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Michael Eitel hangs himself in a former girlfriend’s home, after allegedly stabbing another girlfriend to death

Michael Eitel

Michael Eitel was wanted for murder.

Michael Eitel, 45, of Berlin, New Jersey, allegedly stabbed his ex-girlfriend, Carol Bowne, 39, of West Berlin, to death in her driveway.

She had taken out a restraining order against him, which he had violated.

Eitel was charged with murder. After a three-day manhunt, he was found in the garage of another ex-girlfriend, where he hanged himself.

Records allege that Eitel had repeatedly threatened another woman’s life in 2006 and vowed to kill himself. He pleaded guilty and received a five-year prison term for a weapons offense.

Woman’s accused killer kills self in Berlin home, on

N.J. man wanted in killing of ex-girlfriend found dead, on



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This is disturbing on so many levels.
How do these people live among us and come to this?
How do we stop it?
What can we do?
Has this been going on since time began and we are becoming aware of it because of the internet?
I subscribe to a blog called “Bonnie s Blog of Crime” and I receive posts almost daily of this horrible evilness.
My question.
Why do we not hear about this on the news?
I live in a large city and have been told by a journalist that there is not enough room in any newspaper to write about all of the “domestic violence”..
Wait, what?? Domestic violence? This is murder. Homicide.
The local news talks about sports and the weather.
How messed up is that?
Why can’t we out these people?
I want to do it legally. I fear that freedom of speech will get me in trouble by revealing names and photos.


At a recent neighborhood meeting in which the police participated, I asked about why assaults were up so much during the recession. What kind of crimes were they? I was worried about people breaking in with weapons, as this happened once, complete with helicopters down the street.

But no, he said most of the assaults were domestic violence. It was the majority. Yet we do not hear about the sheer number of them. In standard crime statistics reports that police departments put out, maybe they should be required to include domestic violence calls or arrests, or both. How about courts report the number of restraining orders granted?


At least he used his need to control for something good, finally. I read these stories where they kill themselves and all I can feel is gladness that just ONE of them is gone.

I never would have felt this way before my own experiences. But now I just feel glad.

It feels like some small form of justice.


It’s possible that he was delusional or had some mental illness other than sociopathy. More information about his behavior would be helpful to determine more certainly if was a sociopath. I don’t think my ex Psychopath would ever commit suicide. He would have no problems committing homicide. If he did get caught, he would do his best to lie his way out of it, and if he went to jail he would manipulate and play games there with whomever is available. Like Charles Manson.



I hear you. It is true that suicide is not a typical out for psychopaths. They usually like the game so much they stay in it for the long haul. And, we certainly don’t know about this guy. But, if he was a spath, I don’t much care that he killed himself. Harsh. Just where I am at with these sorts.

However, they also may, and generally do, have dual diagnosis. So they can be complex, and often have some distinct differences in what they pursue, and how well they do that. Their IQ’s play a big role, and so (believe it or not) does their family, socio economic status, and cultural influences.

My friend was married to a real dirtbag sociopath that tortured her and the 4 kids for 18 years, before dumping her (when she decided she wanted to better herself and go to college”because he never held down a good job). He ran off with a younger woman, had another baby he couldn’t support. He called his ex, my friend, at every turn telling her what a horrible person she was (to justify his abandoning her and the children). No child support. He begged money off of her! He emotionally abused his oldest daughter to the point that she told her mother she thought she (the girl) needed therapy because she was turning out to be crazy.

We’ll, then he (unbeknownst to everyone) began stealing money from a new job. When he got caught”.he shot himself”in the head”..and in his ex-wife’s house, where the kids found him. Ages 4-16. He knew when the kids would be home. He knew they would find him. True spath. Not in his house, where he was still playing love-bomb with his new girlfriend and baby. But where he could inflict the worst and final blow to his ‘loved ones’. All of his children are now in therapy, thinking that they didn’t love their dad enough so he killed himself so they would see how much he had suffered.


This guy was not a very bright guy. From a poor family. Not educated. Not ambitious, other than using women to survive, buy drugs, go to strip clubs, and ride a motorcycle. He was a loser spath of the tallest order. But he had all the signs of being fully personality disordered. He just wasn’t very savvy.

So, when push comes to shove”they do sometimes off themselves. I read from some ‘expert’, cannot remember who, that this is believed to be a final act of control for the spath. A final insult.


I don’t feel sympathetic for him; if he killed someone I also don’t feel sorry that he killed himself, except it may be the easy way out for him in the long run. I’m not sure that you’re harsh, because your sympathy should be saved for those who deserve it.

What a sad story re your friend’s ex spath.

Thank for pointing out the complexities of disorders and diagnosis. My ex P was intelligent in some areas, knew right from wrong, and was just plain evil. I tend to wrongly extrapolate his disorder to others. What really matters is the victims and survivors and how they are doing, not the disordered who cause the harm.

Vicki Kuper

I live in a rural area. The sheriff in the county where I was stalked gives a sheriff’s report to the newspaper every week. There is plenty of room for him to report domestic issues, but he repeatedly fills the space with car/deer accidents. I think by now we all know that we are in an area highly populated with deer, and they run out in front of cars.

To put it into perspective, silence is corruption’s best friend. There’s a reason he’s only reporting car accidents and high profile cases that he can’t keep quiet.

I moved to a different county, also rural. The sheriff here reports arrests, civil cases, traffic tickets, marriages and divorces. Yes, we are rural, but the report still takes up about a half page in the paper. If they can make print small for all of those legal notices that take pages, they can report arrests. Any excuses are just to keep crime quiet. If you have a sheriff keeping it quiet it’s because he sucks at his job, knows it and is afraid of the community finding out.

This case is very disturbing and parallels what I’ve been living with except for one thing. I’m still alive at the moment, and so is he.

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