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Megan’s law killer wants to get out of jail

Jesse Timmendequas, of Hamilton, New Jersey, lured 7-year-old Megan Kanka into his home back in 1994, promising to show her a puppy. He sexually assaulted and strangled her, then dumped her body in a park. At the time, he was already a convicted sex offender.

Timmendequas was convicted in 1997, and has been in prison ever since. Because of his crime, New Jersey and many other states passed “Megan’s Laws,” mandating that communities be notified about sex offenders living in their neighborhoods.

Timmendequas has filed appeals, claiming that his defense lawyers were ineffective. The New Jersey appeals court ruled yesterday that he can pursue his claims, although the court did not agree that Timmendequas’ conviction should be overturned.

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A prior article said that the counsel was ineffective because they did not offer proof of Timmendequas’ mental retardation.

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Ox Drover

As most of you who have read my blogs on here for the last 4 years, I absolutely HATE child abusers—and having personally known one of the worst, Charles “jackie” Walls III who molested over 1500 kids in his 20+ year career as a molester and boy scout “leader” who is in prison in Arkansas for NATURAL LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE….I have changed my stance on the death penalty from very PRO death penalty to now being in favor of LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE for ANY offender who is a murderer, rapist, or three-times convicted felony offender. (three strikes and you are OUT –or IN—as the case may be!)

If this man had been given a LIFE sentence the first time he sexually offended, or the second time, Megan would still be alive today.

The ONLY reason I am against the death penalty is because the Innocence projects have used DNA to free too many INNOCENT people who have been given the death penalty, and even some on long term sentences, so I think that since our justice system is as flawed as it is, that we can’t in good conscience take a chance on executing an innocent man or woman (or many of them) but on the other hand, if we would lock up the 25% of our convicts that ARE psychopaths (retarded or not) and KEEP THEM LOCKED UP, 80% of our violent crime would go away.

Shame on the public defender’s office for wasting time, tax paper’s money, and trying to get this guy off on a POSSIBLE technical “flaw” in his case when the time and money could be better spent defending some other poor sap who IS INNOCENT.


Yeah, this guy was mentally retarded. That’s why he made up a fake story about a puppy to lure his victim in and then dumped her body. That explains it all! Right… :/

Ox Drover: Aw, how did they finally catch Jackie? I do NOT trust most scout leaders. Even the female leaders of boy groups, which I don’t think should be allowed, but it is allowed in some parts. πŸ™

Ox Drover

One of Jackie’s 1500 (yep, fifteen hundred) victims told his parents, and then told Jackie he had told, and jackie convinced him to murder his family before they went to the law. The kid did kill his family and of course at 15 years old was too dumb to cover it up adequately, so when he was caught, he told about Jackie. And once one had come out the flood gates opened and hundreds of boys and men came out to tell their stories.

He had even molested his nephews, one of whom killed himself as a result. There was an hour long show on television about it, it has been years so I can’t remember the name….but you can google his name And I am sure come up with a lot of the details.

His father was a close friend of my family’s and a good man. Jackie had a lovely wife and a couple of NICE KIDS….

As for Scouts….Scouting is one of the few kids organizations that does SERIOUSLY have some rules in place and any person who does not follow those rules gets kicked out immediately. My adopted son has worked for the scouts since he was 14. Some of the rules are that NO staff member is ever alone with a child, that is not within EYE SIGHT of another staffer, so if a staff member needs to talk to a child privately, they still stay where another staffer can see them.

Jackie was apparently SUSPECTED and was kicked out of scouting a couple of years before his arrest, but like many pedophiles, he was guttsy and actually attended a national scout jamboree under a phony name along some adults who KNEW he was using a phony name…and then HAD HIS PHOTO MADE WITH THE GROUP at the jamboree. The thing is the other adults were DUPED into going along with him because they just didn’t believe all those “lies” and “slander” about “good old Jackie.”

Which is back to the thing again about “regular” people don’t believe the TRUE stories about psychopaths because they just can’t fathom that someone they “know” could “be that way” it just has to be “not true.” DUH!!!!!!


I’m beyond depressed at this story. I can’t believe none of those boys told. πŸ™ Are kids not open with their family? Are they shamed or scared to tell? I would have told right away! Then again, it’s easy to say that, but might be totally different when it happens. :/

My family has been finding out about my dad lately. πŸ˜€ He is working with them on a painting job and is not actually doing anything and taking all the money. They once said he “wasn’t like that” or things to that effect. Well, he is…

Ox Drover: So Jackie came from a good family? Do you think he was molested when he was little, by anybody? I know some people think others are made this way by abuse or neglect. I don’t, at least not all the time.

Ox Drover

Yea, it is a horrible story….there is no telling how many young lives he ruined, or damaged….the DA said “if we could have asked for the death penalty in this case we would have.” Jack’s mom died before he was convicted, and his dad became a recluse. His sister, the one whose child he molested that suicided is very bitter, I am not sure about his wife and kids, I haven’t kept up with them since I moved away, but I know it must have been HORRIBLE FOR THEM. I used to go to church with them.

