Mary Kennedy feared her husband, RFK Jr., ‘was trying to gaslight her’

Mary Richardson Kennedy, wife of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., hanged herself in the barn of her estate on Wednesday, May 16. Here are some excerpts from news articles about the case:

• Kennedy married Mary Richardson just three weeks after divorcing his first wife.

• Kennedy filed for divorce two years ago. According to the New York Post, “he’d slapped her with several restraining orders and had her found in contempt of court and had reportedly wrested custody of their four children away from her.”

• The Post also quoted a friend as describing Mary Richardson as “psychologically tortured.”

• Kennedy, in the meantime, carried on a high-profile romance with actress Cheryl Hines.

• Mary Richardson was deep in credit card debt.

• Back in 2007, Robert Kennedy tried to drive Mary Richardson to a hospital for treatment. A friend told the New York Daily News that Mary feared her husband was trying to gaslight her.

Mary Kennedy suicide: Estranged wife of Robert Kennedy Jr. was ‘lost and alone,’ on NYDailyNews.com.

Debt, drugs and divorce battle added to RFK Jr. wife’s troubles: pals, on NYPost.com.

Wake held for Mary Kennedy after ugly and unusual court battle, on NYPost.com.

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D’s mom,

I agree with you that more people than not are basically good, but while I believe that 1-4% qualify as PPDs on the PCLR there are a lot of people that score high on the check list without maybe qualifying as full blown Psychopaths…so they are NOT people you would want to be intimate with as friends, business partners, or lovers.

I am sure there are plenty of “good” people who are “dysfunctional” as far as boundary setting and life styles are concerned….again, not people you would want to be intimate with.

I am very picky and choosy now about how I choose friends and even casual people that I associate with much. People don’t have to be “perfect” just HONEST and not hateful….but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t even pass muster as “honest” and “kind” the majority of the time.

Too many people are like that customer of Kim’s that came into the place to eat at nearly 10 pm and threw a fit, or the time the same woman came in and threw a fit over how her eggs were cooked…I’m at least glad that Kim’s boss supported her over that one.

Well, I am off for a short road trip to go to the antique stores and just look around with a friend. Got my house work done this morning, sticking to my eating plan (don’t call it a “diet”) and feeling a bit frisky. You guys keep it between the ditches while I am gone and don’t solve all the world’s problems before I get back! LOL (((hugs)))

LOL (((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))

I agree… I have the same thing: when I see a hint of selfish disfunctioning I stay away from these people or ignore them. I’m definitely more alert about it, and make my conclusions fast on whether to have them around or not. I’m not giving these people any effort of mine, not even the effort of understanding.

But I’m also starting to realize how many actual good people I know too. Maybe there are less than I think, but then that’s because I seek the company of good people these days for 100%. And I value them even more than I ever did before.

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