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Missing: $99 million donated for military veterans

Approximately $100 million has been donated to the U.S. Navy Veterans Association by people who want to help military veterans. About $99 million of that money is missing. The man who ran what is now considered to be a scam is also missing.

Read Lawyer flips on fugitive GOP donor who allegedly scammed millions, on

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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Ox Drover

Wow! That man is such a sleeze bag, and that is why I wish there were more oversight of the TAX EXEMPT charities that tug on people’s heart strings. So many of them have such highly paid executives who jet around the country in their private jets or first class on the donations from people’s hearts.

Same goes for the various “ministers” who continually beg viewers and members for donations, and then drive Bentleys and live in MacMansions out of the public eyes.

How on earth could the guy get away with it for so long? Yea, I know, he donated money to politicians and got his “pit-cure took” with big shots in return, then lined his office with that window dressing and passed for legitimate.

If they catch this crook I sincerely think it will be blind luck, this guy seems to have his ducks in a row with the various looks etc. A shame.



you make a valid point. think about the spaths that gravitate towards the nonprofit deals.

in 1977 i went to school with a kid whose dad got busted, was a con artist, big dollars, wire fraud, gold certificates, etc. over the years he had been busted 2 more times and he just got busted again a few weeks ago, living large on the beach, 80 something years old. he does his time, whatever probation, go gets his money from his hiding place and starts again. it never stops, makes my blood boil. i can only imagine that the internet has perpetuated his con. btw, his son never worked an honest day in his life, gets plenty of money from pop.

i saw somewhere in my surfing where they are trying to get a national database for marriage license.

they should go one step further and get some type of database for spaths, i know it wont happen in our lifetime, the courts would have to lump emotional fraud and financial fraud together and so on and so forth.

think about it, do spaths ever stop doing what they do ?


unfortunately, they don’t. some of them slow down a bit as their testosterone drops (both women and men), but they don’t stop.

Ox Drover

I’m not sure if they “slow down” or just get more crafty so they don’t get caught so much. They may avoid the things that get them arrested, but that doesn’t mean they are “better” in my opinion.

Yea, Echo, I know what you mean.


as the testosterone drops, some of them slow down a bit in the sexual predator category.

Ox Drover

Yea? Remember the 100 year old sexual predator that they were afraid to let out of prison, there’s a thread here about him some where on LF. Gosh, I wish I had a brain that didn’t have so many holes in it! LOL


I know oxy, YOU just HAVE to be right.

Oxy, Oxy, Oxy 🙂

There is a researcher that uses a term anomaly junkies. The truth is that, for sex offenders, age does make a difference when it comes to reoffending. One recent study just discussed this. Here is the difference between High Risk offenders using age stratified procedures in the group they were looking at (note this is an example of the group they studied not all sex offenders):

Age 18-39.9 36.2%
Age 40-49.9 25.5%
Age 50-59.9 23.2%
Age 60-over 6.4%

See the drop off? And that is the high risk folks. It is 2% for the low risk.

To quote one Forensic Psychologist from California – The single most robust finding of two centuries of criminological research is that desistance from crime is near universal. As they age, criminals stop offending. This holds true across all eras, cultures, and offender groups. This has been labeled the “age invariance effect.”

It is easy to find the odd case here and there to get that AHA moment. And many people want that number to say 0% and it will never say that so the illusion of security is gone.

I place a large amount of blame on the media for helping to push the anomaly junkie stuff they do.

Ox Drover


You call me an “anomaly junkie!” LOL ROTFLMAO and as BAD AS I HATE TO ADMIT IT, I guess you are right to an extent. But at the same time, statistics can “prove” whatever you want them to, if you rig the research well enough—a guy with one foot on an ice cube and the other on a red hot stove is ‘ON AVERAGE, COMFORTABLE.” LOL

Seriously though, I know that what you and One_step are saying is right, the majority of the more violent ones and the sexual offenders do calm it down some.

Of your statistics above it is interesting to me that there is a pretty good drop between <39.9 years and the 40-49.9 years group ( about 10% less) and only a SLIGHT drop in the next decade, (less than a 2% drop) and then the older-than-60 group drops off VERY significantly with a 17% drop.

The problem comes in knowing and spotting WHICH of the offenders is going to be the offending one. So if we let 100 rapists age above 60 out, we are likely to have ONLY 6.4 new rapes rapes, but if we let out 100 rapists less than 40 years old, we will have an additional 36.2 rapes.

So if all rapists were kept confined until they were 60 years old, we could drastically reduce the number of rapes that group of men would do.

I was reading the FBI's latest report of the DECREASE in crime in the last year, and it is actually a pretty significant decrease, even in thefts and property crime such as that which they would expect to RISE during the "hard economic times." Since we are looking at statistics of crimes REPORTED (not ones proven) unless there is some big reason for people to stop reporting crimes (and I can't see any reason that reports should decrease) then it is likely that crime IS DOWN.

WHY? Well, the baby boomer group is older, but we have a higher percentage I think of YOUNG people in the age of their highest crime years–prime crime years—Hey that rhymes! But MY theory is that with the large number of people we have locked up in the US, (Nearly 2 million) we have a good percentage of the psychopaths and the people who are HIGHER IN VIOLENT PSYCHOPATHIC TRAITS locked up. Therefore with more of the bad guys locked up, the crime rate goes down.

There are also a large number on parole or probation and while parole and probation doesn't do a LOT of good it does keep somewhat of an eye on some of them and at least 40% of those on probation do NOT re-offend, so that in turn would DECREASE the commission of crimes which would be reported. I think there are like 5-6 million (CRS) on parole or probation in this country so there is a huge number of people who have been arrested and convicted of "crimes"—many of which I consider more or less "victimless" crimes, "self-victim" crimes, or crimes against property, not crimes of violence against others.

Crimes of violence against others I think should be punished by much more harsh and lengthy sentences—such as armed robbery vs. breaking into the same store at night to steal.

There is a case going on in the UK right now where a teen aged girl and 2 friends kicked a man to death because he was gay and laughed about it and were caught on video cameras and she even bragged about it on FB like it was Michael Vick killing a pit bull that wouldn't fight or throwing his family pet to the dogs to excite them. The news reported that she had been a problem child in school with assaults against other students etc. (sounds like a conduct disordered kid to me) While all these are anomalies if taken singly, grouped together, they do so to me at least that people who are physically violent against others in their crimes are definitely more risky to be around than those who sneak in and steal or get a criminal record for drug use, minor selling to support their habit, or prostituting themselves to provide for a drug habit. I don't want to marry one of those either, but I'm not afraid for myself or others around these people. I have some red neck, white trash thugs that live across the road form me and I am not in the least afraid of these people, they are actually good neighbors—if my stock is out they will put it back up, etc. but I know for a fact that they receive stolen goods, and other petty crimes against property. I wouldn't even be against them doing a little county jail time for that, but they don't need a long prison sentence which would cost the tax paper a great deal of money and not prevent much in the way of crime.

For people like my son who are quite willing to start out sneak thief-ing and move on to armed home invasion, he should never have been released after the first felony (armed home invasion) because in less than 5 months after getting out he was back in for murder. Well, maybe 63.8% of the other guys that were released that day didn't go on to commit murder or a sex crime but the QUALITY of the crime and the damage of the crime I think should be considered. Personally, I would lock up ALL rapists and ALL murderers until they were 70, and that might not prevent 100% of the recidivism rate, but it would be a start.

Oxy the Anomaly QUEEN!!!!! Thank you for crowing me, BloggerT! 🙂

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