I am not sure what made Jackie like he is, I doubt that he was molested, but even if he was, most kids that are molested do not grow up to be molesters themselves. Jacked worked with my X husband and I knew Jackie was an asshole, but didn’t even suspect that he was a child molester. I’m not going to guess specifically what made Jackie what he was, my guess is in general like most of them a mixture of genes and environment.

Dr. Anna Salter who is one of the world’s experts on pedophiles says that the AVERAGE number of molestations most pedophiles have DONE before they get caught and charged is 300…so a “first” offender pedophile is usually a 300th offender… Jackie just got lucky that he didn’t get caught sooner. He did 20 years of molesting at least and hundreds of kids, but there are others out there that don’t get caught ever, and they are males, FEMALES (believe it or not) old, young, black, white, rich, poor, smart, dumb, a cross section of humanity, and my personal opinion is that 100% of them are psychopaths as well.


One sociopath ruined and tainted that many lives. Is it any wonder why a world full of them is in such a mess? πŸ™ It just takes one to ruin the whole water supply. You have seen the worst of the worst, Ox Drover! How do you keep faith in others? Are you very guarded around others now? I don’t think I could trust after knowing and going to church with a monster like that. πŸ™

Genes and enviroment is the theory I subscribe to. It’s all a mixture. I just wish we could see in to his past to find out what made him that way. So many questions that will never have answers.

Wow, I had NO IDEA first time offenders may have done that many times. I should have figured! First time just means the first time they were caught! Still, 300?! You think all pedophiles are sociopaths? 100%? That’s a big claim. It makes sense, though. In a sad way. πŸ™ Still, why do you think that? I’ve never thought about it really. Not all killers are sociopaths, right? So, why are all pedophiles sociopaths? I’m confused(I’m NOT defending them, by the way.). πŸ™

Sorry you have to explain all this stuff. I have gold stars to reward you with. πŸ˜›


I believe that there is an underlying “red flag” in your story about Jackie.
It’s hard to articulate this, but I’ll try.
I think that the stories about vampires turning others into vampires are based on this “red flag”.

I believe that sociopaths don’t just want to destroy innocent people, they are intent on turning others into themselves. My spath being the perfect example since he recruited others to do evil and even wrote about it in the letter I found in his bible.

Still, I wouldn’t put much stock into that if it weren’t for a conversation I had with his friend Harry, whom I now believe to be a “minor sociopath” who lives alone in a rundown shack by the river and works as an airplane mechanic. Harry doesn’t really go around hurting people, he’s mild mannered and drives like a church mouse. The worst thing I can say about harry is that he took glee in watching the evil mechanations that Doug allowed him to see.

That said, in the conversation I had with Harry, he told me he has an “alcoholic sister” and a schizophrenic brother. His sister has a husband and kids. Harry has never married and has had sex maybe twice in his life (Doug told me).
Harry said he hates his sister and “would like to CUT HER HEART OUT”. He offered no explanation for that. Then he said, “but I try to keep in touch with her boys so I can influence them.” This gives me the impression, that even a pathetic loser sociopath, like Harry, carries the prime directive with him: SPREAD SOCIOPATHY.

It sounds to me like Jackies prolific run was perhaps not so much for sexual gratification but the express purpose of spreading as much psychic dysfunction as possible.

On another subject. You posted about One Joy’s amazing post and I thanked you for it, last night. But I was on my droid and now I lost it again. Do you know where it went?



Very good story…thanks for sharing that.


SKY – you can find info i posted here:


Thanks One Joy, that’s one to print and study for sure.


i post first thing in the morning, and rarely get to connect at that time of day. i have had a bloody miserable day. I am lonley, angry, frustrated, and i’ll say it again: angry.

work has been a blackening hole for the last few weeks – i feel like I am drowning in crap that i can’t complete, with little support. this aft i found out that one of our main board members, who i work closely with, has to step back for awhile. omfg – i feel so terribly isolated to begin with. i work form home and the crap is piling up. a few weeks ago, when i moved my bed into the living room i just gave up. it’s been almost 2 years of moving room to room to avoid the bad behaviour of others- i am now officlialy squatting in my own place. the dished are done, but the floors aren’t and the furnitire is half in and half out and i am just damn well fed up.

i miss my mom. and that cocksucker is the reason i don’t get to see her. I went to buy him a fd card and a bday card at the dollar store tonight (strategic gifting) and i only wanted to buy the not so nice funny ones – i relaize that i hate the mofo. god, i am just angry angry angry. i had been thinkig about calling him and asking him to bring mom to our garden party on saturday and was going to ask what y’all thought about that, but i am so angry with him i could spit.

i don’t know what to do about my job. i feel like i am sinking. too much work, not enough comaraderie and certainly no one sharing the work. the new Exec director pulled a real boner today that cost me time and work, and i am pissed off about it. in general he pisses me off – full of big ideas and blah blah – but where are the nuts and bolts? he doesn’t really want to stay and they don’t really want hm to either. this is the guy who said he was a reformed n. yah, right.

card for fday says, ‘you’re a classic’ …and in my mind i am thinking, classic n.

grrrrr. and the cute dog next door has given me fleas. flaming lovely.

man, i was so lonely and angry tongiht. as i write it out, it seems comical to some degree and the burden is lightening.

my stupid neighbours – the ones who party out fornt in the the warm weather are at it tonight. grumble grumble grumble.

my body has been aching for weeks, I can’t go for my wlak without pain, i am fed up. i am fat. and getting ugly. i feel ugly for the fat. it’s really strong the last couple of days – the more pain the less exercise, the more ugly in the mind. ffffffff.


