s words, Galatians 5 tells of the difference between a life living in the flesh vs the spirit. We can see these differences as we observe the behaviors of people.

Our country is allowing laxness where morals and clean living are concerned. The very essence of God is being pushed out of so many things because it’s not politically correct. We might offend someone. I see our borders are being weakened because there is such a lack of self control. Hollywood shows weak people how to live and they act on it because they have no identity and try to exemplify these characters. There are so few role models for people to pattern their lives after. Without a genuine soul search, I see so many who just do what they want to do, when they want to do it, and defy anyone to tell them otherwise. According to God’s words that is sin.

These behaviors are as much a problem of the heart as it is the mind. I’ve known lots of people who have had the behaviors listed here, who when they committed their hearts to God and chose to pattern their lives after Christ, no longer had those issues. God’s words have stood the test of time. Man’s words don’t. There is an eternity for us to gain and it’s determined by the way we live this life. Truth-Fact-we all will die. When a lot of people are faced with dying, they suddenly scramble to find a right relationship with God. They want to change. Why can’t that happen before they are confronted with death? Why don’t they want a more fulfilling and purposeful way of living? I believe they are blinded by sin. They are living in darkness. It’s all about them. Their wants, needs and desires in preference of another. There is no Golden Rule in their thinking.

In my case, they would do this for others but not for me. There is so much convoluted thinking in relationships. I see so many who want the other person to do for them what they refuse to do for themselves. Jealously, anger, deceit, guile, selfishness, etc., all fruits of the flesh. A life without being at one with God. It’s not about a certain religion. It’s about God. I don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t reverence a life with God, because they won’t have my interests at heart. We are living in a society that feels they don’t need to answer for anything and that thinking in spilling over into our relationships. A lot of empty vessels walking around. This emptiness goes into all cultures. It’s a human sickness. People are dying, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, for lack of a Savior. The dysfunction that inhabits our homes, is because so many don’t and won’t concede to a Higher Power and just want to do it their way. The disorder and disunity that so many call marriage, friendship, etc., is so far from what was set in place by God from the beginning of time. And for me, I can’t submit to a man out of tyranny, but I will submit to a man who will submit his will to God and humble himself, because there will be a day when that will happen. Souls are being taken so rapidly anymore. There is so much death and destruction, and so many times it’s at the hands of someone who says, I love you. That isn’t love and isn’t even close. There are the natural catastrophes, that I feel are a wake up call for the rest of us. Somehow the message needs to be gotten out. It’s not uncool to walk with God and have a relationship with Him first. Christ has been my first love and I only ever wanted to share that love with others. Maybe it’s because of that relationship that my others failed. I don’t know. I was blamed for other issues. But I’ve learned that I don’t have to take that blame anymore.

How sad for so many who don’t have freedom in a relationship. My heart aches for the sadness that comes through the words of others. I’ve been there and God stopped the dysfunction and allowed truth. Now it’s all about the healing. And we all can find that healing. Since the truth came out in my life, my body is responding and I don’t have the ailments that plagued me for a long time. My mind isn’t troubled by the events anymore. My heart isn’t always crying out for someone. I’m not complete, but I sure have made strides. That, to me, has been God. He has directed my steps and I’ve found others who share that pain. We really can be there for each other. And how sad for those who have been killed or are dying bit by bit, emotionally, mentally, etc., at the hands of someone who wants absolute control and says, “I love you”.

apt/mg: I understand what you are saying about society having turned its back on God because it’s not politically correct.

However, what needs to be mentioned is that Christian (or otherwise Godly) women and men are often targeted by sociopaths because it’s guaranteed that Christians play by the rules, are loyal, compassionate and are all too willing to accept more then their fair share of responsibility – perfect fodder for a sociopath to hide behind and play his/her games.

It is encouraging to see that the world of sociopaths is starting to become exposed and information is being shared among the “normals” to prevent exploitation. I think we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg as far as acknowledging the unseen damage these individuals cause. If you look back in history, the worst atrocities were committed by sociopathic individuals with power.

Sociopaths rely on secrecy and shame on the part of the “normals” to continue their self-serving, exploitive behaviour. When we become as open about the destruction they deliberately cause, we will probably begin to see changes to our whole society and world for the better.

The problem is what to DO with these people that are inherently parasitic and otherwise unwelcome? If we can’t change them, and they don’t want (or can’t) change themselves, where is their place in society? Clearly, society would improve vastly if such people were removed but what does that mean exactly?

Along with recognition and exposure of sociopaths, we need to start discussing realistic solutions to dealing with the problem instead of the approach we have now, which is certainly not pro-active.


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