Mick Philpott, wife and friend sentenced for the manslaughter of 6 children

In a shocking case from the U.K., Mick Philpott, his wife, Mairead, and their friend, Paul Mosley, were all sentenced for setting a fire last year that killed Philpott’s six children. Initially Philpott blamed his mistress, Lisa Wills, who had tried to leave him.

The videos and story paint a disturbing picture of a deceit, control and aggression.

Mick Philpott sentenced to life in prison, Mairead Philpott and Paul Mosley sentenced to 17 years, on HuffingtonPost.co.uk.

Mick Philpott jailed for life judge’s sentencing remarks in full, on Guardian.co.uk.

Derby fire: Philpotts guilty of child deaths, on News.Sky.com.

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Hey Donna, I am in the UK. Yeah me too, as the author of datingasociopath.com – I watched this case and thought classic charismatic sociopath… 100% so when politicians tried to put this man into the box of why welfare benefit needs to be stopped (people will be starving genuine poor people in UK) my response on twitter was simply ‘there are more similarities with certain politicians, except one is high functioning psycho the other low functioning, both are psycho’s’…..

This case jumps out as classic psycho behaviour huh? 🙂

Hi Donna & Positvagirl,

Thanks for posting this story. I’m in the UK too and it’s been pretty harrowing watching this case unfold in the press (and very triggering). This guy was so hell bent on getting revenge on his ex he put himself, and his anger at her for leaving him, before his own children. He was so arrogant that he thought he could control fire! The neighbours who did risk their lives to try to save the children reported that he didn’t even try to get up the ladder to save them! The press are reporting that he is a narcissist but It’s fairly obvious that he has a big lump of sociopath in their as well.

The nutjob I was invoilved with had a white hot hatred of his ex which was quite disturbing, and seriously worried me when he described what he planned to do to her if he got the chance! Very scary!

The wife was the mother of six children who died, the mistress took her five (I think) with her when she left him, but he had other, older ones from a previous relationship. The wife and the mistress lived in the house with the kids, and he lived in a caravan at the side of the house. The women were required to go out and ‘service’ him on demand – a sociopaths dream! The women were on government benefits but they were paid into his bank account – he boasted that he didn’t live off the state – lol!

Donna he had 9 children l think in total; do any UK readers remember Ann Widdicombe ( former goverment minister and member of parliament) living with the Philpotts for a tv show and concluding he was à good father? He was also on the Jeremy Kyle show ( similar to Jerry Springer). The children were his bid for attention. Extentions of his ego in classic narcissist fashion. Positivagirl yep disgraceful attempts to hijack this case to justify benefit slashing which will leave children without adequate food and basic necessities.

I didn’t see the Anne Widdecombe programme but saw clips from it, and it was cringe making. I also saw clips from the Jeremy Kyle show and he is an obnoxious slime ball (Philpott!) – it was embarrassing to watch! Apparently he had 17 children by five women.

This was absolutely horrible!As I read the story,I was triggered.Spath never did anything violent like that,but he showed the same arrogant attitude;the same disregard for the children’s welfare and happiness.And he was happy to live off assistance!That way,he felt like he could just stay home and control me all the time!He would have used me as a baby making machine so his benefits would have kept increasing.But it wasn’t only my health that wouldn’t permit it-it was my conscience.I felt that would have been fraudulent.So after 3 daughters,I made sure I got a tubal/with tubes burnt.HE WASN’T HAPPY WITH ME!

I couldn’t help feeling bad when I read about Mairead’s involvement.As the saying goes,”There but for the grace of God,go I!” I,too,loved my children,nurturing them and trying to make their life (and my life) as ‘normal’ as possible.What they REALLY NEEDED,and what I was unable to provide,was a SENSE OF SECURITY.

I didn’t realize before the end of relationship with spath when it dawned on me that I had even started putting him before God,that I had done the same thing with my children.The fog had been so thick all those years that I couldn’t see through it!

Blossom4th, It really triggered me too! I dreamt about nutjob after reading about this – been no contact for a couple of years but this has brought up a lot of bad memories, its very disturbing. I’d like to think he wouldn’t have done anything as stupid as this but he would shamelessly use his children to hurt, damage or bring down his wife. She strived tirelessly to give them a good stable upbringing, against all the odds. He has committed benefit fraud but seems to slither out of it when he gets caught – by abusing the system they make it difficult for people who genuinely need assistance.

yes donna i hope mick philpott never gets out of jail..i hope he rots there….but unfortunately over on this side of the world life doesnt mean life…………i was reading an article in the paper yesterday about him….it showed the cell he is in ,a new custom built cell like the one in the hannible lectur film….a glass box…..where he can be watched 24/7……where he is isolated from the rest of the prison and on a segregated unit where other prisons who have commited hurrendous murders are……..they say he is danger from the other inmates……..awh poor him……can you imagine the money the state is paying now to house this evil man……….they should bring back the death penalty and not waste their money.

can you imagine….an evil,sadist,narcissist,a murder,a psychopath in a glass box being watch constantly….he will love it.there is no justice…..cause he will get all the attention he wants.

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