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“Money shaman” claims riches but can’t pay the rent

It’s all here—claims of wealth and connections, bounced checks, bursts of outrage, threats of lawsuits. But the charade is collapsing.

Read ‘Millionaire’ tenant leaves trail of angry landlords on

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Ox Drover

I got into lower level versions of this kind of thing on my rental units a time or two… is amazing what people will do….I am so glad I got rid of those head aches! Pays the first month’s rent and the deposit and then 4-6 months later you are in court trying to get them out….get a judgment but no way to collect…they never had any intention of paying. This guy just tells a “bigger RICHER lie” (pun intended! LOL)


I hadn’t ever seen this post, but sure know the realities of this.
My x would prance around anyway he could; new truck, new wildland fire business, the list goes on…all the while these items came at the cost of friends and family.

Rent was never paid until he belittled me so badly for asking about it and late every single month sometimes only paying in part, all the bills were treated like that.
The landlady was so sick of it. Sometimes I would pull the rent money off one of my remaining credit cards.
To look at him the last few years and to hear him speak a person would believe he was SO kind hearted and so wonderful and doing well in life. he actually told people he was doing me and the kids a favor! He would borrow money from others to “help” us. I often would wonder and hope that those people he borrowed from would think “why is this money borrowed to help them, don’t you live there too?” hahah but usually they don’t think that. Why? Because he is a sociopath and has manipulated them too. I found out he told them the only reason he was around is because I need him, the kids needed him and his support! LOL LOL. He was a homeless people! I helped him!
The truth was he took advantage, lied, actually stole and came to his position of having much at all was a result of all those selfish actions. Of course tossing several bones. I supported him the years while his checks were garnished for everything including child support and his back bills and his alcohol problem as well as he spent his money on booze as I covered bills. He was in an out and in and out of the house coming and going, screaming and taking since 1996.
I am so happy and content that my prayers were answered that he would find another focus! I knew that was what it was going to take along with me using some real skills that I learned to get back on my feet again, but….Yippy! and I get to see things now from a different perspective. Once again it’s her house, her stuff, her horses, but doing the same thing in the beginning stages smothering her with love, caring, gifts and you know….the prince charming, light of the world, savior role.
Being on the opposite side now and learning what I have learned about sociopaths I truly am not shocked at all and there is no hurt as I know it is all lies and plays to further his “look in society” as he now clams all her things are his too.
I wonder if he will take her food stamp card too that undoubtedly she will end up that poor!
He likes women that stay home and don’t work out of the home don’t ya know! Its a gift of love to quit your life and make him your life! Subservient.
I have accepted that all of it was lies and he is incapable of love. And she on the other hand, poor woman feels, “she is the better woman”, Oh my…she has no idea at her age how she will end up with nothing, but we all have some sort of lesson to learn, some sort of lesson in life. I am not quilt free in my stupidity! and no matter how I try to call it love blind or naive, I was stupid to believe it all, what a dummy.
We are not getting any younger and the path is not easy with nothing; how I wish I would have listen to his x wife, or better yet, my own red flags!
I try to remember that anytime someone has to brag about what they have and that they pay rent or pay this or pay that…they are the only ones thinking about that…it’s mostly just for show! and now I just say, “That is interesting, why would you say that”? Then listen carefully to what they say.
Oh grand Money Shaman…takes the money and runs after law suit. My goodness, I as well have to wonder if when he looks at his self in the mirror if he ever takes account…oh that is right he is a sociopath! What pleases the sociopath does not please the healthy.
Run! Run as soon as you meet a sociopath, run fast! Run as if a wildland fire is coming your way, cause it is! Coming to burn you of everything and leave your world barren.

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