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Martin Larney kills his girlfriend over the outfit she was wearing

Martin Larney (Phoenix Sheriff’s Office)

Martin Larney, 22, of Arizona didn’t like the outfit his girlfriend, Alina Duwyenie, also 22, was wearing. So he shot her in the left eye. At the hospital, the young woman was pronounced dead.

Larney told three different stories about the incident, finally admitting he shot his girlfriend. It wasn’t his first domestic violence incident.

Jealous boyfriend ‘fatally shoots his girlfriend in the EYE after becoming upset over the outfit she was wearing,’ on


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Men need to take hate crimes against women seriously. I wonder did he legally have a gun after being charged with DV? The judge should be in jail for reckless endangerment.


It didn’t say he was charged with DV. It said he admitted being responsible for past domestic violence incidents that were never reported. If people don’t report these incidents, judges can’t be blamed for that.


There are so many directions to go in a discussion like this. Obviously, this guy is disordered. He has taken abuse and control to the ultimate fatal level, and it is very tragic for the victim. Yet is is so easy for anyone in this country to get a gun, and this is where my mind goes, especially in the aftermath of all the mass shootings. We live in a gun-worshiping culture that values the right to own a gun above all else, and pretty much anyone has access to them. The CDC is either not funded or permitted to do research on gun violence as a cause of death because of lobbying of the NRA. But in a news story I listened to on Colorado Public Radio, an independent research study found that when there was a gun in the home, it was far more likely to be used in a domestic incident like this one than used for self-protection. This alone should be enough for stronger gun control laws. But the almighty second amendment has some sort of magical power in this country. I find it scary and disgusting.

Granted, sociopaths find ways to destroy people without the use of firearms, too. But as I said, this is where my mind goes in the aftermath of all the mass shootings.


he likely needed NO reason to kill her! I remember being threatened, when I got my hair cut too short, or not wearing ‘skimpy’ enough clothing when we were in public, or speaking up at the wrong time for the wrong reasons. it takes NOTHING at all, for psychopaths to ‘go over the falls’.

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