Match.com agrees to screen for sex offenders

Carole Markin of California met Alan Paul Wurtzel of Pacific Palisades on Match.com. On their second date, he sexually assaulted her. Turns out that he had at lease six previous sex offense convictions.

Markin sued Match.com, and now they’ve agreed to screen for sex offenders. Will it do any good?

Match.com agrees to screen for sex offenders to settle lawsuit on LATimes.com

Why Match.com can’t screen out sex offenders on MSNBC.com.

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no not insane, just spaths.
I know what you mean. So many WTF? moments coming down the pike. But it’s always a relief when you figure out the reason: a spath. Then it makes more sense.

Skylar I need your two cents here at the very last comment of mine: http://www.lovefraud.com/blog/2009/02/10/are-we-there-yet/#comment-135007

Plz 🙁

Skyer-we need to keep that going, WTF moments=get the F out. How simple thar is. When you pointed out WTF moments, you made it simple for the uneducated in sociopaths to understand.


WTF moments = GTF out! nice one!!

WTF? moments are a huge red flag. You don’t have to be smart, you don’t have to memorize anything. You only have to listen to your gut. If it says, “WTF?”, it’s a spath.

If only I had listened to my gut with my ex-spath. But how could I when I had SEVERAL WTF? moments with my own mother.

Actually my mom is WAY BETTER than my exspath. I actually had less WTF moments with her than with exspath. She has the facade down pat. My mom, though she hasn’t killed or conned half the people that spath did, is much better than spath. No way anyone can see past her facade. Only 1 person that I know of did. That person is a child psychologist.


sky- when you wrie about your mom i get this impression of a very cold thin 1950’s housewife with her lips pursed ever so slighlty. guess the look is ‘pious.’

Spaths are all so the same and all so different. your mother is sadistic, your ex is homicidal. i don’t know that it was personal with your mom, she didn’t want kids and she could smell you were different than the rest of the litter and therefore treated you accordingly (and the others being spathy wouldn’t respond to her manipulation and lack of care in the same way either); whereas with your ex i think it was personal. You were something shiny he found that could destroy. with your mom you were already there in her household. Both are still crimes of opportunity…he just seems more maniacal. i guess maybe it’s about the temperment of the spath: ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ spaths, some who are all in and working their spathiness in a passionate way and some who do it more coolly, more dispassionately.

not sure if i proved my orignial point about personal/ impersonal. i got half way through this post and went – well no, it might not be that it was more personal with your ex, just that they have different temperaments.

One/Joy, getting off topic like that, is what son D and I call “chasing rabbits” (going in all kinds of directions and turns down rabbit holes) LOL Actually I get the same impression from Sky’s writings about her mom, “pious 1950s housewife.”

I agree with you too about the psychopaths are “all alike AND all different”—it is sort of like Narcissists/psychopaths can hurt you by eating the last piece of cake, knowing you haven’t had any, but just don’t care, they want it so it is okay for them to eat it. YOU are hurt by their lack of consideration and caring…but really they didn’t INTEND TO HURT YOU, they just wanted the cake and didn’t CARE that you hadn’t had any.

Then there are the N/Ps who have eaten every crumb of cake they can hold, knowing you haven’t had any, but they can’t eat the last piece of cake, they are just too full, so IN ORDER TO KEEP YOU FROM GETTING ANY CAKE they SMASH the last piece of cake on the floor and leave it there for you to see, and go to bed with a smirk on their face. LOL So yea, they are the same and they are different. But they are all TOXIC.


Oxy. 🙂

the spath’s dupe’s lawyer called the spath an ’emotional sadist’ on the air. twas refreshing.

Woah, cake-smashing….that’s creepy.

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