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‘Most hated man in America,’ who calls himself ‘the most eligible bachelor in the world,’ arrested on fraud charges


Martin Shkreli, 32, a hedge fund manager from New York who famously raised the price of a lifesaving drug 5,000%, was arrested Thursday for securities fraud.

Shkreli raised the price of a medicine called Daraprim, which helps cancer and AIDS patients, from $13.50 a pill to $750 per pill, making him a lightning rod for pharmaceutical company greed.

Drug C.E.O. Martin Shkreli arrested on fraud charges, on

Shkreli claimed on Twitter to be the “world’s most eligible bachelor,” and that he gets 100-200 offers for dates at a time. He says that if someone wants to meet him, they have to be a shareholder in his company.

Shkreli often live streams his everyday life on YouTube. Here’s the live stream take a look, he may be on:




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Hope Springs

This guy is a classic psycho/socio.

He thinks that he is the most eligible bachelor? Good luck with that. Thank goodness nobody has fallen for him yet!

Just goes to show…they can even have a lot of money and not be leeching off of anyone else.

Except for the general public, in this guy’s case.

Rosie Jackson

Karma, love it.


Yes !!!


This guy thinks he is incredibly interesting…………..Like Rosie Jackson says above Karma!!!


Karma is headed straight for my brothers-in-law (plural…two of them). It already took the life of their older brother, and one of their wives was stricken with MS. They still can’t see the forest for the trees (whatever that expression means, never understood it).

They keep on their well-beaten path of greed and competition and are out to get my spouse (their other brother) and me…

Mirroring and morphing…trying to ‘become us’. As one psychic told me recently, “They will not stop until they completely infiltrate your life and existence.”

And the Cosmic Karma coming their way? Good luck to them. They might lose more than they think.


He is THE Emperor Narc Supreme . . .

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