More upgrades at Lovefraud.com

Well, it’s been an interesting week in the Lovefraud tech department. So many people have been spending so much time on the new Lovefraud website that the server periodically crashed. If you logged into Lovefraud and saw a blank white screen, that is the reason.

So, Lovefraud has moved to our very own cloud server. New visitors to Lovefraud will not notice anything. But regular Lovefraud readers may continue to see the “read only” version for a couple of hours because it is still stored in your computer’s memory. This will go away by itself soon.

Additional changes

New search function: Lovefraud uses WordPress, which is the most popular open-source blogging platform. The search function that comes with WordPress is not very good. We tested five or six other search programs, and they aren’t very good either. So we settled on Google Search. Yes, you’ll see ads first, but Google is in the search business and this program produces the best results.

New archive function: If you want to see a listing of all Lovefraud articles, click the archives box in the red footer at the bottom of the page. You’ll see everything ever published on Lovefraud.

New comment features: Lovefraud now offers nested comments, which means you can reply directly to a previously posted comment. We’ve also found a new edit comment function, which will allow you to edit and delete your own comments.

Security login: Lovefraud has had a problem with robo-registrations—computers, usually from Russia, that send multiple nonsense registrations. I have no idea why they do this, but it creates a problem for us. Therefore, when you log in, we now ask you to prove that you are a human being by doing a little math problem. It will screen out the robots. I wish it were so easy to screen out the sociopaths.

Thank you for your patience during this upgrade. If you see any further technical problems, please send me an email.

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Can’t get the hang of this new layout and small text Donna. I’m all over the place. :-/


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