I am not sure what made Jackie like he is, I doubt that he was molested…

Yes, and the chances are he wasn’t molested. Child sexual abuse is unlike many other forms of abuse inasmuch as it doesn’t seem to be a case of the offender perpetuating a pattern. A fair proportion of children who are abused in other ways—physically, verbally or whatever—do grow up to abuse others (including their own children) in the same way. That can be seen in retrospect as well—meaning the large majority of people who are habitually abusive to others in those ways had a history of being abused themselves as children. But child molestation is different. Most child molesters were not themselves sexually abused as children. And for those who were, it’s probably not the cause of their later behavior. Curiously, some correlation has been cound between being neglected as a child and later pedophilic tendencies, but it’s a vague one. Nobody really knows what causes pedophilia. For all I can tell, it’s probably just “something off kilter in the brain.”

I don’t get this business with Megan’s killer. There doesn’t seem to be any doubt about his guilt. Even if he was, as he claims, “inadequately represented” at trial, his bone of contention seems to be that they didn’t take his (alleged) “mental retardation” into account. If they didn’t take it into account, SO WHAT? If he’s not mentally retarded, they’ll keep him in a maximum security prison, and if he is mentally retarded, they’ll keep him in a maximum security LOONY BIN. So what difference does it make? Let him out on the streets? That’s a joke! They’ll never do that. This is the ultimate in frivolous lawsuits, and the only people who benefit are lawyers, at our expense.

If they’d rubbed him out to begin with, as they should have done since he was sentenced to death, there wouldn’t be all this fuss, and he wouldn’t be costing the taxpayer all this money to keep him all these years. And Megan’s parents would have had some closure years ago.


That article about the “Sick System” was most definitely my old workplace. Without a doubt. I printed it off last week when it was first posted here. It is priceless.



You are in the UK, yeah? Anyway, I feel so bad for you…poor one/joy πŸ™ I hate that angry feeling…just angry, angry. I get like that and when that happens I don’t even know what to do with myself. I hate it so I feel for you. Sigh.

You did make me laugh though!!!! When you said the card said he was a classic…yeah a classic N…hahaha!! I just started snickering πŸ™‚

And then the dog with fleas…oh, no!!! But it was just the way you put all of it that was soooo funny!!!! I don’t mean to laugh, but you are a hoot!


louise. thank you. πŸ˜‰ not in the UK – north of NY, way north of NY.

i know that i am terribly isolated and fed up – but grief shared is greif halved. you want both halves?



OK. You say some English type things such as bloody and spell neighbors with a “u.” Way north of NY?

I’ll take both halves for you!


yup, waaaay north.

here, both halves to you. do what you will with them. i’d like to light the effing things on fire.

you might have a less violent solution. πŸ˜‰

i used to try to write american – so the spath wouldn’t sport me. ouuu, she would have a baaaad day if she ran into me today.



I don’t know…I might just blow them up! πŸ™‚


ouuuu., dy*no*mite!

stupid faker spath said she blew stuff up….gerrrrr



Oooops, sorry if I triggered you by saying that πŸ™ I didn’t know…


no one knows. she was just so full of lie after lie after lie.

no more spath talk.




I understand.

I will only be up for a bit longer. I have to get up at 5AM and it’s already late!


here too. thanks for hanging out louise. i sure needed some company.



You are welcome. Anytime!


I went to buy him a fd card and a bday card at the dollar store tonight (strategic gifting)

“Strategic gifting”—what a wonderful expression! πŸ˜€

OK. You say some English type things such as bloody and spell neighbors with a β€œu.” Way north of NY?

Spelling can be misleading at times. They have “neighboUrs” down south in Oz and NZ as well as other places. Not forgetting our neighbo(u)rs up in the Great Frozen North… πŸ˜‰


Hi Redwald – ‘strategic gifting’ is a great phrase. I have learned so much on lf, especially from ErninBrock, about strategy.

there is a postal strike here, and i sent the first card (fd) out with a freind – he knows what i am doing – don’t let the n sire see the game. ’cause when i sue him, the gifting will cause cognitive dissonance. backspath for the n sire.

i sometimes want to attribute my balls to being his daughter – and maybe i can – but he is a bastard, he stole from me, and he didn’t lift a finger to help me when i was in a great deal of trouble. So, he gets the cheap strategic cards.



Yeah, I finally figured it out…way up north! πŸ™‚

It takes me a minute sometimes…

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