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Michigan judge impregnates plaintiff, sexts nearly nude picture

Unbelievably brazen actions by Michigan Circuit Court Judge Wade McCree Jr. have landed him on administrative leave.

Married Detroit judge allegedly slept with child-support plaintiff, let her help choose ex-husband’s sentence, on

Be sure to watch the video:

Judge McCree is placed on administrative leave, on

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Donna, what a foul situation, and BOTH parties must be “disordered.” The Judge, for abusing his power. The “plaintiff” for prostituting herself to punish the father of her child.

“Administrative LEAVE?” REALLY??? This man should be disbarred and forbidden to work in any field of Law, including as a para-legal or legal secretary. There isn’t a punishment fit to address his crimes and indiscretions. I can’t think of any punishment aside from monetary restitution that would be adequate.

The woman who engaged in this torrid affair is equally culpable, regardless of any assertions that he made. Nobody in their right mind (even in Spathland) would have sex with a presiding judge in their own matters without having some kind of agenda, themselves, as is clearly reflected in the text messages.

This repugnant man’s actions have called into question EVERY ruling that he’s ever made.

Power corrupts, and this man’s actions are proof. I pity this judge’s family.

Ox Drover

You know, this shows me that the “good old boy network” is still there in the judge’s robes….that judge who beat his daughter got a free 1 year PAID SUSPENSION and is back on the bench again, this man is on PAID SUSPENSION…what do you want to bet my friends in a year he will be back on the benc a “rehabilitated” man after a year off on paid leave?

Our country is run **by** the GOOD OLD BOYS, **FOR** THE GOOD OLD BOYS in every aspect of government and that makes me very very sad.


OxD, it’s just reprehensible that these people are in positions of power and control that can RUIN a person’s life, forever.

Who puts someone on paid suspension for something like this? OTHER SPATHS, that’s who!

It’s not only sad, OxD, but it’s terrifying.

edge of sanity

It is truly reprehensible that Judges , along with attorneys that cannot see thru a psychopath. We, the victims, are at the hands of these judicial idiots, that often take the side of the spath. The spath is an actor in his own play, and wants the academy award. The victim is not the victim, the spath is. Some of these judges, and attorneys really need to take a competancy test yearly, and need to pay to take the test, the monies should be put towards a victim
fund, for restitution caused by these inadequate morans.

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