Mom punches pervert in the face

Robert Harding, 48, tried to lure a 13-year-old girl into an alley. The girl told her mom, and her mom confronted Harding. It didn’t turn out well for Harding.

Video and story on KKCI.com:

Police: Man tries to entice teen, gets punched by mom

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This is a curious story altogether. To start with, why would a man with a name like “Robert Harding” speak in BROKEN English? If his name was Gonzalez or Qaimkhani or Przezdziecki, then I could understand it… but “Harding”?

At first sight it looks as if the guy wasn’t all there. Why in heaven’s name would any sane and sober man imagine a family would “sign away” their underage daughter to marry him, just like that? And the candidness with which he confessed to the police sounds as if he imagined his behavior was normal and acceptable! It makes me wonder what culture he originated from—and whether he really did start life with the name of “Robert Harding.” This sounds more like the kind of thing you’d expect in Borat’s Kazakhstan.

Anyway it’s a good thing the girl’s father and his friend chased the guy and caught him, otherwise who knows what he would have done next? But how come the father isn’t named in this story—and their role isn’t even MENTIONED in the video? All it said was that “POLICE caught up with Harding,” without saying how. Too many reporters leave things out. Maybe it all comes down to what Harding was smoking at the time, but I’d still like a bit more background on this story.

I too, felt as if the story was incomplete. I did not watch the video. Seeing the guy’s photo was enough for me. Creeps me out that there are sickos like him around.


his mom is probably white and was unmarried at the birth so he got his moms maiden name and she liked an “american” name for his first name. i know someone in this exact situation. employers & doctors do a double take wen he shows up for the interview/appt becuz theyve assumed by his name hes not the very-latino-looking person he really is.

I usually don’t advocate a woman do hand-to-hand combat with a male, but I think this man got more than he expected.

Redwald, you make some VERY valid points, he may not have been just a run of the mill pedophile, he may have just actually been mentally off or MR or drunk or very high.

I can’t say that I would rule out sociopathy with this one, but he definetely sounds mentally ill- there was absolutely no attempt to cover up his sleazy intentions even in the presence of law enforcement. Maybe just a dumbpath?

I love that!
in the end, they are ALL dumbpaths!

This guy sounds ALOT like Phillip Garrido. But then they ALL think – truly believe – that they are entitled to whatever they want. Only difference is that some of them know that they will be opposed.

Hurray for the mom who punched his face.


love the term ‘dumpaths’!

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